Fourth Showing - USPS Stamp Design Conference - June 19, 1998

The stamp and invitation created for the first showing of our alphabet in SF were published in PRINT magazine, where Terry McCaffrey, the director of stamp design for the USPS, saw them. He called Alyson to learn more about the project, and soon we had been asked to put on the show for a committeee of USPS stamp designers. It coincided with the the release of the Trans-Mississippi stamps, so I created souvenirs of the event, though I confess I had to mail in to get the cancels, as we were too far from the stamp show where the release took place.

The photograph I printed on the envelope as part of the cachet was copied from an article in Linn's, about the CSAC (Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee), and shows four of its members plus the USPS Senior Art Director for Stamp Development (l. to r. - Meredith J. Davis, Philip B. Meggs, Virginia M. Noelke, Terry McCaffrey, and C. Douglas Lewis), all of whom were present at the Conference we attended, and autographed this cover. The other two autographs are those of Howard Paine and Louis Plummer, Art Directors in the USPS Stamp Development department.

We were privileged to attend a half day of the Conference, and sworn to silence about what we saw there, though by now it's all history - at the time they were reviewing the status of designs due to be released in the next eighteen months. We felt honored to be among such distinguished professionals, and were very cordially received.


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