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(1917 - 1991)
envelopes of the 1980's with railway mail coach in indicium

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In the Introduction to these pages I quote a CJRRU member who mentions the long series of envelopes issued by the USSR in the 1980's with a railway mail coach in the indicium. A purist will want every one of these issued over the eight or ten years the indicium was in use. A more modest collector will be satisfied with just the ones with a rail theme in the cachet as well. Below are two examples.

When I first created these Russia pages, I did not expect them to grow as extensive as they have, so you will find many more of these Transport Issue envelopes starting on page 4 of the main Russia pages.

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This envelope, issued 6/26/1987, has a fine electric locomotive in the cachet, so appeals to all collectors. Yes, the indicium has a tiny rail coach.
This envelope, issued 12/4/1989, has no train in the cachet, so is for the purist only. Actually, I think there is a rail connection in the cachet - the monument has some rail theme - but still I say this one is for the purist only.

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