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September 19 - October 2, 1999

DAY 2 - KYIV - Київ
Kyiv from the air

Ukraine and Kiev

Monday, September 20, 1999

The last leg of the journey was via Czech Airlines. I had a window seat, and as we approached Kyiv from the west, I spent more and more time looking at the terrain below, trying to make out the strange new land I was about to visit. Finally I saw Kyiv. Its airport is about 30 miles east of the city, and since we approached from the west, we had a fine air tour of the whole area. It was a clear sunny day.

I was able to snap some good pictures from the plane.

Looking north over western Kyiv - Rail yard of Kiev central train station (whence we departed for L'viv the next night) clearly visible at lower right center. The enormous tower just above left center is the Kyiv Radio and TV Tower, the tallest (385m = 1263 feet) freestanding steel framework tower in the world. Alas, no public tours. ( Close-up photo from Wikipedia)

I was starting to feel a bit of excitement at this first view of my destination.

A bit further east - that's the Dnieper river on the top right, of course, with central Kyiv towards the bottom. The hotel where I was to stay ( The Lybid), is at the very bottom of this photo, the tiny tall building just right of center. You can see the Circus (round building) across the street. The broad street running from left to right at bottom, between the hotel and the Circus, is Victory Avenue (Peremohy Prospect) on the left, until it reaches the Circus, at Victory Square, then Taras Schevchenko Boulevard on the right. (This is a common - and confusing - practice in old European cities - street change names from one area to another.)

Huge Soviet-style apartment blocks in residential areas on the East side of the river.


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