1894 - Modern Games Founded
1896 - I Olympiad - Athens
1900 - II Olympiad - Paris
1904 - III Olympiad - St. Louis
1906 - Intercalated Games - Athens
1908 - IV Olympiad - London
1912 - V Olympiad - Stockholm
1913 - Berlin prepares for 1916 games
1914 - 20th Anniversary of Rebirth of Games
1916 - VI Olympiad - Berlin
1920 - VII Olympiad - Antwerp
1924 - VIII Olympiad - Paris
      - Post Cards
1928 - IX Olympiad - Amsterdam
1932 - X Olympiad - Los Angeles
1936 - XI Olympiad - Berlin
1940 - XII Olympiad - Tokyo
      - XII Olympiad - Helsinki
      - New Zealand Centennial Games
1944 - XIII Olympiad - London
      - German POW Games
1948 - XIV Olympiad - London


For viewers wishing to add scans for images missing from this Olympics Poster Stamps web site, I have consolidated here all the items listed in the DuBois catalog for which I do NOT have an image of the real thing. As you can see, I *DO* have the black & white image from the DuBois catalog for most of these, but the whole point of this website is to show the actual items, especially since some of the DuBois images are very crude.

So this page is intended to save you from stepping through all the other pages to see what I need.

If you can supply a scan of any of these stamps, please send to me at

I prefer images of at least 300 dpi - higher is fine. But I will take whatever you have. Please include dimensions of the vignette portion of the label. If you did not create the image yourself, please say where you got it, so I can credit the source. Many thanks.

Items are sorted by year, and within year by DuBois number.

PS - I welcome images and information about Olympic seals and labels NOT shown in the DuBois catalog!

Matchbox label


DuBois number: 1912-19

Swedish Matchbox Label

Upper part - image:
  Same vignette as on No. 1912-01 (see lower image).
Lower part - text:
  Ensämratt för distribution
  Carl Westerberg

35x50mm, imperforate, multicolored

Translation of text:

  Olympic Games
  Stockholm 1912
  sole distribution rights
  Carl Westerberg

Pardon the useless image, that's what DuBois provided, probably a second or third generation copy from earlier sources.




1952 - XV Olympiad - Helsinki
1956 - XVI Olympiad - Melbourne
      - XVI Olympiad - Stockholm
1960 - XVII Olympiad - Rome
1964 - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo

1924 - I Winter Games - Chamonix
1928 - II Winter Games - St Moritz
1932 - III Winter Games - Lake Placid
1936 - IV Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1940 - V Winter Games - Sapporo
      - V Winter Games - St Moritz
      - V Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1944 - V Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1948 - V Winter Games - St Moritz
1952 - VI Winter Games - Oslo
1956 - VII Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1960 - VIII Winter Games - Squaw Valley
1964 - IX Winter Games - Innsbruck

      - Workers' Olympics


I need images of the white and orange papers - are there others?

18. A Swiss Label:

"OLYMP. RIEGE" (Olympic Squad) in panel at top; VTM (Verband Turnen Mannschaft = Gymnastic Team Union) in panel at bottom.

Vignette, in between panels: a shot-putter in knee-length pants; a lined margin around label. 22x44mm, imperforate, design is black & on the following colored papers:

d)orange ....... all Rare


#1914B-3 a thru d and "e"
3. BAYER. WINTERSPORT 1914 across bottom. Vignette depicts three men in a bob-sled. Snow-covered hill in background Artist's imprint at lower right of rectangular vignette
41x61mm, perf 11.5

a)black, pink & gray,
b)maroon, gray & yellow,
c)green, lilac & gray,
d)blue, pink-red & lilac
(1st-listed color is that of texts)

10/17/17 - three new images from Heiko Volk - a,c,&d match the DuBois description, but a fourth one, which I am assigning letter "e" does not - I would describe it as brown, yellow & red.



DuBois provided no image for this entry. Below: image from the www - could this be it?

Note the red border along the lines where it was cut, and some minor differences from 1924-4, e.g. the shading above the text.

DuBois number: 1924-5

Estonian Fund label PROOF


Like 1924-4, but a larger, imperf proof
42x32mm, red

1924-4 is 32x24.5mm - significantly smaller - but if the vignettes are identical, the only way to tell them apart would be to show them side by side, so if you have this item, please scan it next to the ordinary variety.


One stamp, with partial overprint "EEST" - it looks like the overprint would stretch over at least four stamps, not three.

DuBois number: 1924-6

Estonian Fund label with OVERPRINT


Like 4 but with a vertical, violet overprint, reading down and covering three labels:


Five different colors as with No.4 (red, green, blue, green, violet)

Overprint text translation = Estonian Central Sports Union

Polish Fund labels
#1924-9 thru 12

#1924-12a, 10, & 12c shown -

I need images of 1924-9, 1924-11, and 1924-12b

DuBois number: 1924-9 thru 12

Polish Fund labels

The basic stamp is an ornamental design with overprint "POLSKA NA OLIMPJADE" in three lines.

Denomination (5, 10, or 20) is in large numeral in a central oval.

12a,b,c are 9 thru 11 with purple surcharges.


DuBois number: 1924-14

Swiss Fund Label

At left: 10c
At lower right: PARIS 1924 OLYMPIADES

Vignette: a half-figure of a boxer on the left, a white cross on the right. No border, red background extends through the perforations.

32x26mm, perfed, design is black


DuBois number: 1924-19

French Theatrical-Production, Advertising Label:


White text on a red background.

70x50mm, oval-shaped, imperforate


Bookmarker with similar design

DuBois number: 1928-19

A Double-label

Divided into two parts by a wide frame line.

Vignette on left side = a white silhouette of a discus thrower, with IXe. at lower right corner, orange background.

Label on right: OLYMPIADE AMSTERDAM at top, "Pascall"(signaturej, in panel at bottom

Vignette between top & bottom texts: two coats-of-arms on top of 1928.

73x51 mm, perf 11, colors: red, orange, black and blue

Poster stamps for the 1906 Olympic Games in Athens - 1st edition
#1906-1 to 7
Perf 13-1/2, 20 teeth across the top

The DuBois catalog lists 14 varieties of this design, in two printings of seven colors.. The image above shows stamps from the first printing, perf 13- 1/2. The first three - red, green, and blue - were an official issue prior to the Games, used for publicity. Four more colors - brown, violet, gray, and gold - were issued privately. The private issues are rare.

Poster stamps for the 1906 Olympic Games in Athens - 2nd edition
#1906-8 to 14
Perf 11-1/2, 17 teeth across the top

DuBois 1906-1 to 14

As you can see in the images on the left, the perf 13-1/2 stamps separated poorly, so a second edition, perf 11-1/2 was issued at some time, in the same seven colors. These are all scarcer.

1. I am missing images of some of the scarcer colors - can anyone provide those?

2. Can anyone provide the story of the "private printings?" It looks to me like all the above stamps were produced from the same plates, so did the printer just take liberties for the fun of it?


Български олимпийски комитет
Bulgarski Olimpiiski Komitet
Bulgarian Olympic Committee - 1 lev & 2 leva

I need an image of the 2 leva stamp with the overprint.

Bulgarian Olympic Committee

7/28/15 - This stamp (without the 1934 overprint) is listed in the 1928 section of the DuBois catalog. Putting it there must have seemed natural, since its design is based on the poster for the 1928 games. Nikolay Penev of Bulgaria (via Peter C.A. de Jong) informs me that this stamp was not for the 1928 Olympics. It was for the 1936 games. It was issued in 1933 without the overprint, and then overprinted in 1934. There are two face values:
- 1 Lev in brown;
- 2 Leva in red;     
Their purpose was to raise money for the Bulgarian Olympic Committee for the 1936 Olympics.


DuBois 1936-27

I need an image of the smaller style of booklet cover - photo shown at left.


DuBois number: 1928-24

Swedish Matchbox Label:

MADE IN FINLAND at lower right corner of vignette area

Vignette: depicts three "match-figure" runners.

Design 48x30mm, 55.5x35.5mm overall, imperforate

Texts are black except for "OLYMPIA" which is pale yellow (all light-colored items, including the margins, are pale yellow, the color of the paper), match-heads are black, vignette background is red

(Translation: Paraffin Safety Matches)


This looks like the blank ribbon panel was intended to have personalized imprints, so there could be many varieties.

DuBois number: 1932

A rectangular label, horizontal

above a blank ribbon-panel.

Vignette, behind text and ribbon:
A discus thrower on a winged globe; small Olympic logo (cf. label #7) on lower part of globe; a double-lined border.

95x72mm, imperforate, multicolored



WERBT für die Olympia-Expedition der Deutschen Leichtathleten durch die Olympia-Marke zu zehn Pfennig. Erfolgreiche Werber erhalten die Olympia-Nadel der DSB. Marken durch die DSB, München, Romanstr. 67

DuBois number: 1932-20

A large rectangular label, horizontal, promoting sale of label 1932-19

Features a black copy of 1932-19 to the left, six lines of German text, and an Olympic award-pin on the right. The latter measures 11x20mm and depicts vertical Olympic rings above "DSB."
100x34mm (design portion, including black border),
141x76mm (overall size), imperforate,

entire design is colored black, paper is off-yellow

Translation: Recruit for the Olympic-Expedition of German light-athletes through the Olympic-Stamp at ten pennies. A successful campaigner receives the Olympic pin of the DSB (German Sports League). Stamps (can be obtained) through the DSB, Munich, Romanstrasse 67.

Note: "Light-athletes" is said to mean "track and field athletes."

6/1/16 - FOUND - any other varieties out there?

1932-44 variety

There could be many other varieties of this stamp, differing in text in lower panel. The one above - COME TO LOS ANGELES" seems to be the most common.

DuBois number: 1932-44

Rectangular label, horizontal - OLYMPIA RALLY


Vignette, between texts:
A 13mm circle with a wing to each side; within circle: a bear in center with text "SUNSHINE/ HEADQUARTERS" inside edge of circle; two other double-lined circles of same size: one on left gives population data for 1928, 1930 & 1932, one to right has text "SUNSHINE / FRUIT AND / FLOWERS / ALL YEAR; double-lined border around label.

58x33.5mm, imperforate, red & blue


DuBois number: 1932-44a

Rectangular label, horizontal - OLYMPIA RALLY

Same as 44 but text in lower panel = ARLENE LEOLA WEAVER / 6029 RITA AVENUE / HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIF. -
There could be many other varieties of this stamp, differing in text in lower panel.


1932-47 variety

There could be many varieties of this stamp, differing in text in lower panel.

DuBois number: 1932-47

Rectangular label, horizontal

"WELCOME" at top; in panel, across bottom, three items: "YOU'LL / ENJOY / SAN FRANCISCO" on left; "SAN FRANCISCO invites / you to CALIFORNIA" in middle; "THE CENTER / OF CALIFORNIA / SCENIC WONDERS" on right.

Vignette: between a large "19" & "32" is a naked shot-putter with a ribbon in front of him stating "OLYMPIC GAMES" - in the background is a part-sun, emanating rays; a stadium is behind the man at the horizon; the latter consists of mountains, the state of "CALIFORNIA" and "PACIFIC OCEAN" below.

56x33mm (overall design), imperforate, orange, violet, maroon, and black

Image of group of 1932 items, including top half of this label, the Olympic half.

DuBois number: 1932-54

A rectangular label, vertical

A "Christmas - Olympic" combination label issued as a se-tenant, vertical, imperf pair:

Upper label: An oblique (upper left to lower right) red stripe (almost 5mm wide); "OLYMPIC GAMES" at top; "LOS ANGELES" reading down next to stripe; "JULY 30 / 1932 / AUG. 14" at lower left; a discus thrower at left center, outlined in green.

Lower label: An oblique (upper right to lower left) red stripe (almost 5mm wide) which adjoins the stripe of the upper label; "Merry Christmas" inside stripe, reading up; a poinsettia stem and a holly stem in background.

A red horizontal line separates the labels.

25x63mm (overall)

Colors of other items: texts in upper label are green except "1932" which is red; the leaves and stems are green and the berries & flower are red.


DuBois number:1932-55

A rectangular label, horizontal

"SOUVENIR of Xth OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES" at major right portion of label; a discus thrower to left of text; an irregular double-lined border.
38x26mm, imperf, blue on silver

This looks like a foil label.

DuBois number: 1932-56

A round Metallic Label:

"Olympic Games / 1932"
along upper circumference.

Vignette: depicts a classic discus thrower and states "Jul 30 / to / Aug 14 Los Angeles / Cal."

44mm diameter, gold-faced on silver foil


DuBois number: 1932-57

A rectangular label, horizontal


Vignette: an aerial view of stadium (same view exists as a cachet of the Xth Olympiad).

39x29mm, imperf, round corners, dark sepia



6/16/16 - Philippe Pavard sent us THIS LINK, to a blog post by Tabs4959 about these El Camino Real stamps. Briefly, they were part of an educational project donated by the LA Times to LA Country schools! The set comprised 65 stamps, each illustrating a study lesson. 55 of the stamps are illustrated there, and reproduced here, including number 51! I exchanged emails with the author, who says he has seen complete sets since, and even albums, but has no more images at present.

I see green, red, purple, blue, brown, orange, and red-brown - seven colors - were all the stamps printed in all those colors? Are there more colors? Stay tuned.

DuBois number: 1932-58

A rectangular label, vertical

"El Camino Real / 1931 Sept.4, 1932 / TENTH OLYMPIC GAMES AT / LOS ANGELES" in panel at lower left; a bell with "51" in a square panel at lower right.

Vignette: three men at a banner-covered podium; other men to left & right, most holding flags; a flag at podium has five, non-Olympic rings (interlocked pentagonally).

Inscription, below design: "Robert Lash Robbins Los Angeles Times 6A249020-ECR- 51"

33x41mm, perf 12.5, brown

(Issued se-tenant with other labels related to the history of California by the Los Angeles Times in 1946)

Can anyone provide images of the complete set?

Is stamp number 51 available in other colors?

DuBois number: 1932-61

WINDOW or WINDSHIELD LABEL (gummed on face)

Same design as label No. 2.
97x165mm (design), 103x171mm (including margins)

Printing on back tells about designer.

DuBois number: 1932-65

WINDOW or WINDSHIELD LABEL (gummed on face)

A U.S.A. Olympic Shield: "Xth / OLYMPIAD / LOS ANGELES" at top; "Let's Go... AMERICA" in panel near bottom.

Vignette: large Olympic rings on top of vertical, alternating bars.

111x114mm, die cut, multicolored

DuBois number: 1932-66
(same as prior label, except added inscription at bottom)

A U.S.A. Olympic Shield: "Xth / OLYMPIAD / LOS ANGELES" at top; "Let's Go... AMERICA" in panel near bottom.

Vignette: large Olympic rings on top of vertical, alternating bars.

Inscription around the white-edged sides and bottom:

111x114mm, die cut, multicolored

DuBois number: 1932-69

WINDOW or WINDSHIELD LABEL (gummed on face)

"MEXICO" across top; "OLIMPIADA / 1932" across bottom.

Vignette: a Mexican shield featuring an eagle with a snake in its beak, perched on a large "X" with Olympic rings in background; "EN" and "LA" to left and right of eagle; background has alternating vertical bars to left & right: left bars appear to be 3 shades of green but this effect is created via use of fine vertical stripes within the 2nd & 3rd bars; bars on right appear to be 3 shades of orange-red but this effect is created via use of fine vertical stripes on the 1st & 2nd orange-red bars.

87x113mm(design), 101x127mm(overall),

"MEXICO" and "OLIMPIADA" are black with green borders, "EN" & "LA" plus the eagle & rings are black, the "X" is orange-red with a black border, the snake is green and black, the shield has a 1.2mm wide black edge, there is a small black ".S." at the bottom point of the shield.

DuBois number: 1932-70


Design & colors are the same as for label 1932-2, the well-known "Call to the Games" label based on the official poster for these Games.
97x165mm(design), imperforate, gummed on back

A broad-bordered copy of No. 70 is illustrated. The border width of baggage & window labels can be variable, depending on how they are cut.



DuBois number: 1932-71


Design, on left side, is similar to that of label 1932-2, measuring 55x85mm. The larger portion to the right side is divided into three parts: Upper part shows a stadium view. Middle part is blank except for the word "To" in upper left corner. Lower portion has text: "from / LOS ANGELES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE / 1151 SO. BROADWAY...LOS ANGELES / The City of Balanced Prosperity / LOS ANGELES COUNTY"
142x89mm(overall), imperf, multicolored

DuBois assigned numbers 72 and 73 to the separated halves of 71.

DuBois number: 1932-87

A square label

"Xth / Olympiad / 1932"
below a flying U.S. flag.
48x5lmm (overall)

Flag & "1932" are red, "Xth Olympiad" and lined-border are blue

DuBois number: 1932-W-6

A rectangular label, horizontal

"A.S.B.T. / S.S.S.V." at lower left; Olympic rings(inverted) "1932" at lower right; Swiss coat of arms at upper left; a bob-sled, in action, on race course in center; double-lined border.
46x32mm, perf 11, multicolored

A.S.B.T. = Association Suisse de Bobsleigh, Tobogganing et Skeleton
S.S.S.V. = Schweizer Schlittensport-Verband = Swiss Luge Association



DuBois number: 1936-25

A rectangular label

Inscription on bell only (???)
39x45mm, imperforate, white design on red

DuBois' description of this label leaves a lot to be desired. I assume from its position following the red die-cut oval bells that it resembles them somehow, it's a bell, but is it embossed? Amd what is the inscription? etc.

DuBois number: 1936-35

A round, Embossed Label:

"OLYMPIA" above; "BERLIN" below.

Vignette: a runner carrying a torch; Branderburg Gate on left and Acropolis on right. A decorative border.

60mm diameter, die cut, brown on gold
(Looks like foil to me)

DuBois number: 1936-36

A round, Embossed Label:

"Gegossen vom Bochumer Verein" above; "lautet sie die Olympiade ein" below; "fast 200" on left; "Ztr. schwer" on right.

Vignette: the Olympic bell (like that of label No.5).

44mm diameter, die cut, white on blue field

(Text: Cast by the Bochumer Association; almost 200 hundred-weights heavy; ring in the Olympiad)

DuBois number: 1936-46

Private Advertising. Oval-Shaped Label:

"OLYMPIA / BERLIN / 1936" in center; "KAISER'S KAFFEE-GESCHÄFT" (Kaiser's Coffee Shop) below, around lower margin.

Vignette: an athlete's head with laurel wreath, above.

36x44mm, imperf, die cut, black, gold & pale blue.

DuBois number: 1936-49

Advertising Label of Omega, Official Timer:

"XI. OLYMPIADE 1936" across top;

Vignette: a runner in front of a large stopwatch; "OMEGA" below.

36x62mm, perf 11.5, blue, orange & brown

This was printed in French and English as well.


DuBois number: 1936-W-3

Round label

"19 - IV. OLYMPISCHE WINTERSPIELE - 36 / GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN" in a circle around Olympic rings.

36mm diameter, black & gold

DuBois description sounds like the official Logo, above, minus the mountains


NO image, and not much of a description to go on.

DuBois number: 1936-W-4

A rectangular label:

"4. FEBRUAR 1936 OLYMPIA" above.

Vignette: a ski jumper.

48x64mm, imperf, multicolored

The date is two days before the Games opened.

DuBois number: 1936-W-6

Baggage Label

"AMERICAN OLYMPIC TEAM" across top; "GARMISCH PARTENKIRCHEN" down left side; "1936" down right side; "NAME_____ / SPORT_____" at lower left corner.

Vignette: a U.S. Olympic shield with Olympic rings in a 63x26mm white panel on a blue upper field, rings are alternating red & blue color; red & white alternating stripes are in lower part.

11.7x14.3cm (design, including texts)
12.5x15.8cm (overall), imperf, gummed on back

(This label is dated at 1932 in the All Fund catalog but it did issue for the 1936 Winter Games)

#1940-F-13 & 14

Are there other varieties?

DuBois listing:

13. Polish Fund: "10" at upper left corner; "GR" at upper right corner; Olympic rings between 10 & GR; "1940 POLACY NA XII OLIMPIADE" below; Vignette: a Polish eagle in a shield; sides of label are decorative. 27x38mm, perf 12, deep rose & brown violet ... Rare

14. Like #13 but 20 GR and colored rose & green ... Rare

15. Like #13 but 50 GR & colored vermilion & brown ... Rare

The examples I have found do not seem to match the colors DuBois gives - are there other varieties?

DuBois number: 1936-W-8

A Baggage Label Proof:

This label has no text.

Vignette: a U.S. Olympic shield with Olympic rings in a 63x26mm white panel on a blue upper field, rings are alternating red & blue color; red & white alternating stripes are in lower part. Similar to labels 1936-W-6 and 7, but colors are more "solid" and "deeper"

10.3x13.3cm (design), 12.4x14.8cm (overall), gummed on back - colors: vermilion-red & violet blue

(As with label No.7 the date of issue is uncertain. It is listed here because it is identical to the shield on label No.7, except for the "deeper, more solid" coloring. Also, this shield has the same minor imperfection as No.7 at the upper right edge.)

DuBois number: 1940-F-12

Rectangular label, vertical

Vignette like Nos.5 to 11; only text is "1940",at bottom; a blue border line.
28x49mm, perforated

I have found images of several similar labels, any of which, trimmed, could be this label, except DuBois says it is perforated.

DuBois number: 1940-J-1

A rectangular label

Text is black; above it, in usual multicolors, are the Olympic rings.
48x27mm, 57x33mm (overall), imperforate

What color is the paper? Is there a border?

DuBois number: 1940-J-9

A round label

Vignette = Olympic bell in the center. Japanese print around upper & lower edges, between two circular border lines.
(Privately printed for the Osaka Savings Bank - now Kyowa Bank)


DuBois number: 1940-J-W-1

A round label

"V. OLYMPIC 1940 WINTER GAMES" around sides & top; "SAPPORO" at bottom.

Vignette, in center: Olymnpic rings superimposed on a mountainous, wintry scene.

32mm diameter, imperforate, multicolored

DuBois number: 1940-J-x1

This design was one of the finalist's in Japan's contest for Olympic labels, and most of the others were produced, so this one could exist.

DuBois number: 1940-J-x2

This design was one of the finalist's in Japan's contest for Olympic labels, and most of the others were produced, so this one could exist.

DuBois number: 1948-12

US Olympic Shield label

"UNITED STATES OLYMPIC FUND" above a large shield.
10.2x13.6cm (shield portion, 10.2x14.6cm (including upper text), imperf, red & blue

The date of issue of this label is uncertain. The use of the "United States" instead of "American" in the texts indicate that it was issued after 1940. The rings are not in their usual geometric relationship to each other. THis label may be a re-drawing of shield 1936-W-7.

DuBois number: 1948-13

US Olympic Shield label

"back the / U.S. OLYMPIC / TEAM FUND" above shield; "LIFE" in a 12x6mm panel, "SPONSORED BY" & emblem of U.S. Jr. Chamber of Commerce all below shield.
57x53mm shield, 89x115mm (overall label), design portion measures 64x108mm, red & blue, imperf.

The date of issue of this label is uncertain. The use of the "United States" instead of "American" in the texts indicate that it was issued after 1940. The rings are not in their usual geometric relationship to each other.

DuBois number: 1948-14

A matchbox label:


Vignette: multicolored Olympic rings, interlaced as on official Olympic flag.

53.5x33mm, imperf, text is black except for "IMPREGNATED" which is red, background is yellow; a thin, red border-line around edge
Romanian Fund-Raising stamps


1952-x5a thru d

50B orange,
1L dark blue,
1,50L green,
2L red

The text is in Romanian, and translates "Olympic stamp." These were a mystery when I found them on the www,but eBay seller "sova" from Romania told me they were issued for the 1952 Olympics, and agrees.

Missing a color image of the 1.50L green.

#1952-2 and 2a

Above is the official logo of these games. It matches the description of 1952-2, but I have not seen it in label form.

DuBois number: 1952-2 and 2a

2. A rectangular label: "XV OLYMPIA / HELSINKI" below; Olympic rings and a tower, "1952" above. 17x26mm, imperforate, blue.

2a. Same design as #2 but the Olympic rings are colored; and it is an air- label of larger size, 67x108mm

DuBois number: 1952-3

A round label

In a circular border: "SUOMI 1952 FINLAND" Olympic rings at bottom

Vignette,in central circle: a tent and a flower.

40mm, imperf, blue-green & orange, text & rings are black

DuBois number: 1952-24

A matchbox label:


Vignette: red Olympic rings below Olympic fire, in a triangle with yellow background.

28x40mm, imperf, background is deep violet, text is yellow


#1956-13 thru 16

3/13/16 - I just found an article about Polish philately HERE which states that the 2zl cyclist stamp is olive. Was that an error, or is there one more stamp to this set? Excerpt below.

DuBois number: 1956-13 thru 16


In the course of preparations for the 1952 and 195& Games, the Polish Olympic Committee launched an extensive fand-collecting campaign. The following "Olympic Fund" labels were issued jointly with a Sports Lottery:

"FUNDUSZ" up left side; "OLIMPIJSKI" down right side; 2 zl/ at bottom.

13. Vignette: three soccer players below Olympic rings (interlaced as on original Olympic flag) - olive green
14. Same as 13 but with artist's imprint below design
15. Like 13 but two cyclists in vignette, blue
16. Like 13 but boxer in vignette, brown-violet

21x26mm, perf 12.5

The images at left satisfy DuBois' listing, above. But the article excerpt says the cyclist stamp is olive-green - Does that exist, or was the author in error? He also mentions "cherry paper" - what's that?

4/22/16 - I scoured the www and found several auction listings of the set, all saying the cyclists stamp is blue, none mentioning a green variety.




#1956-46 to 55

AN ESPERANTO ISSUE, Nos. 46 to 55:

"OLIMPIAJ LUDOJ" (Olympic Games) across top; Olympic rings and "1956" under upper text; "ESPERANTO" with a green star below, at lower right; "MELBOURNE AUSTRALIO" across bottom: to left of "M" of Melbourne, the artist's imprint "Blanch" and on the lower right, printer's imprint "E.MORENO-BARCELONA". 30x44.5mm (design), perf 11 & imperf.
Texts, picture and star's outline are white.
There are five different background colors, as follows: a)rose, b)blue, c)red-brown, d)yellow, e)orange.

The centrally located vignettes depict the following:
46. A sprinting athlete
47. A soccer player
48. A hand holding a torch, above an outline drawing of Australia, with Melbourne indicated.
49. A hockey player
50. A gymnast
51. Two sail boats
52. A weight lifter
53. An oarsman rowing a scull
54. Two bicyclists
55. A diver doing a swan dive ... $1.99 ea

Sheet Format: Nos. 46 to 55 are listed in the order in which they occur on a sheet of ten(5x2). There is one background color only on all labels of the same sheet. The background color spills over abut 3mm into the selvage. There is a green border (about 0.8mm wide) around the whole sheet, interrupted at top center by green Olympic rings (inter-laced as on the official Olympic flag). There is a printer's imprint near the bottom of the sheet, below the tenth label: "Presis: E. MORENO Barcelona - Hispanio"

Perforated sheets are PM4S, perforations extending all the way through the selvage ... $20.00 sheet

DuBois says there is a fifth color, yellow, but I have not seen it. If any viewer can supply an image, please send to email address at bottom of page.

#1956-W-03 to 10

I have images of full sheetlets in several colors, but need more - go to the 1956 Cortina page to see what I have. CLICK HERE .

DuBois number: 1956-W-3 to 10

Esperanto Labels:

3. "VIIa VINTRAJ / SPORTAJ / LUDOJ" below, in panel; a green star to left of panel text, with "ESPERANTO" curved above it.

Vignette: Olympic rings "CORTINA / (ITALIO)" in upper left corner; "1956 /artist's signature" in lower right corner; skis, ski-poles, and a small flag stuck in the snow on on a hill.

4. Same panel text and star as No.3

Vignette: Olympic rings in upper left corner; "1956 / KORTINO / (ITALIO)" in upper right corner; artist's signature in lower right corner; a slalom skier is depicted.

5 to 10 are like No.4 but depict the following sports:

5. A ski-jumper, 6. A skier, 7. A four-man bobsled, 8. An ice-hockey player, 9. A pair of figure-skaters, 10. 2 speed-skaters.

11. Same as No.3 but "KORTINO" instead of "CORTINA"

(Esperanto text: Cortina, Italy, Vllth Winter Sports Games)

Colors of Nos. 3 to 10 (1st color = sky, 2nd. color = design & texts): a)red - black, b)lt. blue - black, c)orange - black, d)yellow- black.

Nos. 3 to 10 are se-tenant on a sheet of eight(4x2).

Colors of Nos. 11 & 4 to 10: a)red - black, b)orange - black, c)yellow - black, d)lt. blue - blue.

Nos. 11 & 4 to 10 are se-tenant on a sheet of 8(4x2).

Other Sheet Information: sheet with Nos. 3 to 10 is First Issue (CORTINA spelling on first label). Sheet with Nos. 11 & 4 to 10 is Second Issue (KORTINO spelling on all labels of sheet).

Both types of sheet are PM4S with perforations passing through selvage.

Text on selvage, below 10th label, states "PRESIS: E.MORENO / BARCELONA (HISPANIO)" which is Esperanto for "Printer: H. Moreno, Barcelona, Spain."

Vignette, each stamp - 36x53mm, perf 11 and imperf


4a A Bread-Wrapper Label:


30.5mm diameter, black text on red background ... Rare

AS with many labels in this catalog, little is known of the current availability of such a label. While not "rare" in the usual sense, how many of these labels were salvaged from those RainDo bread-wrappers?

1960W-7, 8, 9, 9a

7, 8, & 9
TYPE I pane

9a & TYPE II Pane

7. Triangular label: FOR TICKET INFORMATION WRITE OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES SAN FRANCISCO across bottom at base of triangle.
- Vignette, above text: official emblem as on label No.2, in a white circle with pointed edging.
- 72mm base & 36mm height, perf 12 at base, side edges have one or two imperf sides, when perfed they are perf 12.5
- Colors: emblem like label No,2, bottom text is blue, background is pink ... $3.00

(Pairs exist tete-beche at the triangular bases of 7 & 8)
8. Triangular Label: FOR TICKET INFORMATION WRITE OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES SAN FRANCISCO between two vignettes and across bottom.
- Vignettes: an ice skater on left, blue background; a skier on right, red background; official emblem, as on label No.2, above text.
- 72mm base & 36mm height, perf 12 at base, left or right side is imperf, opposite side is perf 12.5.
- Colors: emblem like label No.2, "OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES" is red, other texts are blue, vignette figures are white ... $3.00
9. FOR TICKET INFORMATION WRITE OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES SAN FRANCISCO down large arrow, on left, pointing to the official emblem and its text, on the right.
- 49x37.5mm, perf 12.5 (on one or two edges - two or three edges are imperf)
- Colors: arrow is red, "OLYMPIC" is dark blue, other text is white, emblem and its text are colored as at label No.2 ... $3.00
- Vignette: official emblem, as on label No.2, at middle ring of five, irregular Olympic rings.
- 45x29mm, perf 12.5 (at one or two edges - two or three edges are imperf).
- Colors: left & right ring are pale blue, lower rings are pink, central ring (not connected to other rings) is dark blue, "OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES" is red, other texts are blue, emblem and its text are colored as at label No. 2 ... $3.00
Sheet Format: Panes of seven exist consisting of two copies of No.7 (squared up in pairs), two copies of No.8 (squared up in pairs), and three copies of No.9 (or 9a) placed one above the other. The panes are imperforate on the four outside edges. The panes came as "pads" lightly bound down the right side. The two different panes are listed herein as Type I and Type II, containing either three copies of No. 9 or three copies of No. 9a, respectively. Type I has been seen as a pane of seven and Type II has been reconstructed via use of four label entities (both types are illustrated as such) - as panes ... Rare

It is interesting to note that the triangular pairs, of the two pane types, are arranged differently. This effects different locations of the side- perforations of the two types of triangular-shaped labels. Thus, it is possible to isolate a total of nine perforation varieties from the two pane types (including the two perforation-types of the oblong labels on each type of pane).

1960-4 thru 7


Nos. 4 thru 7 - Four Labels Advertising Rampacher's Catalog:

4. "ROMA" up left side; "1960" down right side; "OLYMPISCHE SPIELE" below vignette; in a 39x9mm panel across bottom: "P. F. RAMPACHER: KATALOG DER VIGNETTEN ZU DEN OLYMPISCHEN SPIELEN SOEBEN ERSCHIENEN"
Vignette consists of Olympic rings above a statue of a wolf suckling Romulus & Remus. (Rings are interlaced as on the official Olympic flag), square shape
41x41 mm perf 10.f; color: panel text & vignette background are black, vignette and its text are white ... $1.00

5. ROMA & 1960 as in #4; OLYMPIC GAMES below vignette; in a 39x9mm panel across bottom: P. F. RAMPACHER CATALOG OF LABELS OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES JUST PUBLISHED
Vignette as that of #4.
Physical data same as for #4. (English texts) ... $1.00

6. ROMA & 1960 as in #4; JEUX OLYMPIQUES below vignette; in a 41x10mm panel across bottom: P. F. RAMPACHER CATALOG DES VIGNETTES DES JEUX OLYMPIQUES VIENT DE PARAITRE
Vignette same as #4.
Square shape 41x41 mm, perf 10.5, color: black & white like #4 but reversed, panel text and vignette background are white, vignette and its text are black. (French texts) ... $1.00

7. ROMA & 1960 as in #4; GIUOCHI OLIMPICI below vignette; in a 41x10mm panel across bottom: P. F. RAMPACHER CATALGO DELLE VIGNETTE DEI GIUOCHI OLIMPICI E GIA EMESSO
Vignette and physical data same as for #6. (Italian texts) ... $1.00

Nos. 4 to 7 come as a se-tenant block of 4, PM4S ... $4.00
4b-7b. Same as 4-7 but ultramarine on white paper ... $1.OO ea
4c-7c. Same as 4-7 but dark blue on white paper ... $1.OO ea
4d-7d. Same as 4-7 but ultramarine on lt. yellow paper . $1.OO ea
4e-7e. Same as 4-7 but dark blue on lt, yellow paper ... $1.OO ea
4f-7f. Same as 4-7 but ultramarine on gray paper ... $1.OO ea
4g-7g. Same as 4-7 but dark blue on gray paper ... $1.OO ea
4h-7h. Same as 4-7 but dark blue on off-white paper ... $2.OO ea
All above sets of 4 come as se-tenant blocks of 4 ... pro rata



34. A German Glider-Post Triangle: Text in the three borders: 1. POSTSEGELFLUG ELCHINGEN - HAHNENWEIDE ZUM OLYMPIA-JAHR 1960 across bottom;
Vignette: a glider at top corner; Olympic rings centrally located; a landscape scene across bottom.
46x24mm, imperf
Colors: (one color per label): a)black, b)gray, c)orange, d)blue, e)purple, f)green, or g)red.

Comes as panes of 6 (3x2), 3 tete-beche pairs per pane; text on pane: "LUFTSPORTRING", upper left and AALEN 1960, upper right ... Rare

I need an image of the gray.

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