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Federal Duck Stamps


Below are all the Collins Federal Duck Stamp FDCs through 1999 (more on the way). Fred missed 1992, but otherwise has produced a federal duck cover every year since 1981. The first alphanumeric code below each image (e.g. F401) is its Collins number, which identifies it uniquely among Fred's products, and is the number to use when ordering from him. The number in parentheses is the Scott catalog number of the duck stamp on the cover. I have organized them chronologically. Retail prices on these today range from $25.00, for the more recent ones, to $250 for some of the earlier ones. Fred sells out of these every year, so the only source if you are not buying them as they are issued is the after-market.

(Click on any image to see a higher-resolution version.)

F401 (Sc. RW48) 7/1/81
This is the tough one, and I don't own it - thanks to fellow Collins collector Fred Grimes for this scan.

Q501 (Sc. RW49) 7/1/82

X601 (Sc. RW50) 7/1/83

L801 (Sc. RW51) 7/1/82

E1001 (Sc. RW52) 7/1/83

J1101 (Sc. RW53) 7/1/86

N1201 (Sc. RW54) 7/1/87
The cover on the right above is a favorite of mine, partly because its stamp is one of my favorite Duck Stamps, and also because Fred's design incorporates the stamp so well.

G1401 (Sc. RW55) 7/1/88

C1601 (Sc. RW56) 7/1/89

C1602h (Sc. RW56) 7/1/89
Fred did eleven covers for the 1989 stamp, the one on the left, and ten versions of the one on the right, differing in the image of an animal at lower left, and the matching middle stamp at right.

P1701 (Sc. RW57) 7/1/90

G1901 (Sc. RW58) 7/1/91
Fred's choices don't invariably work for me - I find the cancel on the 1991 stamp distracting, though in principle it should be ideal.

W2101 (Sc. RW60) 7/1/93

B2301 (Sc. RW61) 7/1/94

S2401 (Sc. RW62) 7/1/95

I2601 (Sc. RW63) 7/1/96
The 1996 cover is another case where the design falls short for me - I've enhanced the image a little, so on my monitor it looks pretty good - my copy of the cover itself is dark and muddy; and I find the ship and helicopter in the background distracting.

Q2701 (Sc. RW64) 7/1/97

(Sc. RW65) 7/1/98

(Sc. RW66) 7/1/99

Here are production statistics for Fred's duck covers through 1997
(from his book):

F401(Sc. RW 48) 398 produced
Q501 (Sc. RW49) 526 produced
X601 (Sc. RW50) 490 produced
L801 (Sc. RW51) 534 produced
E1001 (Sc. RW52) 498 produced
J1101 (Sc. RW53) 547 produced
N1201 (Sc. RW54) 544 produced
G1401 (Sc. RW55) 572 produced
C1601 (Sc. RW56) 654 produced
C1602a (Sc. RW56) 75 produced
C1602b (Sc. RW56) 74 produced
C1602c (Sc. RW56) 71 produced
C1602d (Sc. RW56) 75 produced
C1602e (Sc. RW56) 73 produced
C1602f (Sc. RW56) 74 produced
C1602g (Sc. RW56) 72 produced
C1602h (Sc. RW56) 70 produced
C1602i (Sc. RW56) 72 produced
C1602j (Sc. RW56) 74produced
P1701 (Sc. RW57) 559 produced
G1901 (Sc. RW58) 666 produced
W2101 (Sc. RW60) 521 produced
B2301 (Sc. RW61) 627 produced
S2401 (Sc. RW62) 633 produced
I2601 (Sc. RW63) 590 produced
Q2701 (Sc. RW64) 575 produced

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