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When we began this project as a slide show, I created a set of "exhibition pages" to carry along to the performances to allow anyone who was interested to see some examples of the actual material first-hand. I also thought I might exhibit them at stamp shows. Both ideas turned out to be unrealistic - audience members at the slide shows are more interested in socializing or moving on to their next engagement, once the lights come up; and I'm just not the type for philatelic exhibiting in the traditional manner. But the "exhibit pages" did come in handy to show to friends and family when slides were impractical.

So when I first created my web site, scanning these pages and wrapping html around them was the simplest way to get my web site started, though I doubt anyone but me ever looked at that original version online. As I learned how to write more sophisticated html and work within its limitations, I replaced these with the more elaborate versions now available. But I have preserved my first efforts for nostalgic reasons, and see no reason not to inflict them upon you now.

These images also demonstrate one of the disadvantages of html and the more standard approach to web page construction, with text separate from images and images displayed individually - namely, that one cannot control the appearance precisely, both because of inherent limitations of html, and because of the almost infinite variability of the computers upon which it is viewed, and of the tastes of their owners for screen and window sizes. So these images, though in their way cumbersome as web pages, do at least allow me to display exactly what I want, with text and image arranged as I choose. I'll let you be the judge of whether that's good or bad!

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