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About These Pages

These pages were created by Frank Daems, a computer programmer and stamp collector from Belgium.

I found them in 2003, when I was creating my own pages about railway and parcel stamps, and linked here from several pages in my site.

Then in January, 2007, I was doing a routine check of my site's links to other sites, and found that Frank's pages were missing. Hoping he had just moved them, I emailed an inquiry, to which he replied as follows:

I did remove all pages from my website, because maintaining the pages actually kept me from progressing with the collections themselves. I meanwhile had over a few thousand stamps still to scan for all collections that I created pages for (Canada combinations, Channel Islands and Isle of Man plate numbers, Belgian railways stamps). Because of that, and to separate them from the ones already scanned the books containing non-scanned stamps were just getting too large in number. So, I had to decide to stop scanning the stamps and updating the website.

Sorry for removing your source of information ... but at least it helped me going further with my stamp collections!

I could sympathize, having had my own problems keeping track of what I had scanned, and what not, and where and how to file things in the meantime. I was about to ask Frank if I could host the pages myself, when he sent me a zipped file containing them! So here they are, and I hope to fill in some of the missing images, but they are indispensable just as they are.

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