Advertising Covers
International Stock Food Company

The advertising covers of the International Stock Food Company are some of the most colorful and elaborate I have seen, and were produced in many variations over at least fifteen years. Below are the ten I have managed to acquire, arranged chronologically.

The owner of ISFC was M. W. Savage, a colorful and very successful businessman who promoted his products by buying and exhibiting famous race horses such as Arion, Minor Heir, and his favorite, the legendary Dan Patch. According to legend, Savage loved Dan Patch so much that when the horse died, its owner, broken-hearted, died the next day.

November 6, 1897

April 4, 1899

November 5, 1900

November 19, 1903

April 5, 1904

May 10, 1905

October 5, 190?


August 19, 1907

December 19, 1913

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