Trains on Argentine Revenues
by Dexter C. Wright

The display of Argentine revenus stamps below was collected and lovingly mounted and annotated by former CJRRU member #107
Dexter C. Wright, who died in 2001. I acquired the collection from Al Peterson, aka The Rail Philatelist, who had
the good sense and courtesy to keep it intact.

As I told Dexter's son Burt when I asked him for more information about the man who created this amazing artifact,
"I feel privileged to own what your dad created - it is just the sort of thing I have always wanted to do with my own collection,
but never find time to do, so I am really pleased to own part of his, and now feel inspired to continue and expand it, as
well as use it as a model for other parts of my own."

In hopes that it will inspire other CJRRU members as it has me, I am providing images of all the pages of Dexter's
Argettine revenues collection here, on our CJRRU web site.

(Click here to see a biography of Dexter C. Wright.)

Bill Senkus, editor The Dispatcher, 8/29/2003

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Hoping that others will find these stamps interesting too, I decided to compile a catalogue of the ones that show trains. Dexter's collection includes about half of the 1896 Santa Fe issues, the entire 1913 Bahia Blanca set, and most of the more common items from Casilda. I scanned representative items from those. My friend The Expert supplied scans of the ones I was missing. The result is on the next page -

Catalogue of Argentine Revenues.

If any reader can add to that listing, please e-mail the author -

Many thanks to Bill Weinberger, without whose invaluable assistance this article and catalog would not have been possible.

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