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Env - 1899 - Wells Fargo private frank.

This falls into the same category as the similar items Wells Fargo issued in the US (see US page), a private frank added to an officially-issued piece of postal stationery. As such, it is outside the bounds of this exhibit, but I am including it (courtesy of Horst Brix) as an example of material on the fringes of this topic. Many people collect these, as they were issued over a fairly long period, with many denominations, papers, and variations in the added frank, including signs of wear such as on the item shown here.

More Wells, Fargo franks

According to Berthold (Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Handstamps and Franks, 1926), there are four denominations of this frank - 10 ctvo, 15, 20, and 25. Each was applied to various envelopes, differing in postal denomination, die, or paper, so for the specialist there are at least 45 different varieties to collect. Note that some of the examples shown here have been revalued, so the actual number could be much higher.


Mexico 189? 3c postal card shows mule hauled tramcars outside cathedral



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