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Trains on US Advertising Covers and Patriotic Covers
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I am including both sides just because both are interesting - the train theme is on only one.

One the cover above, only the back is really interesting, but it contained a nice invoice as well. It's always interesting to see what things used to cost - a carton of cigaretttes for $1.38! I could find only one web page with useful information about Twitchell-Champlin - apparently they are no longer in business, perhaps gobbled up by a bigger company.


These are covers sent by an organization of or for railroad employees. You can see that several are for the same organizations at different times. I like seeing how their designs evolved. (They are sorted below by date.)


These are covers sent by a company whose product or service supported the railroads. I have four covers from the same business, the Chicago Engineer Supply Company, with dates in 1897, 1904, and 1909. It is interesting to see how the corner-card changed over that period.

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