Joint Issue First Day Covers

One popular way to collect Joint Issues is on First Day Covers with First Day cancels from both (or all) participating countries, which would be very difficult, were it not for the policy of most postal administrations, including the USPS, of providing First Day cancels up to a month after the actual issue date. Below is a selection of my favorites. It's no coincidence, by the way, that so many of them are Collins hand-painted FDC's, as he's my favorite FDC maker. I've even created several pages devoted entirely to his work - here.

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Opening of the
St. Lawrence Seaway
6/26/59 Unknown
Philip Mazzei 10/13/80 Fleetwood
Treaty of Amity & Commerce
3/24/83 House of Farnam
St. Lawrence Seaway
25th Anniversary
6/26/84 Artcraft
Centennial of the Statue of Libery 7/4/86 Collins
U.S. - Morocco Friendship 7/17/87 Collins
Australian Bicentennial 1/26/88 Ham
Australian Bicentennial 1/26/88 Collins
New Sweden 350th Anniversary 3/29/88 Artcraft
New Sweden 350th Anniversary 3/29/88 Collins
French Revolution Bicentennial 7/14/89 Encotel (? Argentina)
Switzerland - 700th Anniversary 2/22/91 Pugh
US - China
10/9/94 Carol Gordon
Hanukkah 10/22/96 Powell
Hanukkah 10/22/96 Barbara Montgomery
Cinco de Mayo 4/16/98 Ryan
Cinco de Mayo 4/16/98 Dynamite
Cinco de Mayo 4/16/98 Heritage
Irish Immigration 2/26/99 Barbara Montgomery

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