Railroad Perfins of the USA
by Dexter C. Wright

The display of rail-related "perfins" below was collected and lovingly mounted and annotated by former CJRRU member #107
Dexter C. Wright, who died in 2001. I acquired the collection from Al Peterson, aka The Rail Philatelist, who had
the good sense and courtesy to keep it intact.

As I told Dexter's son Burt when I asked him for more information about the man who created this amazing artifact,
"I feel privileged to own what your dad created - it is just the sort of thing I have always wanted to do with my own collection,
but never find time to do, so I am really pleased to own part of his, and now feel inspired to continue and expand it, as
well as use it as a model for other parts of my own."

In hopes that it will inspire other CJRRU members as it has me, I am providing images of all the pages of Dexter's
perfins collection here, on our CJRRU web site.

(Click here to see a biography of Dexter C. Wright.)

Bill Senkus, editor The Dispatcher, 8/19/2003

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Revised -- 7/6/2004