Day 1 - San Francisco to Prague
Day 2 - Kyiv from the air
Day 2 - Boryspil International Airport
Day 2 - First Views Of Kyiv
Day 3 - Guided Tour of Kyiv
Day 3 - Kyiv - On our own
Day 3 - Night train from Kyiv to L'viv
Day 4 - L'viv with Father Ken
Day 5 - Radekhiv
Day 5 - Vytkiv
Day 6 - Trip to Kolomyia
Day 6 - Halych
Day 6 - Ivano-Frankivs'k
Day 7 - Bazaar at Kosiv
Day 7 - Between Kosiv and Kolomyia
Day 7 - Kolomyia
Day 8 - Zvenyhorod
Day 8 - Back in L'viv
Day 9 - L'viv with Orest and Vitali
Day 10 - L'viv - Morning walk with Dad
Day 10 - L'viv on my own
Day 11 - L'viv with Dad
Day 11 - Night train to Budapest
Day 12 - Budapest
Day 13 - Budapest
Day 13 - Szentendre
Day 14 - Homeward bound

September 19 - October 2, 1999

Prague Airport

Map of World, with plane route marked in black
Sunday, September 19, 1999

I was already exhausted by the time I finally began my journey. I had spent a day and a half in the San Francisco airport, desperately trying to get any flight, then a day and a half at home, waiting for the news that I could leave at last. I was apprehensive about such a long journey alone, into a totally foreign land. But I was expecting Dad to meet me in Kyiv, so all I had to do was endure three flights (San Francisco to Newark, then Newark to Prague, then Prague to Kyiv), and 24 hours cramped into an airplane seat. Piece of cake.

All I saw of Prague was the airport, which was small by U.S. standards for a city of 1.2 Million, but modern, bright, and well-maintained.
With 2.5 hours between planes, I bought and wrote some postcards. The vendor refused to pose - he's hiding behind that stand in the middle.


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