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Railroads on Stamps & Covers of Austria
by Dexter C. Wright

Above is another card, though not a postal card (no preprinted indicium), and no rail connection. As far as I know, all the cards were printed both with and without postage.

This card is notable for two reasons - first, it has the Zeppelin image, the most popular (and expensive today) of the designs. And second, it has the postage stamp issued at WIPA 1933, Sc. B110, also a pricey item.

WIPA 1933 ran from June 24 through July 9, with each week day having a different theme (a standard gimmick at large philatelic echibitions like this), and each of the ten images from the poster stamps was connected with one of the days and themes. But what is the "39" in front of the text above? Was this the 39th German Philatelist's Day?

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