SFCC - July 27, 2013

On Saturday the 27th, I attended the July meeting of the
SF Correspondence Co-op with Alyson.
It was held in the Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room (side A)
of the main SF Public Library, it's regular venue.

The theme is mailart, but this meeting was more about socializing.
Since it was my first, I *did* create two pieces of mailart,
utilizing some things I had brought, and some things contributed by other attendees.
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The madness begins.

Can you stand it?

A crescendo of activity.

Once member brought these "punch boards" - they're like the old gambling cards,
except you punch out a "fortune" - a tightly rolled scrap of paper with some bit of wisdom.


Junk - or treasures - contributed by the attendees to the common table -
I had brought some Cinderellas - poster stamps, etc. - which were snapped up tout de suite.


I found some interesting items to take as well - the Artist Trading Cards in the foreground of this image were of particular note.

Alyson arrived late - bad traffic - no, that is NOT a cast, but a stylish arm-cozy.

The results of my labors

Soon to arrive in your mailboxes - you know who you are!

11 & 12
Yes, that's tie-dye duct tape on the flap - can't be too careful!

13 & 14
OK, so I shouldn't quit my day job. Wait, I already did.

Jennie announced her latest triumph - the Ex Postal Facto Conference to be held in SF next Feburary!


Created July 29, 2013