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Railroads on Stamps & Covers of Austria
by Dexter C. Wright

I am seeking more information about the stamps on this and the surrounding pages.
The text on some of them reads "Wiener Stadt U. Verbindungs Bahn",
which translates "Vienna City Underground and Junction Railway."
Please send e-mail to the feedback address at the bottom if you can help.
I will be pleased to send better scans if they will be of use.

6/22/02 - CJRRU member Tony Goodbody of England wrote to point out that "STADT" translates "City" not "State" (text at top of pages says "State"), so these are from the Vienna City Railway. Moreover, he noticed that the names over-stamped on most of them are Vienna Metro stations. So he suggests that they look a lot like validation stamps for public transport passes. This makes a lot of sense to me, given the month and year dating on most of them, and the fact I had such a pass when I lived in Berlin in 1963. It consisted of a small booklet with my photo, name, etc. on the front and spaces for monthly validation stamps inside.

Tony provided this Vienna Metro Map , from the book "Wagners Werk fur Wien" published by J.O. Slezak, 1901.
And here is a great web page about the history of the Vienna Metro system.

So unless someone comes up with proof otherwise, I will call these "monthly validation stamps for a Vienna Metro pass."

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