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2002 envelope with 40b stamp

Shows 1877 view of railway bridge over Prut River at Ungheni Station

ID on reverse - Cod 10/2002


The Prut River, a tributary of the Danube, defines the boundary between Moldova and Romania, along Moldova's eastern border. Ungheni lies about midway along that border, and about 80 km WNW of Chisinau, Moldova's capital.
2004 envelope with 40b commemorative stamp

Marks the 32nd conference of the ministers of the OSShD Railway Organisation at Chisinau (capital of Moldova), June 1-4, 2004

ID on reverse - Cod 3/2004 - 100,000 printed

Founded in 1957, OSShD was the former organisation of Railways in Socialist countries. It was reconstituted after the breakup of the USSR, and continues to link the former member railways, mostly of Russian broad gauge. The organisation was featured in the December 1997 Japan Railway & Transport Review which gives details of the current structure.


Chisinau was known as Kishinev under Soviet occupation from 1940-1991. It had a 2002 population of about 920,000.

Photos of trams in Chisinau, 1949

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