Roadworks 2013
Steamroller Printing Festival
September 29, 2013
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I walked up the street to Whole Foods and bought some sushi,
which was thoroughly mediocre,
but I was entertained by this kid as I ate.




Back at the festival, I checked out the vendors.

This one (Dutch Door Press) looked familiar,
and indeed, they were at the Renegade Crafts Fair that Alyson and I attended back in July.






I went into the Center to check out their current exhibit - Superstition 13.

The prospectus says:

Superstition 13 is a juried show which invites artists to investigate superstition and the esoteric. Exploring the original shadowy art - the inky arts of the book - Superstition 13 will bring to light many of the dark arts near and dear to printers, binders, and book artists.

Exploring the myriad ways in which superstitions affect our lives, artists are encouraged to submit book works which speak to the mysterious, the alchemical, the arcane - both written and unwritten. Opening on Friday, September 13, 2013 at the SF Center for the Book, Superstition 13 will give viewers a glimpse into individual artistic interpretations of superstitions and what that means for the artists who created each work. The exhibit will run for six weeks and close on Halloween: Thursday, October 31, 2013.

Superstition 13 will also cast an eye to superstitions through the ages. Esoterica and ephemera will be on display alongside contemporary artists' books. A four-color exhibition catalog of the show will be available for purchase.

You be the judge.