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- New York Edison - first set
- New York Edison Alphabet
- New York Edison other
- Thrifty Alexander
- New York Electrical Expo
- "Other & Maybes"
- Signatures

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Frederick Gross Cooper (1883-1962) was a famous and prolific artist/graphic designer/typographer/illustrator/cartoonist of the first half of the twentieth century who produced typefaces (though NOT Cooper Black), magazine covers, book illustrations, advertisements, posters - and poster stamps. (He was one of the founders of the AIGA!)

One of his notable early assignments was to create a corporate image for New York Edison, which led to the creation of many of the images shown in these pages. He worked for Edison from 1904 until the early 1950's.

There is plenty of information about Cooper in print and on the www, so I won't go into detail about his life and career. If you want to know more about him - and see examples of his other work - buy Leslie Cabarga's book , or follow these links:

I first encountered Cooper through one of my favorite sets of poster stamps, the alphabet of electric products he created for New York Edison around 1915. I did not know at first he was the artist for those - they are unsigned - but as I encountered similar poster stamps that WERE signed, I made the connection, and wanted to know more about their designer, and what else he had produced.

These pages are the result. They are not complete, I am sure there are other items out there - if you have any, please send scans to the author - wmsenkus at



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