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September 19 - October 2, 1999

DAY 5 - RADEKHIV - Радехів
Visiting relatives in Radekhiv

Thursday, September 23, 1999

The next morning we met our driver Ivan (who looked and sounded remarkably like Bill Clinton!), collected Vladik from his home, and drove north-east about 50 miles to Radekhiv, near the village where Dad's father was born, to visit relatives. We visited first in the flat of Vladik's sister Lyuba, her husband Peter, and their son Russlan. Lyuba is my second cousin.

We were served an elaborate meal, of course.

That's a Ukrainian tradition I remember from childhood. If you visit someone's home, however briefly, thay serve a meal. It's a wonderful way to spend time with family, and only a problem if you have a lot of stops to make. I have friends of Italian ancestry who say the same is true in Italy, so perhaps it's true of all European cultures.

In the photo, right to left: Peter (back to camera), Russlan, Ivan, Vladik, Dad (hidden), Lyuba

Standard décor in Ukrainian homes - an oriental rug on the wall over the couch. I remember this in homes of my Ukrainian relatives in Canada, when I was a boy.

Lyuba and Peter - he teaches literature in the local High School.

I had carried along some family and personal photos, which were a hit.

After the meal, we piled into our car and Russlan's (I rode with Russlan), and drove a short distance to the home of Vladik's other sister Maria (Lyuba's twin), her husband Ivan, and their son Lyubomir (it means love of peace). They have a detached house with a yard and some small outbuildings. Ivan is chief forester for the local district, and loves to hunt. We had to have another meal of course. The caviar was a welcome treat.

Top Photo: Lyuba and Ivan.
Bottom photo: (r-l) Lyuba, Ivan (driver), Ivan (our host, back to camera), Vladik, Dad, I

The tradition at meals like this is frequent toasts with shots of vodka or other spirits. Dad had explained that I do not drink, but felt he had to join in, as otherwise our hosts would not be able to drink themselves. Fortunately the shots were small, and the food plentiful, so no one got drunk. Our driver also abstained, as the local penalty for drunk driving is quite severe - confiscation of one's vehicle!

Dad explains some of my photos to Ivan and Lyubomir. Ivan is now dressed for work.

Ivan, ready to leave for work. It was early afternoon, but I didn't think to ask about the odd hours. Perhaps he had been waiting to visit with us.

Lyubomir insisted on taking a picture of me with his dad's old Russian jeep, and I enjoyed the humor.

I didn't find out whose motorcycle it was - probably Ivan's.

Dad found a kitten, and displayed surprising affection for it, insisting I take this picture. I think he would have carried home about ten of them, had circumstances permitted.

Ivan was proud of his pigs, and insisted I visit them. I slipped on the treacherous floor, but recovered before a disaster, and got this so-so picture as a reminder of the scare.

The usual suspects. From the right - Vladik, Lyuba, Maria; Maria's husband Ivan; I; Dad; Lyubomir (son of Maria and Ivan).

Maria and Lyuba are twins.

Russlan prepares to drive his mother and himself to our next engagement. Our company grew as the day progressed. Russlan was proud of his car, and its sound system - he had played a Beach Boys tape for me on our way to Maria and Ivan's. (He was 29 at the time, and out of work, but found employment soon after our visit.)


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