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TRAINS on Railway Parcel Stamps and Railway Letter Stamps of the World

Page 6 - Iraq through Japan


Letter stamp

Bill Weinberger tells us:

There are 2 types - the difference is in the top line of the smoke under the letters "WAY",
plus other differences. There are 4 colors Red, Magenta, Orange and Yellow.

The Red is the most common by far-- I have seen only one other copy of the orange and this is the only yellow.

I have several on piece, with cancels - Have seen cancels 1933 and 1940-- I think the red was the first issue- about 1930.


10/29/07 - The October, 2007 American Philatelist magazine has an article by German collector Rainer Fuchs that tells the full story of the Iraq Railroad and its adhesive stamps. And all the information therein is also online, at Rainer's website
Link to the AP article - HERE
Link to web page about the Iraq Railway stamps shown above - HERE.

Rainer reveals that the stamps shown above are from the fifth issue of a series that ran from 1928 through about 1942, for mail carried on British rail service between Baghdad and Basra.

Tony Goodbody shows an example of one of the earlier stamps of the series on cover, HERE. That too is covered fully in Rainer's article, and on his website.


Ministry of Railways/Express Company (Parcel Post) stamps, issued 1889
Each value is a different color, the value is on the ribbon

Not sure about this one - it has the animals of the zodiac on a strip circling the globe, and some symbols - I had it filed with the ones above, so maybe I was told it's a parcel stamp too.

I know little about these. There is no rail vehicle on the stamps. If any viewer can tell me about the Parcel stamps of Japan, I will add that information here.


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