1894 - Modern Games Founded
1896 - I Olympiad - Athens
1900 - II Olympiad - Paris
      - Vignettes of the 1900 Paris Expo
1904 - III Olympiad - St. Louis
1906 - Intercalated Games - Athens
1908 - IV Olympiad - London
1912 - V Olympiad - Stockholm
1913 - Berlin prepares for 1916 games
1914 - 20th Anniversary of Rebirth of Games
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1952 - XV Olympiad - Helsinki
1956 - XVI Olympiad - Melbourne
      - XVI Olympiad - Stockholm
1960 - XVII Olympiad - Rome

1932 - X Olympiad - Los Angeles

July 30-Aug. 14


Official poster and emblem for the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles

The poster stamps of the 1932 Games were the most numerous of any Games to that time. More recent Games have far eclipsed them in quantity, but at the time they were unusual in that respect, especially considering the mood of the time: it was the depth of the Great Depression, and the Games almost didn't happen - no one wanted them, they thought the expense was too great, and everyone feared no one would attend. But Los Angeles took a chance, Americans caught the "Olympic spirit" and the 1932 Games were a great success.

Below are the poster stamps issued for the 1932 Summer Games.

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1964 - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo
1968 - XIX Olympiad - Mexico City
1972 - XX Olympiad - Munich

1924 - I Winter Games - Chamonix
1928 - II Winter Games - St Moritz
1932 - III Winter Games - Lake Placid
1936 - IV Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1940 - V Winter Games - Sapporo
      - V Winter Games - St Moritz
      - V Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1944 - V Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1948 - V Winter Games - St Moritz
1952 - VI Winter Games - Oslo
1956 - VII Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1960 - VIII Winter Games - Squaw Valley
1964 - IX Winter Games - Innsbruck
1968 - X Winter Games - Grenoble
1972 - XI Winter Games - Sapporo

      - Workers' Olympics

DuBois listing:

1. "LOS ANGELES" at top; "10th OLYMPIAD July 30-August 14 1932" below. Vignette: discus thrower above clouds; a decorative left and right border; a thin frame line; 21x28mm, perf 12, blue ... $1.75
Issued in sheets of 50(10x5), SE4S, shades exist
With one straight edge ... 90c
With two straight edges ... 70c

1a. & 1b. Same as 1 but color is black or red .. Rare

Image of full sheet:


1/7/17 - And how about this imperforate multiple offered on eBay recently? The wide margins say it was printed this way, but the perforated sheets are 10x5, so why is this 5x7?

6/15/2020 - Olympic collector Nick Dandoulakis of Athens, Greece contributed this image, showing two rows from the sheet above, with measurements. Clearly these are reproductions, but by whom and when?

#1932-01 and varieties

The first item above is 1932-01, while the rest are of uncertain identity. DuBois says there are black and red varieties, but does not mention imperfs. The uneven alignment of the two vignettes on the purple item is especially odd. The other items DO seem to have correct perforations, and so far as I can tell, all were printed from the same plates.

3/10/16 - Steve Payne contributed the scan below, blocks of four of four colors of 1932-01,

and offered the following comment:

I note that DuBois lists only Blue, Red and Black, while Trory's "A Philatelic History of the Olympic Games" lists only the Blue, and 'Postal History and Vignettes of the 1932 Olympic games' published by Sports Philatelists International (much better than Trory for the 1932 games), only the Blue and Black. They all state ''shades'', but in my opinion the Purple one is definitely a different colour, rather than just a shade. That shows you that none of these references have everything.

#1932-02 thru 05

The first three items above are 1932-02, 1932-03, and 1932-03a. The next two resemble ones shown in DuBois (1932-04 & 05), and he suggests they are not real labels, but cutouts from First Day Cover envelopes. I have compared them with the covers, and can confirm that these "labels" are on envelope paper, and have exactly the same details and imperfections as the imprints on the envelopes. SO are they cutouts from FDC envelopes, or might the cachet maker have created these separately, as proofs or essays? Anything is possible. See 1932-x13, below.

4-13/16 - "SANTA MONICA OCEAN PARK INVITES YOU - I just found this item on the www (third item on bottom row above - it's an enlargement of an overprint on 1932-02, raising the possibility that many such varieties exist! Oh dear.

12/19/16 - Philippe Pavard sent the last image, a misperfed example of 1932-02 - I wonder what the full sheet looked like.

6/6/16 - Here's a nice item - an ad from FDC dealer Earl Mills for his 1932 Olympics First Day Covers and a free sheet of 1932-02 stamps!
DuBois listing:

2. "OLYMPIC GAMES JULY 30 1932 AUGUST 14" at top; "LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA" in panel near bottom, above Olympic rings in their usual multicolors. Vignette: an athlete upholding a garland; text, next to his left leg states: "CALL TO THE GAMES OP THE Xth OLYMPIAD" 23x39mm, perf 12.5, multicolored with mottled-blue background and black margin ... $2.00
Issued in sheets of 25(5x5), SE4S
With one straight edge ... $1.00
With two straight edges ... 75c
(Reported to have been issued by the L.A. Olympic Committee)

3. Text & design like 2 but colors are yellow, gray, white and black. 25x42mm, rouletted 9.5 ... $7.50
With one straight edge ... $3.50
With two straight edges ... $2.00
Sheet variety: bottom margin in white; inscription in margin, below two left labels: FRED L. SHAFER "LITHOPRINT" LOS ANGELES. Imperforate between bottom row of labels and white margin ... Rare

3a. single from sheet with margin in white ... $15.00

4. Same as 3 but imperforate ... Rare

4a, b & c. Like 3 but other border & lower panel colors: a. black, b. blue, with orange-red texts. Softer, heavier paper than 2 or 3; no gum, imperf 31x50mm, overall 53x71mm (with wide margin) ... $30.00ea

5. Similar to 2 but background of blue vertical lines. 38x63mm, imperforate ... Rare
(May be a cutout from a cover as it is identical to a central vignette in a cachet. It exists with & without gum)

(Two sheet legends)

DuBois listing:

6. "XEME 1932 OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES" down right side; the "logo" of the Games, as described at label No.7, below, is in the large letter "0" of the word "OLYMPIAD." 35x23mm, rouletted 9.5, multicolored ... $3.00

Issued in sheets of 36(6x6), PM1S(at left) with inscription "Olympiad Boosters MUtual 2426" ... Rare

6a. Like 6 but rouletted 12 or 12.5x9.5 ... $3.00

Sheet like 6 but inscribed "MUtual 2426 Olympiad Boosters 127 S. Broadway" ... Rare

This is a strange one - it was clearly produced in LA by a local group or business, yet the text is in garbled French - Xeme is French for 10th. But then OLYMPIAD should be OLYMPIADE.

#1932-07a&b, c&d, e and f
DuBois listing:

7. "OLYMPIC GAMES CALIFORNIA 1932" in outer, circular border. Vignette, in center: the "logo" of the 1932 Games consisting of a coat of arms, in background, with rings, laurel leaves, and a ribbon reading "CITIUS.ALTIUS, FORTIUS," in the foreground; (c) at lower left of "logo."

7.a) 26.5mm (overall diameter of circular design, on sq. paper), rouletted 14.5, outer text on light red ground, vignette on dark blue background ... $6.00ea

Panes of 6(3x2) exist for label No. 7. All such panes are SE4S and have double lines of roulettes between labels.

7.a) exists as two types of panes, as follows:
I - horizontal roulettes do not cross vertical roulettes.
II - vertical & horizontal roulettes cross in both directions
... both Rare

7.b) Same as label No. 7.a) but colored dark red & blue ... $9.00ea
Pane format: vertical roulettes do not cross horizontal roulettes ... Rare

1936-07 - DuBois listing, continued:

7.c) Same vignette as No. 7. a) but horizontally perf 12, straight edged vertically, and a 2mm "X" added to 4 corners ... $7.00ea
Pane format: pane of 4(1x4), SE4S, double horizontal perfs ... Rare

7.d) Same ae 7.c) but "X" in corners is 2.5mm high ... $12.00ea
Pane format like 7.c) but c) and d) labels (two diff. X's) alternate down the vertical pane. A single copy of 7.d), perforated on all 4 sides, is known. and a perforated, larger sheet exists. Issued by S. V. Fiske Company.

7.e) Same as 7.a) but © is below design, die cut ... $5.00ea

7.f) Same as 7.e)but © is above design, die cut ... Rare

For examples of all pane formats, CLICK HERE.

I question whether 7a and 7b can be distinguished as individual stamps - DuBois says 7b is darker, but that could be just normal variation.

#1932-08a, b, and c

DuBois listing:

8. Rhombus-shaped Label; "X OLYMPIAD" up the upper left side; "LOS ANGELES" down the upper right aide. Upper vignette: a discus thrower in front of a tower, between 19 and 32. Lower vignette: a bear in front of a large poppy. 29x40mm, 26mm sides, serpentine roulette, multicolored.
a) with gold margins ... $6.00
b) with white margins ... $9.00
c) same as a) but background has crossed lines ... $12.00
Issued in blocks of nine by White Stationery Conpany.

DuBois listing:

9. "HELP AMERICA WIN THE 1932 OLYMPIC GAMES" across center; over that text at left side: "3rd OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES LAKE PLACID, N.Y. FEBRUARY 4 to 13, 1932"; at right side: "GAMES OF THE X OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES, CALIF. JULY 30 to AUG. 14, 1932"; below the larger, central text: "SEND CONTRIBUTIONS TO THB TREASURER OF THE AMERICAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE 233 JOHN R ST., DETROIT, MICH." Vignette, across top and across bottom: two different groups of fourteen athletes standing in a row. 50x66mm (overall), perf 12, red & blue ... $40.00

Issued in sheets of 16(4x4), SE4S, so sheets have four fully perfed copies and twelve straight-edged copies.
Copy with one straight edge ... $20.00
Copy with two straight edges ... $15.00

DuBois listing:

10. "OLYMPIC GAMES LOS ANGELES JULY-AUG.1952" in panel, near bottom. Vignette: a winged foot; an artist(or copyright) mark in a small circle at lower right corner, below panel.
58x25mm, perf 12, blue, black & red ... $5.00

Sheets of 100(10x10), SE4S, issued by Earl Mills.

With one or two straight edges ... $2.50

Image of half-sheet

DuBois listing:

11. "OLYMPIC GAMES LOS ANGELES" gold text in black panel at bottom. Vignette: three runners, two appearing as shadows behind runner in foreground; black "1952" at lower right corner; left foot of runner in foreground extends into the lower, black panel; a wide, white margin around design.
22.5x32mm design, 26x54mm (overall), imperforate, runner in foreground colored black & white, two "shadow" runners are black, background of vignette is gold ... $12.00


#1932-12, 12a, and two unlisted varieties
DuBois listing:

12. "OLYMPIC 1952 GAMES" in irregular panel at top; "LOS ANGELES INVITES YOU TO CALIFORNIA" in double-lined panel at bottom. Vignette: a discus thrower and a gleaming half-sun, surrounded by the left & right portions of several circles; vertical 1952's to left & right, in between the circular edges. 48x25mm(overall design), roulette 7, orange, violet, maroon & black ... $6.00

Sheets of 70(5x14), SE4S.

12a. Same as 12 but lower panel inscribed "COOL SUMMERS-WARM WINTERS That's Santa Monica, California" ... Rare (Sheet details of 12a not known)

The two on the lower row above are not mentioned in DuBois. I suspect there are others as well (see next label, #13).

KNOWN examples:
COOL SUMMERS-WARM WINTERS That's Santa Monica, California
Los Angeles Invites You TO SUNNY CALIFORNIA

Primary listing ("Visitation Promotions") from DuBois

DuBois listing:

13. "LOS ANGELES" at both upper corners; "OLYMPIC GAMES" at top center; vertical "1952" on each side of vignette (Design is similar to that of No. 12 but rectangular instead of circular format); in double-lined panel, across bottom: population growth data in four lines on left side; "Sunshine Fruit and Flowers All Year" on right side; "LOS ANGELES invites you to CALIFORNIA" in center.

57x34mm (overall design), imperforate; orange, violet, maroon & black (inscription in lower panel is black). Other texts in central portion of lower panel of these "Visitation Promotions" are as follows:

b) LONG BEACH invites you,
c) GLENDALE invites you to Calif.,
d) Come to SAN DIEGO,
e) Come to PASADENA,
f) MONROVIA invites you to CALIFORNIA,
g) PASADENA invites you to CALIFORNIA
h) Lower panel blank ... all Rare

"Private Advertising" versions of the above labels exist with the advertiser's name (and usually address) in the central part of the lower panel. The total number of such labels is not known but 48 of them are listed in POSTAL HISTORY and VIGNETTES of the Xth OLYMPIAD, published by (and still available from) Sports Philatelists International. That listing is repeated [HERE] with the addition of five new discoveries since that listing.

All of the above-listed labels were printed se-tenant in sheets of 40(4x10) with wide blank margins. Three sheets seen show indiscriminant arrangements of the black inscriptions. Two of the sheets have no gum, one has gum.

12/31/16 - NEW FIND:
i) SAN PEDRO invites you to CALIFORNIA

DuBois lists 62 varieties of this label (9 above, and 53 more HERE, and we show 27 more here, making 89 known. There are certainly others. The first one shown at top left ("LOS ANGELES invites you to CALIFORNIA") is the most common. Forty of the ones listed in DuBois are shown here, followed by the additions to the list.

*** NOTE 13ggg, which has an address that did not exist until the 1960's! ***

5/18/18 - added 12 new items plus new images for nine old ones. Thanks to Feldman Auctions.
6/15/20 - added two new items - 1932-13zzz and 1932-13aaaa.
02/15/22 - added GLOBE TICKET CO. 1932-bbbb
04/22/22 - added American Sawdust & Shaving Co. 1932-13cccc
09/26/22 - added T. J. TOPPER CO. 1932-13dddd

08/10/23 - added eeee. C. P. Hall Co. of California,
ffff. Dillingham Printing Co., Inc.
gggg. Boost the Olympic Games
plus images for 1932-13b and 1932-13C



DuBois listing:

14. "LOS ANGELES 1932 OLYMPIC GAMES" above a blank ribbon-panel. Vignette, behind text and ribbon: a discus thrower on a winged globe; a logo (as described at label #7) on lower part of globe; a double-lined border.
95x72mm, imperforate, multicolored ... Rare

NOTE: See new discovery 1932-x17 at bottom of page, for an item very similar to this one.

7/13/18 - I finallly found an example of this, on eBay! The first in 30 years of collecting this area. It's in poor condition, but it's authentic. See image, above. It sold for $45, the seller's BIN price.

DuBois listing:

15. Fund Label:
"CONFEDERACION ARGENTINA de DEPORTES COMITE OLIMPICO ARGENTINO" across top; "DECIMA OLIMPIADA LOS ANGELES 1932 CONTRIBUYO CON DIEZ CENTAVOS" across bottom. Vignette: a half-figure of an athlete above Olympic rings and a ribbon with the inscription "CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS" - "CAD COA" to left & right of athlete's head; a wide, decorative border.
45x25mm, perf 11.5, blue ... $30.00

(Issued by Argentina Sports Confederation)

DuBois listing:

16. Brazilian Fund Label:
"C.B.D." above; "OLYMPIADAS RS200" below.
Vignette, between texts: a herald with trumpet in left hand and wreath in right hand.
20x28mm, perf 1l.5, red, blue, yellow & green ... $15.00

16a. Same as 16 but value RS1$000 & thicker paper ... $20.00

CBD (Confederação Brasileira de Desportos), or 'Brazilian Sports Confederation' fundraising stamps.

DuBois listing:

17. Danish Fund:
"OLYMPIA FONDET 5 0re Til Fardel for danske Idraetsmaend og Kvinders Deltagelse og Traening i de olympiske Lege i Los Angeles 1932" from top to bottom, mostly on right side of label. Vignette, to left: statue of a discus thrower.
36x28.5mm (overall), perf 11.5, white on green ... $18.00
Issued in sheets of 10(2x5), PM4S.

(Translation: Olympic Fund, 5 0re, for the benefit of Danish sportsmen's and women's participation and training in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1932)

DuBois listing:

18. Danish Fund:
"Xnd OLYMPIADE DANSK-OLYMPISK MAERKE" at top, between the U.S. Olympic and Danish arms; "1932 LOS ANGELES" at bottom.
Vignette: Norse God Thor (God of thunder, weather & crops) riding his chariot and wielding his hammer; clouds & lightning in background; blue inner margin, wider red outer margin.
27x36mm, perf 11, red-brown, blue & red ... $3.00
Issued in sheets of 50(10x5), SE4S
With one straight edge ... $2.00
With two straight edges ... $1.50

DuBois listing:

19. German Fund:
"X. OLYMPISCHE SPIELE" across top; "LOS ANGELES 1932" across bottom. Vignette: laurel branch over a large "DSB" (German Sports League). 23x28.5mm, perf 11, design gold, text blue ... $18.00
Issued in sheets of 100(10x10), PM4S

DuBois listing:

20. A large label promoting sale of label no. 19:
WERBT für die Olympia-Expedition der deutschen leichtathleten durch die Olympia-Marke zu zehn Pfennig. Erfolgreiche Werber erhalten die Olympia-Nadel der DSB. Marken durch die DSB München Romastr. 67

DuBois listing, continued:

Features a black copy of #19 to the left, six lines of text, and an Olympic award- pin on the right. The latter measures 11x20mm and depicts vertical Olympic rings above "DSB."
100x34mm (design portion, including black border), 141x76mm (overall size), imperforate, entire design is colored black, paper is off-yellow ... Rare

Translation: Recruit for the Olympic-Expedition of German light-athletes through the Olympic Stamp at ten pennies. A successful campaigner receives the Olympic pin of the DSB (German Sports League). Stamps (can be obtained) through the DSB, Munich, Romanstrasse 67.

Note: "Light-athletes" is said to mean "track and field athletes."

08/10/2023 - At last! An image of this showed up in Heiko Volk's current auction!


DuBois listing:

21. German Fund:
A wide U.S. flag across top; a wide German flag across bottom. Text is in vignette portion, between the flags: "LOS ANGELES 1932" at upper left; "X" at lower right, above "OLYMPIADE" which crosses bottom; an oak leaf and an acorn are depicted between the texts. 35x48mm, perf 12.5, multicolored ... $12.00
Issued in sheets of 50(10x5), PM4S

BELOW, the fund-raising letter sent by the German-American Committee for the Xth Olympiad in Los Angeles. This stamp was presented to the Los Angeles people by Konrad Burchardi (1890-1975), a Los Angeles dermatologist of German origin and President of the German-American Olympic Committee, and by Jacob Asanger (1887-1941) a German born artist, the creator of the stamp. (01/25/19)

Fund raising letter for these stamps, and newspaper image showing Asanger and Burchardi.

DuBois listing:

23. French Fund:
"FRANCO * AMERICAN" in a thin, black panel across top; "OLYMPIC * COMMITTEE" in a thin, black panel across bottom. Rest of text is in vignette portion: "LOS ANGELES 1932" at lower left; "XEME OLYMPIADE 30 JUILLET 14 AOUT" at upper right; a javelin thrower between texts.
34x23mm, perf 12
vignette colors: athlete's body red & uniform white with red, white & blue shield on chest; background consists of blue triangle at lower left, red triangle at upper right, and a white, oblique parallelogram between triangles ... $6.00ea

Issued in sheets of 50(5x10), SE4S
With one or two straight edges ... $3.00ea

23a. Same as 23 but red, blue & brown ... Rare


DuBois mentions dark and light shades of the brown

DuBois listing:

24. Mexican Fund:
"MEXICO EN LA 1932 OLIMPIADA" in lower half of label. Vignette: a stylized bird, with a snake in its mouth, and perched on a large "X" between the 19 and 32; background has vertical, shaded stripes.
22x32mm, perf 12.5
a) green,
b) brown... $6.00ea

Each color issued in sheets of 100(10x10), PM4S

c) light brown and dark brown exist... Rare

DuBois listing:

22. The "British Swimmers Olympic Fund" label, erroneously listed with the 1932 items in some catalogs, is listed as No. 20 in the "1924 - PARIS" section of this catalog, and belongs there.


DuBois listing:

25. Norwegian Fund:
"NORGE OLYMPIADEN 1932" in bottom panel.
Vignette: an athlete holding a Norwegian flag & a wreath. 14x22mm, perf 11.5, red, blue & gold ... $12.00

Exists with text in double-print ... Rare

Issued in sheets of 100(10x10), PM4S.

(See #29 of "1936 - BERLIN" for same design)

#1932-26 and proofs
DuBois listing:

26. Norwegian Fund:
"NORWAY" at top between flags of U.S.A. and Norway; "Xth OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES 1932" at bottom.
Vignette; an old sailing ship and a palm tree.
22x28mm, rouletted 7, yellow, red, blue & green ... $8.00
Issued in sheets of 50(10x5), RM ® L (SE3S)

With one or two straight edges ... $4.00

Imperforate proofs of No. 26 are listed below:
a)yellow, b)yellow & red, c)blue over yellow, d)yellow over blue. e)blue & red, f)complete design, gray instead of blue, g)complete design, normal colors ... $6.00ea

Full set of seven ... $45.00
Issued in sheets of 100(10x10), with untrimmed margins.

#1932-27, 28, and 29
DuBois listing:

27. Polish Fund:
"10 GR" at upper left; "1932" at upper right; "POLACY NA X OLIMPIADE" in panel across bottom.
Vignette: an athlete with a palm in his left hand, leading a horse with his right hand.
34x27mm, perf 11.5, light blue & dark blue ... $10.00
Issued in sheets of 50(5x10), PM4S, top left margin states "50 Szt. Po 10 Gr," lower right corner states "Zakl. Graf. Kozianskich, Warsawa."

27b. Color variety of #27, greenish-blue & dark blue ... $10.00

28. Like 27 but 20 GR and brown & yellow... $20.00

29. Like 27 but 50 GR and dark blue & green ... Rare

(See nos. 14 & 15 of "1928 - Amsterdam" and nos. 31 & 32 of "1936 - Berlin" for same vignette)

DuBois listing:

30. Swiss Fund:
"SFAV - ASFA" above; "1932 LOS ANGELES" below; Olympic rings between texts; a lined border.
33x40mm, perf 11.5, text & border - blue, rings - gold ... Rare

(Initials represent Swiss Football and Athletic Association in German and French).

DuBois listing:

31. Czech Fund:
"CZECHOSLOVAK OLYMPIC COMMITTEE" across top; "of LOS ANGELES" at bottom. Vignette: a woman in national dress, strewing flowers; a mission building in the background.
33x24.5mm, perf 12, multicolored ... $40.00
Issued in sheets of 12(4x3), SE4S

With one or two straight edges ... $8.00

DuBois listing:

32. Hungarian Fund:
"Xth AMERICAN-HUNGARIAN OLYMPIAD" across top; "1932 OLYMPIC COMMITTEE L.A." across bottom.
Vignette: a buff-colored athlete in a coliseum, with blue background; a wide decorative border on left & right sides, yellow and green with a red stripe; text is blue.
38x29mm, perf 11.5 ... $8.00
Issued in sheets of 50(5x10), SE4S

With one or two straight edges ... $4.00

HERE ARE TWO ENVELOPES from this organization in 1932, one repeating the design of the stamp.

DuBois listing:

33. "Xth OLYMPIAD 1932 LOS ANGELES CAL" around oval edge.
Vignette: depicts two fencers.
26x19mm, wavy edges, die cut, oval shape, embossed metallic bronze ... $10.00

(Attributed to Harry Ioor, cachetmaker)

#1932-34 & 34a
DuBois listing:

34. "Olympic Games Los Angeles,Calif. 1932" across bottom.
Vignette: three athletes on a track, in a stadium, at a finish-line tape; text and depicted items are white and embossed; background colors: lower 2/3 red, upper 1/3 blue; a 1mm white border with a thin, outer border line.
36x30mm, 38.5x32mn(overall), imperf, die cut ... $5.00

DuBois does not mention a variety of #34 with gray instead of blue, but the item on the right above doesn't look like a changeling, so I am assigning it number 1932-34a (see also 1932-45a).

1/17/17 - Below is a minor color variety from a recent eBay auction by maerkat:

DuBois listing:

35. "S0UVENIR Xth OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES 1932" - in five lines on a slab between two pillars with a gabled roof on top.
37x28, imperf, die cut, black on gold ... $10.00

Issued by Kress Co.


Actual full sheet listed on eBay in June 2022 for $350.

DuBois listing:

36. "Xth OLYMPIAD" across top; "LOS ANGELES" across bottom; vertical "1932" on left & right sides;
vignettes depict sixty different scenic views of California, 19 are vertical & 41 are horizontal.
40x30mm, perf 12, multicolored, text-blue ... $3.00
Set of 60 ... $180.00

Issued in sheets of 60(5x12) with inscription in bottom sheet margin: "Boost Los Angeles and Olympic Games by Using These Stamps" ... $200.00

At left: Reconstruction of a full sheet of this set of California scenic views, courtesy of Steve Payne. Now all we need is a key to the images - anyone?

DuBois listing:

37. "1932 GAMES OLYMPIC Los Angeles" - text starts in upper right corner and proceeds diagonally toward the lower left corner; "Los Angeles Welcomes You to California" in a panel at the lower right corner Vignette: a jumper is hurdling over "OLYMPIC"; a winged-foot in lower left corner.
57x34mm, imperforate, colors - black & orange ... $20.00

DuBois listing:

38. "OLIMPIC GAMES Los Angeles California 1932" - text is at varying locations on 16 different labels; vignettes: 16 different views and national arms of various countries, lightly embossed on card stock. 59x42mm, imperforate, rounded corners, multicolored ... $1.00ea

Note spelling: "OLIMPIC"


DuBois listing, continued:

The following country names are imprinted,in small capital letters: a)CUBA, b)BELGIEN, c)GUATEMALA, d)KOLUMBIEN, e)PALASTINA, f)AEGYPTEN, g)IRELAND, h)ARABIEN, i)CHILE, j)PERU, k)TIBET, 1)BOLIVIA, m)PARAGUAY, n)URUGUAY, o)ARGENTINIAN, p)PERSIEN
Complete pane of 16 ... $20.00
Complete sheet of two panes (4x8) ... $40.00

Pane data: 16 different(4x4). Each label almost cut apart but held together where uncut (there is no border, vignettes go to edge of label). There are round bits of paper at the three central,vertical corners (each connecting 4 labels), which read "L&B", "37957" & "PRINTED IN GERMANY"

CLICK HERE for image of two sheets conjoined - which begs the question How were these printed? Always of interest to me. 10/25/18 - I now own an example of that conjoined sheet, and can state that there is no evidence it was connected to other sheets on any side, so while it might have been printed in larger sheets, it was cut down to these 4x8 sheets.

4/15/19 - I love this sheet, so I made an animated gif of the 16 images - click on the link below to view it:
My favorite is Chile, of course - there's a train!

DuBois listing:

39. "LOS ANGELES" at top; "CALIFORNIA" at bottom; four rows of text over a large red "1932" - "FOREIGN TRADE WEEK / FEBRUARY 16th to 22nd / OLYMPIC GAMES / JULY 30th ... AUGUST 14th"; a red border, 1.7mm wide, inside yellow edges; four horizontal red lines behind four central lines of text.

35x29mm, imperforate, text green, background yellow ... $10.00

DuBois listing:

40. A Window Label: "1932 LOS ANGELES" below the LA Olympics "logo" described at label No.7. Advertisement on back states "BE WISE STANDARD-IZE STANDARD Products SEE THE OLYMPIC GAMES STANDARD OIL COMPANY OP CALIFORNIA" The words "STANDARD Products" are in an irregular panel. Triangular shape with 148mm base & 99mm height (overall); imperf, die cut, gummed on face, border-lines are gold, blue, white, red & gold; rings are gold with blue outline; "CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS" texts are blue, outlined in light blue; the banner stripes are red & white; white stars are on a pale blue background; banner is outlined in gold, blue & white; the main, central background is blue; the main, lower text is white. (The above-mentioned blue color, except for the light blues, is "deep-ultramarine," a rather dark blue) ... $40.00


DuBois listing:

41. Aberdeen-Hoquiam Label - "Gateway to The Olympics"; See pages 72 & 73 for info on this label of doubtful Olympic Game implication.

DuBois devotes an entire page to explaining why this label has nothing to do with the Olympic Games. All it takes is one sentence: The Olympics referred to are the Olympic Mountains of Washington State and have nothing to do with the Olympic Games. End of story. I suspect he was trying to be tactful, since other catalogs had included it.

DuBois listing:

42. "Xth OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES" across top; "LONG BEACH" to left and below.

Vignette, across middle: three "8-man" sculls in a blue stream with Jagged edges. "MARINE STADIUM" to right, below stream; inscription in a panel, at bottom, between large "19" & "32" reads: "LONG BEACH INVITES YOU TO THE ROWING CONTBSTS World's Largest Marine Stadium"

60x37mm, rouletted 8, orange, blue & brown ... Rare

DuBois listing:

43. Like 42 but imperf and text in panel states "THE WILLMORE HOTEL Third at Cedar Long Beach" ... Rare

43a. Like 43 but no text in panel ... Rare

43b. Like 43 but text in panel states: "Mountain View Dairies, Inc. Just Honest Milk 725 W. Anaheim Long Beach" ... $6.00

43c. Like 43 but text in panel states: "VILLA RIVIERA APT'S Bachelor, Single, Double, Triple Villa Riviera Cafe Long Beach" ... $35.00

#1932-44 and 44a

And four more varieties.
DuBois listing:

44. "1932 OLYMPIA RALLY 1932 LOS ANGELES" in double-lined panels, at top; panel across bottom states: "INDEPEND'T ORDER OF VETERANS INC. SUITE 636 SOUTHWEST BLDG. 130 SO. BDWY. INVITES YOU TO COME TO LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA"
Vignette, between texts: a 13mm circle with a wing to each side; within circle: a bear in center with text "SUNSHINE HEADQUARTERS" inside edge of circle; two other double-lined circles of same size: one on left gives population data for 1928, 1930 & 1932, one to right has text "SUNSHINE FRUIT AND FLOWERS ALL YEAR"; double-lined border around label.
58x33.5mm, imperforate, red & blue ...$30.00

44a. Same as 44 but text in lower panel: "ARLENE LEOLA WEAVER 6029 RITA AVENUE HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIF" ... Rare

#44 looks like another instance where there could be many varieties, each with a different sponsor named in the box at the bottom - two new ones above, one in a different color (or altered by light?).


DuBois listing:


Vignette; on left, an athlete upholding a garland (same pose as on labels 2 to 5); on right, a church steeple. A white border, with faint coloring on outer edges.

38x32mm (overall), imperforate, die cut, vignette & text are white, upper ground is blue, lower ground is red ... $8.00

1932-45 & 45a

12/15/17 - Above, a new variety from Heiko Volk, gray instead of blue (see also 1932-34, above) - I am assigning it new number 1932-45a. See also 1932-34a.

#1932-46 & 46a
DuBois listing:

46. "STOP at SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA on your way to the OLYMPIC GAMES Los Angeles, July 30, AUG. 14" down middle of label; in a narrow panel across bottom: "SAN DIEGO ALLIED PRINTING TRADES COUNCIL" a printer's "bug" above the middle of the panel.
Vignette: a Spanish senorita, to the left & a Goddess of Good Luck (above a wheel of fortune), to right.
50x32mm, imperforate, multicolored... $20.00

Sheet of three(lx3), SE4S ... $50.00

46a. Same as 46 but perf 12 x imperf ... $50.00

Sheet of three(1x3), one copy of 46a in middle ... $100.00

Label with one perfed edge ... $20.00

DuBois listing:

47. "WELCOME" at top; in panel, across bottom: "YOU'LL ENJOY SAN FRANCISCO" on left; "SAN FRANCISCO invites you to CALIFORNIA" in middle; "THE CENTER of CALIFORNIA SCENIC WONDERS" on right.
Vignette: between a large "19" & "32" is a naked shot-putter with a ribbon in front of him stating "OLYMPIC GAMES" - in the background is a part-sun, emanating rays; a stadium is behind the man at the horizon; the latter consists of mountains, the state of "CALIFORNIA" and the "PACIFIC OCEAN," below.
56x33mm (overall design), imperforate, orange, violet, maroon, and black ... $25.00

The second image above is not mentioned in DuBois - It looks like there could be many versions

DuBois listing:

48. "LOS ANGELES HARBOR SAN PEDRO Welcomes You" at top half; "Xth. OLYMPIAD YACHT RACES" at bottom.
Vignette: sailboat.
25x40mm (30x46mm, overall), rouletted 6.5, white on blue ... $12.00

Pane of 10(5x2), SE4S

(Attributed to San Pedro Women's Club)

DuBois listing:

49. Private Advertising:
"Stop !! at the AMBASSADOR HOTEL DURING OLYMPIC GAMES LOS ANGELES - SUMMER 1932" from top to bottom.
Vignette: a flying winged-foot on each side of "DURING" - across the bottom, an arrow through "1932."
39x32mm (overall), imperforate, black on orange ... $16.00

DuBois listing:

50. Private Advertising:
Vignette: runner at finish-line tape, "LOS ANGELES" and stop-watch in background. 27x59mm, perf 13x11, multicolored ... $17.50

(German text: Omega, the only official time measurer)

#1932-51 & 51a
DuBois listing:

51. Same vignette as No. 50; text: "Xme OLYMPIADE" at top; "TOUTES LES EPREUVES CHRONOMETREES PAR OMEGA" below ... $17.50
(French text: Omega, the chronometer for all the trials)

51a. Same vignette as No. 50; text: "Xth OLYMPIADE" at top; "TIMED OFFICIALLY BY OMEGA" below; perf 13x13 ... $17.50
(Seen on a Netherlands Indies cover dated 1934)

DuBois listing:

52. Private Advertising:
Bottom panel (72x22mm) states: "Guasti Giulii INC Say "JULIE" HARD TO PRONOUNCE BUT EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH UNITED STATES TIRES" with a coat of arms in the middle of the text lines.

Vignette, above the text panel, in an 80mm circle: a caricature of a runner with "1932" on his shirt; artist's signature "BILLY -HON-" at lower left. A thick-lined border forms the circle and text panel.

80x83mm (89x102mm, overall), imperf, black on orange paper. ... $50.00

DuBois listing:

53. Window Label:
Same vignette as No. 52, with "OLYMPIC GAMES" added inside border, at top; also, unlike No. 52, the outer edges are evenly cut away, around the whole design, with the edge outside the black border measuring a variable 3-4mm.

Colors: athlete is flesh-colored, background of the 1932 on his black shirt is orange-red, shoes are brown with gray spikes, clouds of dust and other motion- indicators are gray, overall background is stone-colored (similar to color of old newspaper), all texts are black.

152x177mm (160x185mm, overall), imperforate, die cut, gummed on face ... $60.00

At right, image of group of 1932 items, including top half of this label, the Olympic half.

DuBois listing:

54. A "Christmas - Olympic" combination label issued as a se-tenant, vertical, imperf pair:
Upper label: An oblique (upper left to lower right) red stripe (almost 5mm wide); "OLYMPIC GAMES" at top; "LOS ANGELES" reading down next to stripe; "JULY 30 1932 AUG. 14" at lower left; a discus thrower at left center, outlined in green.
Lower label: An oblique (upper right to lower left) red stripe (almost 5mm wide) which adjoins the stripe of the upper label; "Merry Christmas" inside stripe, reading up; a poinsettia stem and a holly stem in background. A red horizontal line separates the labels.
25x63mm (overall), colors of other items: texts in upper label are green except "1932" which is red; the leaves and stems are green and the berries & flower are red. ... Rare

DuBois listing:

55. "SOUVENIR of Xth OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES" at major right portion of label; a discus thrower to left of text; an irregular, double-lined border.
38x26mm, imperf, blue on silver ... Rare

DuBois listing:

56. A Round Metallic Label:
"Olympic Games 1932" along upper circumference.
Vignette: depicts a classic discus thrower and states "Jul 30 to Aug 14 Los Angeles Cal."
44mm diameter, gold-faced on aluminum(?) foil ... Rare

DuBois listing:


Vignette: an aerial view of stadium (same view exists as a cachet of the Xth Olympiad).

39x29mm, imperf, round corners, dark sepia ... Rare

The King's Highway
California in stamp and story
An Original Postamp Series

DuBois Listing:

"El Camino Real 1931 Sept.4, 1932 TENTH OLYMPIC GAMES AT LOS ANGELES" in panel at lower left; a bell with "51" in a square panel at lower right. Vignette: three men at a banner-covered podium; other men to left & right, most holding flags; a flag at podium has five, non-Olympic rings(interlocked pentagonally). Inscription, below design: "Robert Lash Robbins Los Angeles Times 6A249020-ECR-51"; 33x4lmm, perf 12.5, brown ... $10.00

(Issued se-tenant with other labels related to the history of California by the Los Angeles Times in 1946)

The third image above is from a 3/8/2023 eBay auction - it sold for $42!!


6/16/16 - Philippe Pavard sent us THIS LINK, to a blog post by Tabs4959 about these El Camino Real stamps. Briefly, they were part of an educational project donated by the LA Times to LA County schools, including a set of 65 stamps, each illustrating a study lesson, and a booklet/album to paste them into. 55 of the stamps are illustrated there, and reproduced here, including number 51! I exchanged emails with the author, who says he has seen complete sets since, and even albums, but has no more images at present.

Note the colors - there are nine or ten. I see green, red, violet, blue-1, blue-2, brown-1, brown-2, orange, red-brown, and black. AND you can see that some of the designs are repeated in multiple colors, so a complete set of the stamps might comprise 650 items!

1/22/18 - I finally found a copy of the booklet with a complete set of the stamps in good condition and at a price I could afford!

Below are links to scans of all the pages. Enjoy.

#1932-59 and FDC's by same maker

DuBois listing:

59. "X OLYMPIAD" at top, flanked by two U.S. coats-of-arms; "LOS ANGELES" at bottom, flanked by "USA" in circle on left and "1932" in circle on right.
Vignette: two white ovals with a runner in the left oval and a discus thrower in the right oval.
75x57mm, perf 11.25, athletes in black, rest of design blue ... $25.00

(Same design used as a cachet of the Xth Olympiad)

English version - full sheetlet

All twelve languages - just the sports stamp
DuBois listing:

60. An Esperanto Promotional Pane: A pane of 8 which has one Olympic-related label. They were printed by a semi-monthly newspaper of the Esperanto movement, HERALDO DE ESPERANTO. That paper is currently printed in Spain but was located in Germany in the 1930's when the pane is said to have been printed. The panes were printed in several languages using varying colors. The languages, in addition to the English sheet illustrated, include French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, and Esperanto.

The {English version of the} Olympic-related label is now described: "AT OLYMPIADS" at upper left; "and international sport meetings SPEAK ESPERANTO!" down right side. Vignette, on left: two soccer players in a 27mm circle; a 1.5mm wide base-line across bottom. 46x31mm, perf 1l.5, figures and arcs in circle are red on an orange-pink background, main background is white, text is black ... Rare


DuBois lists eight versions of this Esperanto sheetlet - English, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, and Esperanto. There are four others - German, Hungarian, Polish, and Serbo-Croat, making a total of 12. I would have expected to see Russian as well, since it was still a bastion of Esperanto at that time. And why not Danish, Portuguese, Japanese, or Chinese?

Note that the English version is the only one that actually mentions the Olympics! All the others say just "Speak Esperanto at international sporting events."


Nos. 61 to 69 are large labels which are gummed on the face. All are imperf or die cut. See Nos. 40 & 53 for two others.
DuBois listing:

61. Same design as label No. 2. 97xl65mm (design), 103x171mm (including margins) ... $60.00
(Printing on back tells about designer, who created the 1932 poster. See item 1932-x13 for more about him.)

6 3/4" by 4"

3/1/18 - This sold for $1.50 on eBay recently - I think no one realized what it was - I bet everyone thought it was the stamp - Lucky buyer!

DuBois listing:

62. U.S. shield with white text in outer, blue border: "LOS ANGELES" at top; "XTH" on left, "1932" on right, "OLYMPIAD" on bottom.

Vignette: blue Olympic rings in 71x24mm panel below "LOS ANGELES," "Official emblem American Olympic Committee" in blue, across vertical red & white bars.

128.5x148mm (overall), die cut ... $25.00

This looks more like a tag than a label - I don't think there is gum on the back, but I have only the image to go by.

DuBois listing:

63. Same design as No. 8. The larger size facilitates the determination of the items that are depicted on this label:

Upper triangle: The access gates, with a tall tower in the middle, of the Memorial Coliseum. In front of the tower: free-drawing of a discobolus (classic statue of a discus thrower by the Greek sculptor Myron). Behind the tower: a red sun radiating beams to the edge of the vignette.

Lower triangle: A bear in front of a large poppy flower. A grizzly bear is California's State Animal and the Golden Poppy is California's State Flower. There are groups of spectators walking on several pathways (across the pathway that divides the two triangular vignettes on down other pathways behind and below the poppy flower).

116x157mm, rhombus(diamond) shape ... $40.00

(Reverse side of one copy of 1932-63. Other copies we have seen are blank.)


DuBois listing:

64. "LET'S GET ASSOCIAT£D" in central panel; "OLYMPIC GAMES" across top; "LOS ANGELES" across bottom; a large "19" and a large "32" above & below central panel.
123mm (5 inches) diameter round label, decal type, die cut, red, white & green ... $25.00

The above motto "Let's Get Associated" appeared on 200 different POSTER STAMPS in 1938 & 1939. The Tide Water Associated Oil Company distributed them at their service stations on the West Coast (USA). It is likely that the same company issued the above Olympic label.

The 200 poster stamps did not include any Olympic-related labels. The subjects featured in the "ASSOCIATED STAMPS of the WEST" included: Early Transportation in the West, Hawaii, Builders of the West, Beauty Spots of the West, Historical Landmarks of the West, The Early West, National Parks of the West, Western Wild Life, Progress of the West, Birds of the West, The Philippines, Wonders of the West, Flowers of the West, Events of the West, Man's Conquest of Nature, Missions of the West, Nature's Oddities, Highways of the West , Historic Trails of the West

DuBois listing:

65. A U.S.A. Olympic Shield:
"Xth OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES" at top; "Let's Go... AMERICA" in panel near bottom.
Vignette: large Olympic rings on top of vertical, alternating bars. 111x114mm, die cut, multicolored ... $30.00

DuBois listing:

66. Like No. 65, with inscription added around the white-edged sides and bottom: "SOLD FOR THE BENEFIT OF UNEMPLOYED DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS WORLD WAR" ... $35.00
Note: The multicolored Olympic rings on the above shields are interlaced as on the original Olympic flag.

DuBois listing:

67. "BOOST OLYMPIC GAMES" at top; "JULY 30 - AUGUST 14 LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA" at lower right.

Vignette: a statue of a discus thrower in front of a U.S. shield with "1932" at top of shield; background depicts a map of the world; "D. COOPER" and "COPYRIGHT '31" near bottom.

142mm diameter round label, die cut, blue & red on orange ... $40.00

(The Dick Green Olympic Collection indicated that this is a Salvation Army issue.)

(Similar vignette at right on 1939 cover)

DuBois listing:

68. "DENMARK" across top; "Xth OLYMPIC GAMES 1932 LOS ANGELES" below.

Vignette: Flags of Denmark and U.S.A., with staffs crossed and tassels flying. A blue margin has an average width of 3mm.

75x137mm (design, including text), 80x148mm (within the border), 86x154mm (overall), red & blue ... $35.00

DuBois listing:

69. "MEXICO" across top; "OLIMPIADA 1932" across bottom. Vignette: a Mexican shield featuring an eagle with a snake in its beak, perched on a large "X" with Olympic rings in background; "EN" and "LA" to left and right of eagle; background has alternating vertical bars to left & right: left bars appear to be 3 shades of green but this effect is created via use of fine vertical stripes within the 2nd & 3rd bars; bars on right appear to be 3 shades of orange-red but this effect is created via use of fine vertical stripes on the 1st & 2nd orange-red bars. 87x113mm(design), l01x127mm(overall), "MEXICO" and "OLIMPIADA" are black with green borders, "EN" & "LA" plus the eagle & rings are black, the "X" is orange-red with a black border, the snake is green and black, the shield has a 1.2mm wide black edge, there is a small black ".S." at the bottom point of ... $40.00

DuBois listing:

Design & colors are the same as for label No.2, the well-known "Call to the Games" label. 97x165mm (design), imperforate, gummed on back.

A broad-bordered copy of No. 70 is illustrated above. The border width of baggage & window labels can be variable, depending on how they are cut.

(See below, item 1932-x13, for information on the poster used as the basis for this design.)

#1932-71 and 72
DuBois listing:

Design, on left side, is similar to that of label No.2, measuring 55x85mm. The larger portion to the right side is divided into three parts: Upper part shows a stadium view. Middle part is blank except for the word "To" in upper left corner. Lower portion has text: "from LOS ANGELES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 1151 SO. BROADWAY...LOS ANGELES The City of Balanced Prosperity LOS ANGELES COUNTY" 142x89mm(overall), imperf, multicolored ... $75.00

72. Left portion cut from label ... $25.00

73. Right portion cut from label ... $15.00

The image on the right is a poster

DuBois listing:

"OLYMPIC GAMES LOS ANGELES 1932" at upper portion; "VIA UNION PACIFIC" near bottom, in front of vignette; "UNION PACIFIC THE OVERLAND ROUTE" in a striped shield at lower right.

Vignette: classic statue of a discus thrower. 52x80mm, imperf, red, black & white ... Rare

DuBois listing:

75. The Mayor's Label:
"OLYMPIC GAMES" at top; "1932 LOS ANGELES" at bottom.

Vignette: a discobolus (statue of a discus thrower by the Greek sculptor Myron) in front of Los Angeles Memorial stadium. A wide, red margin (average width of about 2.5mm).

20x31.5mm (design), 28x40mm (overall), imperf, die cut, vignette & text are blue ... $10.00

(Label No. 75 is said to have been used only on correspondence from the office of Los Angeles' mayor)


DuBois listing:

The following ten labels, No. 76 to 85, issued se-tenant, in a pane of ten, all colored black. Imprinted below each design is "See Greece Club, 17 E. 42nd St., New York City." Design of each label measures 22x44mm, perf 14.5, issued apparently on newsprint quality paper, pane is SE3S.

76. "WOMAN GLORIFIED IN ETERNAL YOUTH" above; "GREEK CULTURE'S GIFT TO POSTERITY" below. Vignette: a Goddess, with palm leaf, before the Acropolis at left and a stadium at right; a radiant sun in background. Vertical, SE @ top

The other labels of this series, Nos. 77 to 85, all have a panel at top which reads: "776 B.C. OLYMPIAD 1932 A.D." A like panel at the bottom has the title of the vignette.

77. "IN SOUND BODY" above; "THERE IS BEAUTY" below; bottom panel; "VENUS DE MILO" Vignette: a statue of Venus de Milo. Vertical, SE @ bottom

78. "MATCHLESS ART OF" above; "EVERLASTING CENTURIES" below; bottom panel: "HERMES OLYMPIA". Vignette: Hermes' head. Vertical, SE @ bottom

79. "NATION'S SOUNDNESS" above; "IN ATHLETIC SUPREMACY" below; bottom panel: "DISCUS THROWER". Vignette: classic statue of a discus thrower. Vertical, SE @ bottom

80. "TO GREEKS NO GOLD" above; "EQUALED THE PALM" below; bottom panel: "VICTORY OLYMPIA" Vignette: a statue of Winged Victory at Praxiteles. Vertical, SE @ bottom

81. Bottom panel: "DELPHI ORACLE" Vignette: view from behind a Greek column. Vertical, SE @ right & bottom

82. Bottom panel: "ACROPOLIS: CITADEL 0F THE WORLD". Horizontal, SE @ right

83. Bottom panel: "ATHENIAN MAIDENS". Horizontal, SE @ right

84. Bottom panel: "MODERN STADIUM 0F ATHENS". Horizontal, SE @ right

85. Bottom panel: "OLYMPICS WHERE FIRST HELD". Horizontal, SE @ right and bottom

All of the above labels are evaluated as Rare

05/18/2018 - I just found the two lower images in a new Feldman auction - they are the front and back covers of the booklet in which these labels were distributed. Note the staple holes in the full sheetlet in the second image, and the identical holes in the covers. Fantastic.

DuBois listing:

86. A Round Label: "XTH OLYMPIAD" above; "LOS ANGELES" below; texts are white with black borders; "1932" in middle, numbers are red with white aura; "PROTECTED BY C.A.N." in fine print at bottom of label.

Vignette: "LOS ANGELES" in fine print, is indicated on a map which includes North America, northern South America, and western Europe; a train, a blimp, ships, and planes are depicted heading toward Los Angeles via black lines.

57mm diameter, imperf.

Colors: transportation items are black, white, red & yellow; the oceans are a faded greenish-blue, the continents are yellow ... Rare

DuBois listing:

87. "Xth Olympiad 1932" below a flying U.S. flag.

48x51mm (overall)

Flag & "1932" are red, "Xth Olympiad" and lined-border are blue ... Rare


These final labels are not listed in DuBois. Further information welcome.

2016-10-26 - MYSTERY SOLVED - I had this item here initially as 1932-x1 because its source thought it was a Summer Games vignette. Now I have moved it to the Lake Placid page, and re-numbered it 1932-W-x3, because it is a ticket from the 1932 Winter Games.

"1932" with Olympic rings and (winged?) female figure in Greek robe on a plaque or urn.
(Image courtesy of the Olympic Games Museum.)

The source says this is a label (vignette), but I have not seen it in that form. It does have the Olympic rings.


The same design is stamped in gold on the cover of the official report on the 1932 Lake Placid Winter Games:

And it turns out this was one of the official logos of the 1932 Winter Games, used on medals and tickets. I think 1932-x1 is the back side of a laminated plastic Bleacher Season Ticket, not a label or vignette - 2nd image.

Circular label, silver foil, red and blue design

Bullocks was a prominent California department store from 1907 to 1996.

(Image courtesy of the Olympic Games Museum.)

Die-cut gold foil, design in pink and blue

(Image courtesy of the Olympic Games Museum.)


Miniature photo on light card, "Xth OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES 1932" - the photo is 35mm x 45mm (1.4" x 1.8"). I'm betting it was a souvenir item from a photo booth somewhere in LA. There must be similar items with other images - can anyone provide an example?


5/28/18 - This showed up on eBay! Seller describes it as "FUNKY FLAPPER MEXICAN WOMAN 1932 LOS ANGELES OLYMPICS PHOTOBOOTH VINTAGE PHOTO." I would not have identified her as Mexican, but maybe. The key thing is its clear connection to the item above. Size = 1.5" x 2" overall.

1932-x6 (33x44mm)


This one was supplied by Philippe Pavard, and celebrates the great Danish cyclist Henry Hansen (16 March 1902 - 28 March 1985) who won two gold medals at the 1928 Summer Olympics and a silver medal at the 1932 Summer Olympics.

I have put it on this 1932 page because it references Hansen's World Championship victory in 1931, but not his Olympic medal in 1932, so must have been issued in 1931 or 1932.

4/20/18 - A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING - I have removed label 1932-x5 = 1940-F-23 from this page - I had put it here erroneously, saying that DuBois was wrong to date it to 1940, because I had heard that the Maerkat labels were begun in 1931, and its number - 22 - had to date from that year. Alas, I did not know the numbering was started over from 1 in 1939, when F.E.Bording bought the rights to the Maerkat trademark from Andersen & Bruun. DuBois was correct.

For more about Maerkat labels, see the bottom of the 1968 Mexico City page.

Squadra Olimpionica Italiana - Los Angeles
98x60mm overall
(4" x 2.5")

#7 - Image and stats contributed by Philippe Pavard - I have seen this design (Italian Olympic Team) as a postcard, but without the (illegible) inscription at bottom, and in slightly different colors. But this one is definitely a label.


2/12/23 - new variety of label without text at bottom left - sold on eBay October, 2022 for $48!

Squadra Olimpionica Italiana - Los Angeles
140x90mm overall
(5.5" x 3.5")
Luggage Label

1-20-17 - New version of 1932-x7 from recent eBay auction.

NOTE SIZE - much larger than original find - this one is postcard size. Tiny text in bottom left margin reads "V. E. Boeri. Roma."

50x32mm overall


Number 8 - Uruguay Olympic fund-raising stamp

PAYSANDÚ is a department & city in Uruguay. One web page I found says the entire department would have had a population less than 100,000 at the time, making the issuance of this stamp somewhat mysterious. On the other hand, Uruguay is the most liberal and progressive country of South America, so maybe not.

57x37mm overall


Matchbox label, Japan

69x49mm overall

OLIMPIC at top, REGATA at bottom

No date, but all other items on its page were for the 1932 Games.

It looks like there is a hole at top, as for a tag of some sort.

Could be Romanian or Catalan,
based on the spelling "OLIMPIC"

Label for Olympic Bread
Diameter = 32mm

Philippe Pavard sent me this image, and my initial reaction was that it had nothing to do with the Olympic Games - anyone can name a product "Olympic." But then I looked around on the www and found out I was wrong, there is a direct connection between Olympic Bread and the 1932 Olympics. FULL STORY HERE. Too bad the Olympic rings are not on the label - Helms used them everywhere else - see below.

Sign on Helms Bakeries main office.

Postcard from 1936
Helms milked the connection
for all it was worth

And what's this?
Helms' dedication to sports was more
than just a publicity gimmick.
He established the Helms Athletic Foundation
to encourage and support athletic achievemnet.
Read its story HERE and HERE.

6/15/2020 - Look what showed up on eBay:

1948 wrapper for Helms Olympic Bread
41cm x 53cm = 16 in x 21 in

This was sold by a collector in England, and the label itself tells the story of how it got way over there. Helms succeeded in having his bread declared the official training table bread of the Games for 1932, 1936, and 1948, so the load of bread this once held was flown to London to feed American athletes there in 1948!

(Philippe chided me for calling this a "label" at first, so I have changed "label" to "wrapper" - yes, it's much too large for any album, but I would want one if I still collected anything but images!)


Finally, I have to mention the Paul Helms, owner of Helms Bakery, was an avid stamps collector who issued a set of 48 poster stamps on patriotic themes, depicting historic US flags, presidential autographs, and coins. None has an Olympic theme.

Helms poster stamps

Olympic Games 1932
Call to the Games
65x45mm overall
vignette 61x38mm

Philippe Pavard sent this image, and says it is gummed, though it looks to me like a cutout from an envelope cachet - example below. The dimensions are exactly the same, and it even has the same diagonal mark from top left to middle right (an imprint of the seam of the envelope pressed into the design when it was printed, proof positive that this label started life as an envelope cachet.)

So what's the story?

To the right is what DuBois wrote about the 1932 Olympic poster and the stamps created with the same design. Based on that, and the labels I have seen, either some private individual(s) cut the cachets from envelopes and added gum, or, Union Lithograph Co. did it. Odd.


A multicolored poster of more than "passing significance" was designed by Julio Kilenyi for the 1932 Summer Games. Mr. Kilenyi, born in Hungary in 1885, was a painter and sculptor of the American School. He is known internationally as a portrait sculptor and designer of medals. He photographed a clay model to create this 64 x 100 cm poster.

200,000 copies of this lithographically printed poster were executed by the Union Lithograph Co., Inc. The latter company also executed most of the 1932 labels listed in this catalog that utilize this official, multicolored insignia.

The following labels of this 1932 section of the catalog use this multicolored design:

No.2 - a letter seal, poster seal or normal-sized label.
No.5 - probably a cover "cut-out" as it is identical to a central vignette in a cachet.
No.61 - a window label.
Nos.70 & 71 - baggage and address labels.

A few labels exist which utilize the same design but are of different colors, as follows:

No.3 - yellow, gray, black & white. Lithoprinted by Fred L. Shafer of Los Angeles.
No.4 - same as No.3 but imperforate.
No.4a - gray, black & white.
No.45 - a Lutheran "Call to the Games" label which uses the figure of the athlete holding a garland.

Another label similar to No.4a is said to exist but it may be, like No.5 above, a cover "cut-out. It has orange-red wording and portion of design at bottom. The bottom tablet is deep dark indigo in the background.

Finally, the significance of this design: The modern young sportsman, presenting a laurel garland of peace, is repeating, symbolically, the ancient custom of sending a Greek athlete to announce the celebration of the next Olympiad and to request the cessation of hostilities.

The above information was gleaned from the following sources:
"Olympism Through Posters" published by the International Olympic Committee, Chateau de Vidy, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland.
"Postal History and Vignettes of the 1932 Olympic Games" published by Sports Philatelists International, printed by K-Line Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 159, Berwyn, IL, 60402, U.S.A.

Australian National Games 1936
Call to the Games

I found this on the www - and while it's not an Olympic label, it's such a clear "homage" to the 1932 Los Angeles poster that I had to show it. The phrase "Call to the Games" was first used for the 1932 Summer Games, and has been used often since.

6/4/16 - I just found this: Conducted as a miniature Olympiad, with opening ceremony, Olympic hymn, torch relay from Melbourne to Adelaide, etc., the National Games were the final tests for athletes seeking to represent Australia at the Eleventh Olympiad at Berlin in August 1936 and an event in the South Australian centenary celebrations. SOURCE

So there's more of a connection than I thought!

Envelope seal -
la Industria Nacional Colombiana

Colombian National Industry

1932 was the first year Colombia participated in the Olympic Games, sending just one athlete. This label relates to the national games held starting in 1928. The use of the word "OLIMPIADAS" is generic.

Japanese matchbox label
The image is clearly the LA Coliseum built for the 1932 Games, though with Japanese flags furled atop - see below.

Thanks to Philippe Pavard for this find, and to Arnon Reisman for the image.

"OLYMPIC GAMES LOS ANGELES 1932" - Vignette, a discus thrower on a winged globe; a logo (as described at label #7) on lower part of globe;
140x100mm (4" x 5.5")

Very similar to 1932-14, shown below, but text arranged differently, without the blank panel in the middle - and larger.

2/8/18 - Small silk flag (4" x 6")with identical design!


Looks like a cutout from something larger.
See also 1932-W-x2, a similar item.

Below, on two covers, the second clearly a cutout.

10/21/16 - the owner wrote: is impossible to peel the label off with cold or warm water - in my opinion a cutout, with modern glue.

I did a Google Image Search for the design, and found that it was used for the US team badge for the 1932 Summer Games - image below-


Henry Ioor label?

Source = Worthpoint/eBay.

Harry Ioor was a creator of First Day Cover cachets in the 1930's. The third image above shows his cachet for the stamps issued by the USPOD for the 1932 Olympics. The first image show what might be a label, but more likely was trimmed from an envelope. My guess is that he added the cachet to one of his business envelopes (hence the return address at top), and the recipient trimmed it thus. The size is right. But it could be a label. You decide.

12/18/16 - NEW MYSTERY

Approximate size = 9x17mm (vignette)
Olympic Torch (?) on red background with text MONACO-SPORTS.

I found this in a Feldman auction, on this page with items from the 1932 Games, which suggests it dates from that period. Can anyone confirm, and explain its purpose? No rings, but I assume the torch is meant to refer to the Olympics.

12/2/17 - I found the image below in an old auction catalog:

It was described thus: "ca.1953 Fist Holding Torch, pencil and ink drawing by P. Gandon, design 96x159mm."

Pierre Gandon was a famous and quite prolific French artist, designer, and engraver who designed and/or engraved over 350 stamps for France and over double that number for the French Colonies, plus over 100 for Monaco, including its Olympics issues of 1948, 1952, and 1960

IN 1952 Monaco issued this set of four airmail stamps for the Helsinki Olympics:

The red one does show a torch. BUT these were neither designed nor engraved by Pierre Gandon.

According to Wikipedia: Monaco first participated at the Olympic Games in 1920, and has sent athletes to compete in most Summer Olympic Games since then, missing only the 1932 Games, the 1956 Games, and the boycotted 1980 Games. Monaco has also participated in every Winter Olympic Games since 1984.

8/11/17 - Estonian Olympic Committee Lottery Ticket

Issued June 4, 1930; lottery draw March 21, 1931; to provide funds for sports club "Kalev", Tallinn
(Exists in several different color combinations)

eBay seller "telium" of Russia listed a proof of this ticket, and linked to the excellent site where this actual ticket is displayed.

According to Wikipedia, Estonia was not able to raise enough money to send a team to the 1932 Olympics in LA - indeed many countries did not attend those Games, as it was the height of the world-wide Great Depression. Two Estonian athletes residing in the US did compete on behalf of their homeland.

As I say elsewhere on this site, I do not think lottery tickets belong in this collection - they are not labels or poster stamps. But they are attractive, and if you choose to add them to your collection as peripheral items, so be it.


Discus thrower on winged globe, blank tablet
Blue and red on white

At right, image of group of 1932 items, including this label.
SIZE about 30x36mm, based on other items shown

02/12/23 -

New copy from a recent Volk auction. Size is given as 31x38mm.


Discus thrower in center
Black lettering on Silver background, blue and gold
Size: Diameter = 4"
Luggage label, ungummed

1/27/18 - Here is the same design as an automobile ornament (same size, 4"):




Japanese matchbox label
with official logo of 1932 Los Angeles Games,
but the words "CITIUS - ALTIUS - FORTIUS" in the ribbon are replaced with "TEA - OLYMPIC - PARLOUR"

black print on white paper.

IS THIS REALLY JAPANESE? The text is all English, but the eBay seller said it's Japanese, and I see no reason to doubt it - where but in Japan would you find a "tea parlour" of that name?


FDC label

This turned up on eBay recently - a privately produced label for a First Day Cover. It stretches the boundaries of this collection a bit, as it could be unique, and I think that would disqualify it. But I suspect Mr Emerson made a bunch. It was not easy to create something like that in 1932, you didn't just print it out at home, so you made a hundred or so. Source item below:

05/18/18 - From a new Feldman auction:

Baggage label
Size: 122x153mm

American Olympic shield in center, rings red and blue, AMERICAN OLYMPIC TEAM at top in red; all remaining text in blue - LOS ANGELES down left, 1932 down right; at bottom left: Name_______ and Address _________; at bottom right Sport_______

4/8/19 - A copy of this label sold on eBay for $42.75

See labels 1928-x3 and 1936-W-6, which are quite similar.

5/12/20 - 1932-x26 used by American hurdler Evelyne Hall!


Matchbook cover
Discobolus, Olympic flags

This showed up in a recent eBay auction, and while neither DuBois nor I has included matchbook covers in this catalog (they are NOT labels, and there must be thousands with an Olympic theme) still, this one is quite attractive, and I think any poster stamp collector could be forgiven for adding it to his holdings, as a "peripheral" item.


SIZE = 99x152mm = 3.9x6"

Reproduction of the Los Angeles Games poster - with some modifications, on what looks like cardboard

This showed up in a recent Feldman auction, and I couldn't get any details about it, as it was part of a large collection. It looks like it is printed on light card stock, and probably not gummed, so a peripheral item for this catalog.

I thought at first it was 1932-70, which is about the same size, but the designs differ - look at the placement of the Olympic rings, for instance.

HERE IT IS on a stock page with related items.


SIZE (vignette) = 38x38mm = 1.5" sq.

Gifts from Hollywood bring Thrills to Everyone
Xth Olympiad

I have some doubts as to what this is - Heiko Volk lists it in his newest auction, and says it is ungummed. He has two copies, this corner one, and another with selvedge on the left only, so it looks like they were printed in multiples to a sheet. But no perforations - the only way to separate them is with scissors. Odd.

03/01/19 - I found a copy on eBay at a reasonable price, and bought it, and it has gum on the back!


The evenness of the edges and the fact that it IS gummed lead me to doubt it less. But what is the story? Who made it? How was it distributed? etc.

3/31/19 - NOT A LABEL!

Envelope cachet cutout
SIZE = 1 7/8" X 3 1/8"

This was offered recently on delcampe as a Cinderella. The image is the poster for the 1932 Los Angeles Games in orange and brown. It has been very neatly cut out, and *looks* like it could be a label, but as the image below shows, it is really a cutout from an envelope.

TOO BAD, the envelope is scarce and worth a lot.

NEW FIND - 8/19/19

Paper seal - First Flight

SIZE = about 2" wide

Envelope seal -


Colombian National Industry

1932 was the first year Colombia participated in the Olympic Games, sending just one athlete. This label *could* relate to that, but more likely relates to the national games held starting in 1928. The use of the word "OLIMPIADAS" is generic.

SEE 1932-x15 above for another label related to this event

12/28/2019 - NOT A LABEL!

An eBay seller offered the item below as a label, MHNG.


As you can see from the images below, this is actually trimmed from either an envelope or letter sheet.


SIZE (overall) = 148x105mm = about 4"x6"

Japanese flag with red circle in center, and text:
Xth Olympic Games Los Angeles, 1932, NYK Line
(Japan Postal Steamship Co.)
multicolour gummed label


SIZE (overall) = 135x92mm = about 5.5"x3.75"

Japanese flag with red circle in center, and text:
multicolour ungummed label - probalby a baggage sticker.


SIZE: 61x38mm
Seller called it a "matchbox label" but the envelope flap stuck to back suggest it was a souvenir label. A real treasure!


Sold on eBay 12/24/2022 for $64!


This was offered in a recent Heiko Volk auction, but I think it's a cutout from an envelope like the one shown. Note the slightly irregular edges.



Address label
size: 14.1 cm x 9 cm (about 5.5" x 3.5")

From a recent eBay auction. The seller dated it 1932, but I see nothing to support that. The use of "AMERICAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE" dates it to pre-1940, and it is clearly a generic address label, so not related to any specific Games. Still, very nice.


size: 56 x 35 mm (about 2.2" x 1.4")

This showed up in the new Heiko Volk auction - it looks like it was intended for personalization - add one's name in the blank area at the bottom. Size is about the same as a matchbox label. A great find!


Philippe Pavard pointed these out, and while they are huge - 11 or 12 inches wide is typical - they are very appealing. I would call them optional for this collection, peripheral items.


None of these has the Olympic rings, but the first two show runners with the US Olympic shield on their shirts,
and the third shows the Los Angeles Olympic Stadium in the background - note the tower and arches on the right.

THIS INVENTORY of a citrus label collection says that the third image was taken "from a photo of 1932 Los Angeles Olympics," but I have been unable to find that photo.

So far I have found a total of seven varieties of the three designs, shown below.

1a - one runner, oldest costume, oranges, square
1b - one runner, oldest costume, oranges, rectangle

2 - one runner, newer costume, oranges, square

3a - three runners, stadium, lemons - "Sunkist" - rectangle
3b - three runners, stadium, lemons - NO "Sunkist" - rectangle

4a - three runners, stadium, oranges - "Sunkist" - square
4b - three runners, stadium, oranges - NO "Sunkist" - square

"BROGDEXED" means treated with chemicals so they would last longer during shipping. The process was first used around 1922.


9/9/18 - The two items below showed up on eBay recently, and I couldn't resist showing them here.
No, they are not stamps or labels or stickers or poster stamps,
but they are so darned cute I had to share them.

At left, a Coca-Cola souvenir of the LA Games, a cutout diorama.
And at right, a jigsaw puzzle, with pieces shaped like zoo animals.

The Coke item sold for $51, while one copy of the puzzle sold for $36, and another for $65.





I'd be pleased to learn more about anything on this page - send email to the address at bottom of page.

The United States issued 2 stamps for the 1932 Olympics.


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