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Canada, and Saskatchewan - Hafford marked in red

In 1892, at the age of 16, Nicholas Senkus emigrated from Ukraine to Canada, leaving behind his parents and one brother, Ivan. He homesteaded in central Saskatchewan around 1900 near the town of Hafford, where he married Anna Waligurski (1891-1987) in 1907. She too had immigrated to Saskatchewan from the area near L'viv in Ukraine. Together they raised five children, the middle child being my father, Murray Senkus, who moved to the United States in 1939, and had four children, of which I was the second. Nicholas Senkus died in 1958.

Family Tree

Teodor Senkus (1849-1893)
                             Ivan (1880-1969)         Nicholas (1876-1958) - Anna Waligurski (1891-1987)
|                                |                    
-------               -------------------------------
Stefan        Mary Olga Murray Bill Nettie
|                                |                    
---------------------------                      ------------------------              
Maria Vladimir Lyuba                 Neal Bill Joanne David            

(That is not the full picture, of course.)

Nicholas Senkus, his wife Anna, and their five children (about 1938):
Bill, Nettie, Murray, Olga, and Mary.

Granddad at harvest time. He grew wheat, oats, and barley.

Nicholas and Anna, Saskatoon, 1962

Granddad's farm, 1974

A Few Historical Highlights of Ukrainians in Saskatchewan

About Ukrainians in Saskatchewan - Immigration and Settlement Patterns


My grandfather was very proud of his Ukrainian heritage, and instilled that pride in all of his children, especially my father, who has always maintained his knowledge of the language (which was the primary language of his home as he was growing up). He has always subscribed to Ukrainian newspapers (such as Ukrainian Weekly), corresponded with friends and relatives in Ukraine, supported Ukrainian causes, etc.

Nettie, Olga, Mary, Murray, Bill - about 1922

To right of their new car, about 1925:
IN BACK - Anna and Nicholas
IN FRONT - Bill, Mary, Nettie, Olga, Murray

The marriage of Olga and Onufry - Nicholas and Anna in back - 1929

Anna, Murray, Bill - 1965

Nettie and her husband Bill - 1974

Olga and Onufry and their children Orest and Zonia - 1974

Mary and Joanne - 1974

Murray, Bill, Emily, Joanne - 1974

Joanne, Bill Zypchen (Mary's husband), Mary, Anna, Bill - 1974

Bill, Murray, Joanne - 1974

Anna, Olga, Emily's sister Rose - 1974

Bill, Anna, Joanne - 1974

In October, 1987, Anna (Murray's mother) died. Murray and his son Bill attended the funeral in Hafford
The following pictures are from that visit

Murray, Murray's son Bill, Murray's brother Bill - 1987

Murray, Olga - 1987

In August, 1998, Murray's children joined Murray and Ethel for a reunion in Saskatoon and Hafford
The following pictures are from that visit

Family reunion - 1998

Murray, Bill, David, Joanne, Neal - 1998

Philip, Suzann, Stephen, Neal, Kathy - 1998

Murray at his parents' grave - 1998

David, Nettie, Neal, Orval (Iris' husband), Olga, Iris (Nettie's daughter) - 1998

Slawka (Murray's brother Bill's wife) and Murray - 1998

On November 04, 2001, Murray Senkus was one of ten recipients of the year 2001 Ukrainian Canadian Congress Nation Builders Award.