Third Showing - Seattle - April 22, 1998

The following Spring, Alyson arranged a presentation of the slide show for the very active and hospitable Seattle chapter of the AIGA. This was the invitation to the event (all the specially designed items below - invitation, tickets and prints, were created by two talented Seattle designers, Greg Morgan and Jon Cannell):

Souvenir ticket for the event:

At the event, there were beautifully calligraphed nametags with philatelic adornments -

And, as an additional souvenir of the event, this sheet of custom-designed Cinderellas -

On sale at the event (to raise money for the local AIGA chapter) was this set of prints.

Sheryn and I spent half the day of the show preparing souvenir covers. Below is one of Sheryn's, mailed from the local Philatelic counter in the Seattle main PO. The clerk there was very helpful and cooperative about applying hand cancels, but apparently was unable to bypass the main processing stream, where two additional datestamps and cancels were added. The result, fortunately, is still attractive.

Alyson, who had the foresight to have special handstamps prepared for the event, sent me this charming cover, with souvenir card enclosed, which arrived in my mail box shortly after our return.

Finally, these were my own souvenir covers for the event. What amazed me most was how long it took to produce them. I spent at least ten hours at my computer before the trip just creating and printing the cachet on the envelopes, then another half-day in Seattle adding the stamps and cancels. I wish I could say the experience enabled me to do it quicker next time, but it hasn't turned out that way, since of course each time is different. But I am pleased with the results shown here.


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