Classic German Poster stamps

Archived pages of  Blogger Frank of Cologne, Germany

About these pages


- abc sets
- fashion houses
- pre1900


- amar, leon
- bernhard, lucian (emil kahn) 1883-1972
- klinger, julius 1876-1950
- Cooper, F.G. 1883-1962
- knab, albert 1870-1929
- lehmann, martin and walter (twins) 1884-1921
- luebbert, ernst 1879-1915
- neu, paul 1881-1940
- obermeier, otto 1883-1958
- reitz, sigisbert chrétien 1860-1938
- rossillon, m (o'galop) 1877-1946
- rumpf, fritz 1888-1949
- scheurich, paul 1883-1945


- beyers tinten
- bleichert, braun, continental, chippendale
- bärenmarke, bäcker, baladon, bansa
- cosman, cremon, dacapo, edeka
- edison, ellerhusen, emserol, erdal
- gehrin, geka, glaser, globenstein, globus
- hansa, helene, hoco, kismet, knöllnerr
- kompass, kurzil, lablanche, lazarol, leo's hansi
- levy, locomotive, lotze, maedler
- martin, mendel, michel, moguntia, opel
- overberg, paedagog, pauly, penkala, ragoda, reschke, rhenus
- ries, rosiny, schlüterbrot, sidol
- siegeslauf, sinner, süsin, schneider, stark
- strebel, temperol, thalysia, theodor althoff, rödelheim
- tiptop, uhly, unionbrot, unverwüstlich, voelcker
- wagner, wagner, waschbärseifen, wentz
- wolf & schleim, wolschendorff, wolter, zorn & kuhn

Who is Blogger Frank?


I have been collecting poster stamps for at least twenty years now, and maintain a web site about stamp collecting -

About five years ago, in 2009, I was delighted to find the web pages of a collector who called himself just FRANK, of Cologne Germany. He displayed wonderful material I had never seen before, especially in such completeness - full sets of scarce, hard-to-find poster stamps from the early 1900's advertising long-extinct products and stores in elaborate, full-color designs of amazing artistry.

Recently I decided to see if Frank had added to his pages, and found to my dismay that they no longer existed. Fortunately, I had saved copies of the pages, and found an email address, so I fired off a message, asking where the pages had gone.

Alas, he did not reply.

I cannot allow this wonderful resource to die, so I am providing on my own site these copies of Frank's pages. I have reformatted them a little to suit my own style, but the main text and images are all as I found them.

If you are the original owner of these pages, or know where I can reach him, please contact me at:

Bill Senkus, Concord, CA - June 15, 2014