Murray Senkus - 95th birthday party, August 30, 2009

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I have labeled each photo with the names of its occupants. Here is the family tree:
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Murray has four children - Neal, Bill, Joanne, and David

Neal's wife is Kathy, their children are Suzanne, Stephen, and Philip
Suzanne's partner is Eric - they have no children.
Stephen is married to Katy, they have three children - William, Zachary, and Nicholas
Philip was married to Sepe, they have one child, Darya. Philip is now married to Susan, they have three children - Lily, Andrew, and Reid

Bill was married to Justine from 1969 to 1973, he has no children

Joanne is married to Bob. They have two cats (Bangor and Caribou), and a dog (Marshall)

David was married to Kay, they have three children - Jeremy, Jeffrey, and Jessica
Jeremy's partner is Linda. They have one daughter, Zoey.
Jeffrey is married to Martha, they have no children
Jessica has a son, Tyler. Her partner is Chris.

The whole gang - well, most of us. Four generations.

Left to Right:
Far left - Katy and Bill in back, Andrew and Lily in front.
Kathy (green dress) and Neal, Eric behind them, Tyler (hiding behind balloon), Zachary in front.
Jeremy, Jeffrey, and David in back, Jessica, Philip, Suzanne, and Chris (with beard) in middle
front row - Murray holding his great-grandson Nicholas, William (green shirt), Susan holding Reid.
On the right - Martha (green blouse), Beth, Jean.

Stephen was stuck in Los Angeles, his flight out was delayed by the Southern California fires. He made it the next day.
Joanne was sick, so she and Bob could not attend.
Linda was inside nursing Zoey, she joined us later - see below.
Darya had prior commitments.

Katy conferring with Lily, Nicholas, and Zachary.

Martha and Jeffrey


Zachary supervising Reid, Lily, and Andrew

Nicholas getting ready for the Iditarod.

Linda and Jeremy with their new daughter Zoey

Jean Kiger and Beth

Jan and Tony Maluf

Neal, William, Murray

Kathy, Philip, Katy

Suzanne and Murray

Jeremy and David

Eric and Suzanne

Neal and his grandson William

Susan being entertained by Reid, Andrew, Lily and Zachary.

Linda and Zoey

Sonsera Kiger and her mother Cynthia Kiger

Andrew and Nicholas

Lily and Zachary
Yes, it's cake-cutting time.

Sonsera and Murray


David with his grandson Tyler and his son Jeffrey

Murray and Cynthia

Neal, Murray, Tracey McDonald

Murray with Max and Tracey McDonald

Max, Murray, Jessica, Tracey

Max, Tracey, Eric

Dad, Jean, Beth

Standing - Jeffrey and Suzanne
Seated in chairs - Bill, Kathy, Neal
In front - David

l to r - Bill, Jessica, Kathy, Neal

Chris and Jessica

Murray, Jessica, Jeffrey

Dad with David's three children - Jeffrey, Jeremy, Jessica

Philip (Neal's youngest) and Susan (Philip's wife)


Dad and Suzanne

Cake time - Zack is ready

See image at top of page for names

See image at top of page for names

Eric and Suzanne with Murray

Jean Kiger

Lily (in back), Beth holdng Zoey, Linda, David

Dad holding Zoey, Jeremy

Dad holding Zoey, Jeremy

The aftermath

The following morning, the troops mustered in Dad's room...



Dad and friends at Toastmasters events

Toastmasters Club 2007 Christmas Party


Fedeyko Family in Canada

William Fedeyko is the son of Dad's mother's aunt.

William and Justine Fedeyko and family on their 71st wedding anniversary, July 30, 2009
(ten missing)

... with their two oldest great-grandchildren - ages 7 & 4

... on their 71st wedding anniversary

Bill senior 98 and Justine 95 with their 4 children.

William and Justine Fedeyko on their 70th wedding anniversary, July 30, 2008

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