1894 - Modern Games Founded
1896 - I Olympiad - Athens
1900 - II Olympiad - Paris
      - Vignettes of the 1900 Paris Expo
1904 - III Olympiad - St. Louis
1906 - Intercalated Games - Athens
1908 - IV Olympiad - London
1912 - V Olympiad - Stockholm
1913 - Berlin prepares for 1916 games
1914 - 20th Anniversary of Rebirth of Games
1916 - VI Olympiad - Berlin
1920 - VII Olympiad - Antwerp
1924 - VIII Olympiad - Paris
      - Post Cards
1928 - IX Olympiad - Amsterdam
1932 - X Olympiad - Los Angeles
1936 - XI Olympiad - Berlin
1940 - XII Olympiad - Tokyo
      - XII Olympiad - Helsinki
      - New Zealand Centennial Games
1944 - XIII Olympiad - London
      - German POW Games
1948 - XIV Olympiad - London
1952 - XV Olympiad - Helsinki
1956 - XVI Olympiad - Melbourne
      - XVI Olympiad - Stockholm
1960 - XVII Olympiad - Rome

1964 - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo

Oct 10 - Oct 24


Official Poster & Official Emblem for 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo

Poster: This poster recalls the official emblem,
composed of the Olympic rings superimposed on the emblem
of the Japanese national flag, representing the rising sun.

Emblem: It is composed of the Olympic rings superimposed
on the emblem of the Japanese national flag, representing the rising sun.

According to Wikipedia:

The 1964 Summer Games were the first Olympics held in Asia.

These games were also the first to be telecast internationally without the need for tapes to be flown overseas, as they had been for the 1960 Olympics four years earlier.

Yoshinori Sakai, who lit the Olympic Flame, was born in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, the day an atomic bomb was dropped on that city.

Joe Frazier, future heavyweight champion of the world, won a gold medal for the USA in heavyweight boxing.

Unfortunately for Japan, several big international events also took attention during the Olympics, including the sudden removal of Nikita Khrushchev and the first nuclear test in China.

N.B. - Contributions to these pages are welcomed.
If you can supply images (300dpi scans) of the actual label for any that are missing below,
or better images or information, please send to:





1964 - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo
1968 - XIX Olympiad - Mexico City
1972 - XX Olympiad - Munich

1924 - I Winter Games - Chamonix
1928 - II Winter Games - St Moritz
1932 - III Winter Games - Lake Placid
1936 - IV Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1940 - V Winter Games - Sapporo
      - V Winter Games - St Moritz
      - V Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1944 - V Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1948 - V Winter Games - St Moritz
1952 - VI Winter Games - Oslo
1956 - VII Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1960 - VIII Winter Games - Squaw Valley
1964 - IX Winter Games - Innsbruck
1968 - X Winter Games - Grenoble
1972 - XI Winter Games - Sapporo

      - Workers' Olympics

CLICK HERE to view the 1964-TOKYO section of the DuBois catalog as a pdf.

The following poster stamps and labels were issued for the 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo:

Click on any image below to open an enlarged version in a separate window/tab

DuBois # Dubois images Images of actual label(s) DuBois description
TEXT IN COURIER FONT is from DuBois Catalog.
Text in other fonts is this author's.


Mauritania Sc. 126 with Overprint


x1. Proof of overprint for Mauritania 126
75F - JEUX OLYMPIQUES - (Olympic rings) - ROME 1960 - TOKYO 1964

This does not belong in this collection per se, but in case someone runs across it and wants to know what it is, I am including it here.

The denomination - "75F" - tips one off that it has a postal origin.

Sold by Noble Spirit on eBay for $22.50


x2. Philatelic Exhibition souvenir sheet

Reproductions of five UK stamps, including one issued in 1948 for the London Olympic Games that year.

Ray Petersen (eBay handle "maerkat") wrote this incomparable description for the sheet:

Great Britain - Philatelic Exhibition Publicity
Souvenir sheet produced for STAMPEX 1962, depicting 5 different GB commemorative stamps. The stamps are the 1935 ½d Silver Jubilee (SG453 / Scott 226); 1948 £1 Silver Wedding (SG494 / Scott 268); 1948 3d Olympic Games (SG496 / Scott 272); 1957 2½d Scout Jamboree (SC557 / Scott 334); 1960 6d CEPT/Europa (SG621 / Scott 377). The sheet illustrates 25 years of British photogravure- printed commemorative stamps over four reigns. It is printed in red and black, on gummed paper with a continuous watermark "Harrison & Sons, London" in script. Each sheet is numbered on the reverse. The sheet is listed by Glenn Morgan as #62B-01.

Approximate Sheet Size: 162 x 95 mm = 6.4 x 3.7 in


1963-1 thru 4

1963-01 to 04
Complete set with original envelope
top to bottom: 02, 04, 03, 01





1963-01 to 4 - Italian Souvenir Sheets

1963 - Centenary of Baron de Coubertin's Birth

The following souvenir sheets were issued by the Mestre Philatelic Club:

1. Label on right side: 1863 1963 above; CENTENARIO DELLA NASCITA DEL BARONE P. DE COUBERTIN below.

Vignette: a circular, black & white, photographic portrait of Baron de Coubertin, within a decorative border. 30x45mm, perf 11.25, texts are white, background is yellow-green ... $1.00

Left side of sheet: black Olympic rings above black text, Centenaire du Baron Pierre de Coubertin renovateur des Jeux Olympiques de 1'ere moderne selvage on right side of sheet states: Circolo pilatelico Mestrino. ... $4.00/sh

(Label text: Centenary of the birth of Baron P. de Coubertin. Sheet text, on left side: Centenary of Baron de Coubertin, reviver of the Olympic Games of the modern era)

2. Same as sheet No.1 but background of label is silver.

3. Same format as sheet No.1 but label has gold background and text on left side of sheet is changed to: MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DEL FRANCOBOLLO OLIMPICO Mestre 25 - 27 Maggio 1963 (Text: International Exhibition of Olympic Postage Stamps, at Mestre, on May 25 - 27, 1963)

4. Same as sheet No.3 but background of label is light blue. Label & sheet Nos.2, 3 & 4 are tentatively evaluated at $1.00 & $4.00, resp., as relative availability is not known.

Note: Mestre is part of Venice, Italy.

Sheet Data: All sheets are PM4S with perforations passing through the wide selvage edges. The Olympic rings above the sheet text are fully-perfed, on four sides, and can be collected as a-separate label.

Imperforated and/or other color varieties of these sheets may exist but have not been seen.

Overall size of seen sheet, No.1, is 128x88mm.

I would describe the colors differently - #1 is yellow-green, #2 is dark grey, #3 is red-brown, and #4 is blue-grey.


DUBOIS 1968-92

souvenir cover with OLYMPIA label


x1. Circular label
Text and narrow border in blue
Green olive branch arched across top left, multi-colored Olympic rings in center
Approx 45mm diam.

I found this image in a recent Feldman auction. The meter stamp commemorates the centenary of the birth of Coubertin, and the item includes a label from the Greek town Olympia, with the Olympic rings. Clearly this label was not created in connection with any specific Games, it is publicity for the modern Greek town, and could have an earlier date, but it's a nice addition to this collection.

2/13/17 - I just found this in DuBois - it is label #1968-92, and he says "undated, but believed to be 1968 issues." Its use on this 1963 cover proves that wrong.



souvenir postcard with Austrian Olympic fund label

Austrian Olympic fund label

x2. Rectangular label:
(World Championship Modern Winterbiathlon Seefeld)

Design: Austrian eagle over ÖOC (Austrian Olympic Committee), Olympic rings.
Grey print on white paper
Size: 26x35mm (based on size of 1964W-16)

I found the postcard image in a recent Heiko Volk auction, then tracked down the stamp image on eBay.

NOTE similarity to 1964W-16.




x3. Sportvereinigung Dynamo fund-raising label (East Germany)
OLYMPIA 1964 .50

Olympic rings above Olympic cauldron

1/21/17 - I found this on, along with 1964-x24 thru x34, at bottom of this page.



souvenir cover



x4. Reprints of 1906 labels

Philippe Pavard told me he owns a set of these three labels, and knows they are reprints created by the IOC for some event, but he did not know the date. I mention that on the 1906 page of this catalog, since the first place I saw them was in an auction lot that claimed they were authentic imperf copies of those 1906 labels.
So this cover tells us they date from the early 1960's, and are probably connected to the opening of the Musee De La Philatelie Sportive D'Olympie in 1963.

The phliatelic museum is a part of the Olympic Games Museum in Olympia, Greece, which opened at the same time.

The "tickets" or "invitations" shown here - why not? - were issued at that time as well.






Silver ink and embossing on gold foil. Size not stated.
Vignette, Olympic Games(100 years of Pierre Coubertin) , poster stamp,cinderella,label(with glue)

3/6/19 - I just like this Greek postcard commemorating the torch relay from Olympia, Greece to Tokyo, Japan,
August 21 to October 10, 1964 .



The following items on this page relate to both the Tokyo (summer) and Innsbruck (winter) Games, but are shown only on this page:
Unnumbered East German Fund-raising leaflet;
1 to 25 - History of the Summer & Winter Olympics;
28 - NORSK DELTAGELSE (Norwegian Participation) - logos of both Tokyo and Innsbruck;
45-48 - one of the four images depicts a skier;
51 - DDR combo fund label;
76-81 - DDR fund labels depicting both summer and winter sports;
82-85 - DDR fund labels depicting both summer and winter sports;
x05. Set of eight Persian matchbox labels (no mention of either venue)
x07. Label with US Olympic shield (no mention of either venue)
x08. Polish Souvenir Labels (TOKIO on one, INNSBRUCK on the other)
x23 - Soviet matchbox labels - two depict winter sports.

The following items on the 1964-Innsbruck page relate to the Tokyo (Summer) Games as well, but are shown only on the 1964-Innsbruck page:
1964W-7 & 8 - Ukrainians in exile fund-raising souvenir sheets
1964W-09 & 10 - Ukrainians in exile fund-raising souvenir sheets
1964W-16 - Austrian Olympic Committee. Fund-raising Souvenir sheet

Unnumbered: East German Fund-Raising Leaflet

Most of the copies of this folder that I have seen have the eleven DDR Olympic fund-raising stamps (1964-51, 76-81, 82-85) pasted on the back cover in the marked spaces, as shown below. Was the leaflet handed out free to encourage purchase of the stamps, or did one have to buy all the stamps (total cost = 1.2 M) to get the leaflet?

E. Germany. Fund-Raising Leaflet
[Logos for Tokyo and Innsbruck Games]

The German Democratic Republic (E. Germany) issued a leaflet (for school-children) that depicts the logos of the 1964 Games, on the cover page. This leaflet is illustrated on the left. A description follows; the German text is translated into English:

The OLYMPIC GAMES CALL YOU! at upper left; The Society for the Promotion of the Olympic Thought in the German Democratic Republic in a yellow panel below; "Increase your efforts steadily and help our Olympic team via a good deed!" next to "EGON" holding the Olympic flag; the following flags are depicted, down the right side:

U.S.S.R., Poland, E. Germany, logo of Tokyo Games, Czechoslovakia, logo of Innsbruck Games, Italy, and Ghana. (see note below)

10.5x15cm, flag-pole is yellow, "Egon" is dressed in blue, holding a yellow soccer ball, his face is pink; Olympic rings are in their usual multicolors (interlaced as on official flag), flags are all in correct colors; texts are black.

The two inner pages are illustrated HERE. Their German texts translate into English, as follows:

HIGHER - FASTER - FARTHER with the example given by our best competitors, I'll give my best in sport. above a tabulation of 10 sport-disciplines (1963 & 1964).

Page 3 has following text:

Dear Pioneer! Dear Student!

I wish you much success in the competition of the school year 1963/1964. Compete with all your might in your school sports group. Egon Rolle thought of something special. He figures that we wish to finance a part of the trip of our Olympic contestants to Innsbruck and Tokyo by our mutual contribution. That is really a good deed. How you can help, Egon Rolle explains in the Pioneer News "The Drum." Train steadily, as your pioneer instruction says: "Learn, work, and be happy! For peace and socialism - always ready!"

Make every effort that one day you also may be able to represent the German Democratic Republic at the Olympic Games. Help our Olympic team! By their best efforts our competitors will thank you for your contribution to finance their long trips.

Be ready! (signature)

President of the Society for Promotion of Olympic Thought in the DDR

According to this page:

Donation call for the school children's magazine "Die Trommel" (The Drum); Value of the complete glued card: 1.30 M

So that says there was a 10 pf charge for the leaflet.

1964-1 to 25

1964-1 thru 25, all four ink colors




1964-1 thru 25, all four ink colors, all four paper colors

1964-1 to 25: Souvenir sheet - History of the Olympics

A Spanish sheet of 25 labels lists the 18 Olympiads which occurred from 1896 to 1964. Winter Games of that era are also listed. 18 of the vignettes consist of circular Aztec symbols and Olympic rings; the latter labels are listed first. Roman numerals indicate Olympiads and Arabic numbers indicate Olympic Winter Games; (the latter are numbered only when they are held). Translations and other clarificationa are in parentheses.

1. I 1896 Atenas(Athens)
2. II 1900 Paris
3. Ill 1904 S.Luis(St.Louis)
4. IV 1908 Londres(London)
5. V 1912 Estocolmo(Stockholm)
6. VI 1916 Berlin (Games not held due to WW I)
7. VII I920 Amberes(Antwerp)
9. VIII 1924 Paris 1. Chamonix
10. IX 1928 Amsterdam 2. St.Moritz
11. X 1932 Los Angeles 3. Lake Placid
15. XI 1936 Berlin 4. Garmisch-Partenkirchen
16. XII 1940 Tokio 5. Helsinki.(Games not held due to WW II)
20. XIII 1944 Londres 6. St.Moritz.(Games not held due to WW II)
22. XIV 1948 Londres 7. St.Moritz(Winter Games No.5)
22. XV 1952 Helsinki 8. 0slo(Winter Games Ho.6)
23. XVI 1956 Melbourne Estocolmo 9. Cortina D'Ampezzo(W.G. No.7)
24. XVII 1960 Roma 10. Squaw Valley(Winter Games No.8)
25. XVIII 1964 Tokio 11. Insbruch(Innsbruck, Winter Games.No. 9)

8. Tokio at top left; Insbruch below right; vignette: stylized torch
with Olympic rings at usual flame location, 1964 above rings; XVIII Olimpiada
at bottom.

12, 13, 14, 17, 18, & 19 form a combined picture of an oval track with five large
rings in the middle; 1964 in middle ring.

12. 1964 Tokio at upper left
13. Tokio Olympic rings at top
14. 1964 Tokio at upper right
17. Tokio 1964 at lower left
18. Olympic rings Insbruch 1964 at bottom
19. Tokio 1964 at lower right
Note: Winter Games, from No.5 forward, were incorrectly numbered on the sheet.The correct numbers are indicated in parentheses.

Label Nos. 1-25 are collectible as singles but are more often collected as sheets. Perforations are 10.75, perf singles vary in width from 25-28mm, in height from 34-3Smm. Average sheet sizes are 5-7/8 x 7-5/8 inches, perfed, and 6 x 8.25 inches, imperf. Selvage on edges of perf sheets varies from 6 to 9mm wide, perforations passing all the way through the selvage. Perfect crossing of perfs at the center of a block of four is accidental (indicating the use of a comb or "L" perforator)

Colors: Background colors are achieved via the use of colored paper (white, cream or rose). All designs are of one color only on each sheet (red, blue, green or maroon). Thus, counting imperfs, a complete set consists of 24 sheets (600 labels).

Perforated sheets... $4.00 ea
Imperforate sheets... $3.OO ea

5/9/18 - the sixteen imperf sheets at lower left turned up on eBay, and it turns out there is a fourth paper color - blue. The seller wants $50 EACH, which strikes me as fanciful, but also makes me glad I collect only the images - even at the price DuBois quotes, a complete set of 32 sheets of these would set one back $112!


1964-26. Triangular Fund-raising stamp, Japan

26. An Issue of The Tokyo Olympic Fund-Raising Association:

A triangular label with Greek text near the edges of all three sides, shadow-printed.

Vignette, in a centrally located solid-red circle: TOKYO 1964 Olympic rings in their usual multicolors(interlaced as on official Olympic flag).

45mm(each side of equilateral triangle), perf 13.5, background color is olive-gold, texts are white... $1.50

Sheet format: A souvenir sheet of 12 labels in which the apexes of the triangles meet at two centers, forming two hexagonal figures, attached side by side. A few lines of Japanese text above & below; at top, middle of sheet: the Olympic rings in their usual multicolors(interlaced as on the official Olympic flag)... $25/sheet

SEE ALSO 1964-x66 - This is a sheet of 10 donation receipts for 1964-26, 88, 89, 90, and 91. So if you purchased this item, 1964-26, you got one of those receipts!


27. Diamond-shaped Equilateral Rectangle:

TOKIO 1964 across center, Olympic rings below;

vignette: a runner carrying a torch, with a mountain in the background; horizontal lines below runner in lower portion of label; edging near border of label simulates perforations.

Each side measures 23mm, imperforate, colors : text and rings are red, rest of design is black, background is gold... $2.50

Gold foil. Based on THIS IMAGE I assume this was a West German stamp.

28. NORSK DELTAGELSE (Norwegian Participation) at top; INNSBRUCK - TOKIO 1964 below.

Vignette: a stylized tree, with pale blue branches & white blossoms, on left, and rust-red branches & pink blossoms, on right; Olympic rings, in front of & below tree, in usual multicolors and interlaced like rings of the original Olympic flag.

20.5x27.5mm, perf 11, upper text is yellow, lower text is white, background is dull blue... $2.00

Combo label - Also listed as 1964-Innsbruck number 2

1964-29 to 44
Complete set, with box labels

One on a matchbox!

1964-29 thru 44: A set of labels depicting various athletes:

53x36mm, imperforate rectangles, each label has "TOKYO Olympic rings 1964 in upper right corner; vignette in major left portion as follows (background color indicated):

29. A javelin thrower, white
30. Two basketball players, whits
31. A weight lifter, white
32. Two runners at finish-line tape, white
33. Two hurdlers going over hurdle, green
34. Two runners, passing baton, green
35. Two soccer players, green
36. two bicyclists, 'green
37. A high-jumper, yellow
38. A long jumper, yellow
39. Two oarsmen in sculls, blue
40. A gymnast performing on a horse, red
41. Three water-polo players, blue
42. Two fencers, red
43. Man on horse, jumping over hurdle, red
44. Two boxers, red
... $1.OO each

Nos. 29 to 44, above, are ungummed and of a size that indicates they are matchbox labels.

Yes, these are Russian matchbox labels.


1964-45-48 souvenir sheets


1964-45-48 SS


1964-45 thru 48:

45. UKRAINIAN up left side; AMERICAN across top; SPORT CLUB down right side; LIONS across bottom;

vignette: depicts two soccer players; "5" in lower right corner.

25x39mm, perf 13, background color - deep olive, figures in black & white, text & "5" in white except "LIONS" which is black ... $1.00, each

46. Design similar to #45 but text is Ukrainian, "5" is in upper right corner and figures depicted are two volley ball players; background color is orange- brown... $1.OO, ea

47. Same text as #45, "5" in upper left corner, figure depicted is a bowler, bgrnd. color is rose-red... $1.00, ea

48. Same text as #46, "5" in lower left corner, figure depicted is a ski- jumper, bgrnd. color is ultramarine... $1.00, ea

45a, 46a, 47a, 48a - same as above but imperf... $1.OO, ea

Souvenir sheet featuring same designs as above(4xl):

S.S. #45-48, PM4S, overall size = 142x95mm, colors: background of all four labels is silver, figures are in same colors as background colors of label Nos. 45, 46, 47 & 48, texts are white except for bottom "LIONS" which are in same color as the figures.

Sheet texts: XVIII OLYMPIC GAMES/TOKIO 1964/ in top margin, XVIII (Ukrainian text) B TOKIO 1964/UASC LIONS CHICAGO USA/in bottom margin (text color-cinnamon)

S.S. #45a-48a - same as S.S.#45-48 but imperf... sheets, $5.00, each

DuBois does not list the souvenir sheets shown on the bottom at far left, the four stamps with their colored backgrounds, though the colors are lighter than the stamps DuBois shows. But one has to wonder, do those stamps exist in a format other than the souvenir sheets? If anyone can provide images of multiples of those stamps, send to me at the e-dress at bottom of page - thanks.

According to Wikipedia: Chicago Lions SC was an American Soccer Club based in Chicago Illinois. The club was operated by the Ukrainian American Sports Association. The club competed in the semi-professional National Soccer League of Chicago. They were also known as the Ukrainian Lions, and played their home games at Hansen Stadium in Chicago Illinois. The club was founded in 1949 by Ukrainian immigrants who settled in the Chicago area after WWII.

According to its Facebook page, today the UASC Lions Chicago is an amateur soccer club based out of Chicago, Illinois, which participates in the First Division of the Metropolitan Soccer League.


49. TOKYO 1964 (Olympic rings) DTSB SPENDENMARKE down right side; 1.00 in small panel at upper left.

Vignette: three sprinting athletes, running left to right.

50x28mm, perf 10, black, yellow, & orange-red.. $2.50

DTSB - (East) German Gymnastic Sports League


I like this one, with a nice clear 15 AUG, 1964 Nairobi postmark.

An interesting variety of 1964-50b

1964-50 and 50b

1964-50c and 50d

1964-50e and 50f


50. 1964 TOKYO surrounding Olympic rings & torch, at right central portion of label; a shield with two spears behind it, lion KENYA in shield, on left; an orange colored sun at lower left with its rays providing background to vignette; a 40x5mm blank panel across bottom of label.

39x14mm, perf 10.5, orange sun, rays & lion; yellow torch and shield background; rings, texts, and outline details are black ... $5.00

Kenya first participated in the Olympic Games in 1956, in Melbourne. Kenya won its first Olympic medal at its third participation in the Games, held at Tokyo in October 1964.


According to this page - "... an Air-India label issued when the airline flew the Kenyan Olympic team to Tokyo in 1964."

c. "FLY EAA" in panel

EAA = East African Airways. EAA was an airline jointly run by Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It was set up on 1 January 1946, starting operations the same year. The airline was headquartered in the Sadler House in Nairobi, Kenya.[2] The corporation was dissolved in 1977 amid deteriorated relations among the three countries.

6/11/2017 - Philippe Pavard supplied two new versions:

d. Norfolk/New Stanley Hotels


12/28/2017 - new version from eBay auction:

f. Fly British United VC 10

06/16/2020 - new version from eBay auction:





1964-51. A Combo Fund Label (featuring logos of Summer & Winter Games):

51. GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG DES OLYMPISCHEN GEDANKENS IN DER DDR 20 SPENDENMARKE down a 25x39mm pale blue panel in major right portion of label.

Vignette(s): a discus thrower statue and Olympic rings in background of text; on left of text portion: the logo of the Tokyo Games above the logo of the Innsbruck Games, red & black colors.

38x39mm, perf 13.5, pale-blue panel text is darker blue except for "20 SPENDENMARKE" which is white... $5.00

(The Society for the Advancement of Olympic Ideas in the DDR)

A fund-raising label of the German Democratic Republic [East Germany].

See East German Fund-Raising Leaflet near top of page for how this label was promoted and used.



1964-52 thru 54: Association of Sportphilately

A series of labels issued at Rimini, Italy, including the following languages:

52. VERSO TOKYO 1964 above the "Rising Sun", in center; RIMINI INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF OLYMPIC AND SPORT-PHILATELY JUNE 25th. JULY 6th 1964 in four lines, at bottom; gold Olympic rings at top; a red border around edge of entire label. Verso Tokio (Toward Tokio) is shadow-texted as it passes over the round sun.

28x40mm(overall design), perf 11, red & black... $1.00

53. Same as #52 but lower text is Portuguese... $1.00

54. Same as #52 but lower text is Czechoslovakian ... $1.00

There are actually nine labels (eight different - the two in Italian are identical), issued in a sheetlet, as shown.
Size of sheetlet 120x157mm
Occurs both perf and imperf

Additional languages are Italian (two stamps), German, French, and Spanish.

Sequence of labels on sheetlet (across, then down):

English, Italian, Portuguese
German, (blank label), French
Spanish, Italian, Czech

On some copies of this sheet, the center label is blank, but blind embossed (see two lower scans) with the figure of a discus thrower, and the letters "CIFS" (Centro International di Filatelia Sportolimpica). About half the examples I have seen have the embossed image, the other half are blank except for the red border and Olympic rings at top.

Sheet selvage has the name of the organization spelled out in Italian at top and bottom, in French and German running up the left side, and in English and Spanish running down the right side.

Rimini is a city on Italy's Adriatic coast. It is known for its beachside nightclubs and shallow waters.

2/5/17 - Here is an image showing an imperf version of the sheetlet, with center stamp embossed. The perfed sheetlet on the right looks like it has the embossing as well, but the one on the left appears not.

2/14/17 - Italian eBay seller offered a copy of this sheetlet with the description "EMESSO DALL'AZIENDA AUTONOMA SOGGIORNO RIMINI" or "ISSUED BY THE COMPANY INDEPENDENT LIVING RIMINI" - I emailed him to ask how he knows this, and he replied "because we live in Rimini and know that this sheetlet is issued by the philatelic circle of Rimini in collaboration with AZIENDA AUTONOMA SOGGIORNO." Case closed.



1964-55. German Fund Label:

55. DEUTSCHER KANU-VERBAND 25 Pfennig Olympic rings down center of label; OLYMPIA down panel, on left; SPENDE down panel, on right; double-lined border around design. 25x20mm(overall design), perf 12, blue... $1.00


I found this in a David Feldman auction, and elsewhere the cropped image showing two copies on cover, dated 1960, so that suggests DuBois got the date wrong. Or maybe it was still in use in 1964? I have listed it on the 1960 page too.

Blue ink on tan paper.


1964-56: Germany, fund Label

56. OLYMPIA REITERSPENDE around top portion;

vignette: naked man on horse, carrying a torch; Olympic rings, in usual multicolors, below (rings are interlaced as on original Olympic flag).

Round, 27mm diameter, on square-cut white paper, text in black outline, background is silver... $5.00


1964-57: Foil label - Japan

57. TOKYO, over a large "64"; text white except closed part of "6" which is red; background is gold.

23.5x44mm (overall), imperf... $2.50

1/17/17 - I found the first image at center left in a recent Volk auction, and the second on an ebay auction. That sealing strip looks like the item shown by DuBois, though it has added text in red - "20 CIGARETTES" at one end and the Olympic rings at the other. Still, there's no question it's a variation on the same label.

So why does the item in DuBois lack the rings? Maybe they were used without IOC permission, and had to be removed?


Missing the red!

1964-58 thru 60: East Germany, Fund Labels

58. TOKYO 1964 down left; in panel at bottom: DTSB with laurel branches at bottom, SPENDENMARKE.30;

vignette: Olympic rings at top, oriental sailing vessel, with sun behind it.

24x30.5mm, perf 11.5, red, buff and dark olive ... $2.50

59. Same text as #58; vignette: red sun behind pagoda-type building; colors: violet & yellow-orange, DTSB SPENDENMARKE.20, at bottom.

perf 11.5... $2.50

60. TOKYO 1964 across top; DTSB SPENDENMARKE.70 at bottom;

vignette: Olympic rings above red sun, latter is behind a mountain, snow on upper part of mountain.

Colors: deep yellow-green & yellow, perf 1l.5... $2.50

DTSB - Deutscher Turn- und Sportbund - (East) German Gymnastic and Sports League

1964-61 & 62

1964-61 & 62
1964-61 & 62: TOKIO 1964 BERG IMMER DABEI - Private advertising stamps?

61. TOKIO 1964, in black, across bottom; vignette: a 22mm red sun, at top, with black Olympic rings below. 22x40mm, perf 12... $1.25

62. IMMER DABEI (always near by) at bottom, in red; a discus thrower over the word "BERG", on a black mountain-side that is radiating black rays, upward. 22x40mm, perf 12... $1.25

61 & 62 exist se-tenant... $3.00

I assume BERG is a product, so this is private advertising, but a lengthy Google quest yielded nothing. Anyone else?



1964-63: German Fund-raising stamp

63. OLYMPIA-SPENDE in panel, across top; DKV Landesgr. NRW in panel across bottom; larger, central panel: 25 (Olympic rings; Pfg.

22x18mm, perf 13.5, color:black background on light bluish green paper ... $1.00

DKV = Deutscher Kanu-Verband - German Canoe Association
Landesgr. = region
NRW = Nordrhein-Westfalen = North Rhine-Westphalia


1964-64: Japanese self-adhesive with 1964 Olympic logo

64. TOKYO 1964 across bottom; red sun at top; Olympic rings between sun & text; black border-line around design.

11.5x22mm, imperf, self-adhesive, color: black, except for sun ... $0.50




1964-65. A Czech Razor-blade Wrapper:

"olympionik" across Bottom; 0.10 mm at upper right corner; a blue flag with oval, upside-down Olympic rings on it, above word "olympionik"; back flap states "DIU OLYMPIONIK" CSN 94 4351, a shield containing an eagle with a "G; " on it, reg.c.114184.

40x23mm (main design), 28x12mm (back flap design), imperf, color:rings are white, rest of design & text are indigo blue on light gray-green paper ... Rare

olympionik = olympian

This item's connection with any actual Olympiad strikes me as tenuous, and frankly I consider a razor blade wrapper a borderline entry in this catalog.

The bottom image shows a matchbox label advertising a different razor blade and referencing this one. No rings.

translates - Brand "Maka Elektro" - the same quality as Olympian

That sounds like a competitor trying to steal OLYMPIONIK's customers!

I did some poking around on the www, and DIU is the Czech trademark holder. The trademark "olympionik" was registered in 1958, so that supports my contention that this has no connection with any actual Games, especially 1964.

1964-66-74 type I (tall) Sianow
1964-66-74 type II (short) Gdansk
1964-66-74 type I Czechowice
1964-66-74 type II Bystrzyca
1964-66-74 type I Czestochowa
1964-66 thru 74: Poland, Matchbox Labels

66. 64 ZPZ GDANSK PRZEC. 48 ZAP. 40 GR across top; TOKIO 1964 in panel, at bottom; Olympic rings, not interlaced, in panel, at lower right;

vignette: a birdbath-shaped bowl extending through lower panel into upper design, emiting a stylized flame that provides background for depicted figure. Latter is an artistic drawing of a female runner.

43x34mm(overall), imperf, color: rings & upper-vignette background are orange, rest of design & texts are black... $1.00

67. Same design & text as #66 but depicted figure is rowing a small boat; rings & upper design background are dark bluish green, rest of design is black... $1.00

68. Same as #66 but city of Gdansk(Danzig) is replaced by "BYSTRZYCA" and figure is that of a soccer player. 43x35rcm, rings & upper design are green, rest is black... $1.00

69. Same design as #67 but larger and match info now up the left side rather than at the top:"64 ZPZ SIANOW PRZEC. 64 ZAP. 50 GR", 50 x34mm, same color as #67... $1.00

70. Same background design and text as #69; vignette depicts an artistic drawing of a fencerjbackground color brownish gray; same size as #69... $1.00 (Also seen in 43x35mm size) Next four labels are vertical format and have same background design as #66:

71.Olympic rings with Tokio 1964, in black, printed over them, at lower right; vignette depicts a javelin throwerjtext, up left side states "64 ZPZ GDANSK PRZEC. 48 ZAP. 40 GR". 34x42.5mm, color: yellow background & rings... $1.00

72.Same design as #71 but vignette depicts a lady swimmer about to dive. 34x45mm, color:ultramarine background & rings... $1.00 (Also seen in 34x49.5mm size)

73. Same design as #71 but a bit larger & text up left side states "64 ZPZ BYSTRZYCA PRZEC. 64 ZAP. 40 GR"; vignette depicts a weigh lifter. 35.5x43mm, color:orange-brown background & rings... $1.00

74. Same design & size as #73 but vignette depicts figure holding a ball. Color:magenta background & rings... $1.00
(Also seen in 34x50mm size).

It is likely that entire series 66 to 74 exists in two sizes.

As you can see at left, DuBois' final comment is correct - there are two different sets. I don't understand why he didn't list these that way - eight designs in two types. Or sixteen designs. Pick one or the other! Note too that one of the sets I found was manufactured in Częstochowa, and another in Czechowice, so we have at least five cities - Gdansk, Bystrzyca, Sianow, Częstochowa, and Czechowice.

2/5/17 - Steve Greiczek supplied the five high-quality scans of both types and all five factories.

1964-75a to u

1964-75a to u

1964-75a to u
1964-75: "Insurance Advertising" - Fund Matchbox Labels (Germany)

A series of 35 vignettes which have the following texts in common, on varying parts of each label:

"hoffenflich ALLIANZ versichert" (Hoffenflich's Allianz Insures), ALLIANZ is blue, rest is black; "Allianzspende fur die Olympischen Spiele 1964" up left or down right side of label, in red; all have either number "59" or "202" in a corner, in black; also name "Dorschel" and an eagle logo occur at various locations, in black.

50x35mm, imperf, multicolored... full sets are.. Rare

Various kinds of insurance are depicted in the vignettes and titled, in German, black text. Label Nos. are: 75+Title. Available labels are illustrated as a, b, c, etc.) The same vignettes occur at the "1972-MUNICH" section as label No.33(+title)

1. DuBois misinterpreted the text - it says "hoffentlich ALLIANZ versichert" which translates "hopefully ALLIANZ insures."

2. What's with the numbers? DuBois mentions "59" and "202" - some of mine have "81" and "65" as well.

3. Also, most of the labels have letters on them (a thru q) - but not the letters DuBois uses - did he not notice that? Odd.

4. DuBois says there are 35 in the set (he repeats that number in the 1972-Munich listing) but he shows only 21, and I have found only 21, the same ones he illustrates.

5. All of these occur without the red Olympic text.



1964-76 thru 81: [East] Germany [DDR], Fund Labels

Vertical Format, Nos. 76 to 81, exist se-tenant, and all have the following in common: 10 SPENDENMARKE at bottom, and a small logo in upper left or right corner ((Classic discus thrower in front of Olympic rings). Vignettes are as follows:

76. Two runners at finish-line tape, buff & white color; background color is olive-yellow

77. A diver, buff & white, blue suit; bgrnd: turquoise-green

78. Bob-sledder, turquoise-green & white; bgrnd: bright blue

79. Javelin thrower, buff, blue & white; bgrnd: buff-yellow

80. Down-hill skier, violet-blue, turquoise-green & white; background: turquoise green

81. Gymnast performing on rings, buff & white; bgrnd: olive-yel.

76 to 81 measure 22.5x39mm, perf 12.5 ... $1.00, each

Produced by the GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG DES OLYMPISCHEN GEDANKENS (The Society for the Advancement of Olympic Ideas in the DDR)

See East German Fund-Raising Leaflet near top of page for how these labels were promoted and used.



1964-82 thru 85: [East] Germany [DDR], Fund Labels

Horizontal format, Nos. 82 to 85, exist as a vertical se-tenant strip and have the following in common: SPENDENMARKE 10 at bottom; classic statue of discus thrower in front of Olympic rings, in upper left corner.


82. Three bicyclists, orange-red, Indian-red & white; background: Indian-red

83. Two wrestlers, orange-red.Indian-red & white; background: orange-red

84. Ski-jumper, new blue & white; bgrnd: violet

85. Three hockey players, violet & white; bgrnd: new blue

82 to 85 measure 39x22.5mm, perf 12.5

$1.00, each

Produced by the GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG DES OLYMPISCHEN GEDANKENS (The Society for the Advancement of Olympic Ideas in the DDR)

See East German Fund-Raising Leaflet near top of page for how these labels were promoted and used.

1964-86 & 87: Belgium, Two Fund-raising Souvenir Sheets

86. LIGUE ROYALE BELGE D'ATHLETISME at top; 18es JEUX OLYMPIQUES TOKIO 1964 at bottom; a crown 20F (in a 13mm circle), on each side;

vignette, in middle: a picture of a 12.5 perf label depicting a statue of a classic discus thrower in front of multicolored Olympic rings (interlaced as on official Olympic flag) Label measures 25.5x35mm (including perfs)

colors: statue is brownish black, lower background is pale orange, rest of label is white.

Overall sheet measures 75x85mm, color: cinnamon... $10.00

(Translation of French text:"Royal Belgian Athletic League"; see "1960-Rome", Nos.2a, b, c, &d for another souvenir sheet issued by the same group)

87. Like S.S. #86 but Flemish text, and sheet is colored light brownish gray ... $10.00

WARNING - the individual stamps from the following four sheetlets (1964-88 thru 91) show up on eBay,
and elsewhere, and can be hard to identify, separated from their companions.
I spent a full day trying to pin down a stamp from 1964-89, thinking I had a new find.
John Denune finally set me straight - He sells cinderellas at retail, has some of these Olympic items
at reasonable prices - check him out.


DuBois listing:

1964-88 thru 91: The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association

Each sheet is assigned one catalog number as the availability of the individual labels
is unknown to your cataloger. Each sheet is briefly described below.
See the illustrations for sheet formats and vignette depictions.

SEE ALSO 1964-x66 - a sheet of 10 donation receipts for 1964-26, 88, 89, 90, and 91.


1964-88: Japanese fund-raising sheetlet
"The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association"

88. Sheet of twelve (4x3) depicting ancient Olympics. Colors of labels are as follows (background color given last):

1st-green, brown, white & orange
2nd-bright lilac, blue, red & yellow
3rd-rbuff, white, pink & new blue
4th-brown, green, white & orange
5th-buff.white, bright lilac & new blue
6th-orange, brown, white & green
7th-orange, green, white & brown
8th-bright, blue & yellow
9th-brown, green, white & orange
10th-new blue, olive-green, bright lilac & yellow
11th-new blue, yellow, white & bright lilac
12th-green, orange, brown & white

(each label, 38.5x25.5mm, perf 13)



1964-89: Japanese fund-raising sheetlet
"The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association"

89. Sheet of twelve(3x4) depicting city-scenes of previous Olympic Game locations. Labels are dated (city is indicated in parentheses, below). Olympiad Number is indicated.

1st - "The Games of the XVIII Olympiad"/across bottom; copy of catalog nos. 61 & 64 between two Olympic fires and enclosed within two laurel branches; background is blue. "18" in upper left corner.
2nd - #1, 1896 (Athens),
3rd - #'s 8&2, 1924/1900 (Paris),
4th - #'s 14&4, 1948/1908 (London),
5th - #5, 1912 (Stockholm),
6th - #7, 1920 (Antwerp),
7th - #9, 1928 (Amsterdam),
8th - #'s 10&3, 1932/1904 (Los Angeles/St.Louis),
9th - #11, 1936 (Berlin),
10th - #15, 1952 (Helsinki),
11th - #16, 1956 (Melbourne),
12th - #17, 1960 (Rome).

(Each label, 46x31 tnm, perf 12, multicolored)... $10.00/sheet


1964-90: Japanese fund-raising sheetlet
"The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association"

90. Sheet of twelve (3x4) which reproduces stamps issued by various countries to commemorate several Olympiads, each label indicates the year of issue and has the text: TOKYO Olympic rings 1964 to left or right of the stamp, text & rings are in "raised" lettering, colored dark brown. Background colors are threefold (in three vertical colomns): brown rose, down left; buff, down center; & dull blue, down right.

Each label, 52x27mm, perf 12, multicolored)... $8.00/sheet


1964-91: Japanese fund-raising sheetlet
"The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association"

Another sheet issued by "The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association"

91. Sheet of twelve (two vertical columns of 6 labels with 20mm wide column between). Reproduces stamps(different from those on sheet #90) issued for previous Olympiads, Year of issue of each stamp indicated on each label along with raised lettering "TOKYO 1964 & Olympic rings". Labels have three background colors - orange-red, brown-ochre, and dull blue.

Each label, 47x26,5mm, perf 15, multicolored --- $9.00/sheet




7/5/19 - Akihiko Kanda of Tokyo sent these two images, of a set of these labels in a large glassine envelope. I asked him about the story DuBois quotes (at right) and he said he has never heard that, and these labels show up in Japanese auctions quite regularly, both with and without the sleeves.

OLYMPIC SEALS by Willy Seiler
Tokyo C.P.O. Box 1462

1964-92 thru 97: large souvenir sheets depicting Olympic events

92, 93, 94. 95, 96 & 97.

These consist of six sheets of twenty (5x4) that have the same designs but the labels & sheet-border colors are different. Labels on each sheet are of the same color and depict 20 different Olympic Summer Games' events. Each label has the following text:

XVIII OLYMPIAD TOKYO 1964 across top; (Japanese text) Olympic rings (Japanese text) 19647 across bottom. Each label has artist's signature near bottom.

26.5x42mm, perf 9, rings are in their usual multicolors (interlaced as on official Olympic flag), variable colors are as follows:

92. Figure outlines carmine-red, backgrounds pink, texts carmine-red & gold(gold is in center of text-figures and also "shadow-prints" them). The following colors are in same order as for No. 92:
93. Deep-green, light green, deep-green & silver.
94. Bluish-violet, light blue, bluish-violet & silver.
95. Brown, greenish-yellow, brown & gold.
96. Claret, light mauve, claret & gold.
97. Deep brown, yellow-ochre, deep brown & silver... 25c. eaoh

Sheet Format: Texts(and Olympic rings) at top & bottom of sheets are identical to that of the individual labels. "Printed in Japan" occurs below design of each sheet. Left & right sides of sheets are columnar in appearance; each side having seven, vertical, thick bar-lines with two, horizontal, thick bar-lines at each end. Top & bottom texts also have such bar-lines above & below them; texts & bar-lines are of same color as the label-texts on each particular sheet. Overall sheet size is 22.7x25.5cm... $5.00/sheet

92a, 93a, 94a, 95a, 96a & 97a. Same designs and colors as the above-described labels & sheets except the Olympic rings on the individual labels and at bottom of sheets are gold. Texts & bar-lines also contain gold color(instead of silver, as occurs, above, on sheet Nos. 93, 94 & 97)... $20.00/sheet

Individual labels... $1.00, each

Note: The following is quoted from "MONEYTALKS" of December 1984, published by Superior Stamp & Coin Co., Inc.

"These sheets are quite scarce as they were never actually issued. After they were printed the Japanese Government decided that since the designer wasn't Japanese (he was an American) it wouldn't look right for these to be official labels. The contract therefore got cancelled."

Based on availability and prices recently, I question the "MONEYTALKS" story DuBois quotes above - these labels seem plentiful and cheap.

NOTE that the set of sheets shown at left does NOT have "Printed in Japan" at the bottom of each sheet. Of all the sheets I have seen, most do have that added text.

I have never seen the "gold added" versions (92a, 93a, 94a, 95a, 96a & 97a), but I have seen all six colors with and without silver.








1964-98: Poland, Souvenir Sheet

98. During preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games the leadership of the Polish Philatelists' Union issued this sheet of labels which symbolized the start of the Olympic relay for Tokyo. The price of a label was 3 zl. and a total of 200 thous. copies were printed (25 thousand perforated sheets). One tenth of the issue was used on mail sent on a propaganda glider which took off from Leszno Wlkp. in 1964 to mark the opening of the Tokyo Games.

Each label: PZF - PKOL upp lower left; 1964 - TOKIO up lower right; IGRZYSKA XVIII OLIMPIADY across bottom; imprints, below text: P. WINIARSKI to left, and PWPW to right.

Vignette: a runner carrying a flaming torch, behind him a 22mm round "sun" and gold Olympic rings.

20x32.5mm, perf 11.25, athlete's suit is blue & white, body color and torch are a mixed-brown, "sun" and flame are red, text blue
singles... $1.00
sheet... $10.00

Olympic rings atop sheet are blue, sheet texts are gold-brown.

Note: See 1968 overprints of No.98 (No.17 of Grenoble and No.97 of Mexico City)


1964-98b. Glider Flight overprint - the flight is mentioned in DuBois (underlined text above), but he must not have known about the overprint:

Przesylka Szybowcowa XVIII Lot
(Shown on cover HERE)
Glider flight souvenir

1968W-17. Overprint, GRENOBLE 1968. Listed in DuBois

1968-97 - Overprint, MEKSYK 1968 (Mexico City). Listed in DuBois


1964-99. Association of Pen Friend Clubs of Japan

99. Six diff. postage stamps of six countries are reproduced.

46x3lmm (overall, each label), perf 12, background colors: yellow on Nos. 1 & 6, rose-red on Nos. 2 & 3, light blue on Nos. 4 & 5 ... $1.OO ea

Sheet of six (2x3): Olympic rings above, in usual multicolors (interlaced as on official Olympic flag), sheet texts black... $8.00/sheet


1964-100. Italian poster stamp

100. 3a MOSTRA FILATELICA EUROPEA STRESA 12-14/9/1964 at bottom;

vignette: Olympic rings in usual colors, five Olympic events within the rings- sailing, cycling, fencing, swimming & soccer.

34x22mm, perf 10, colors: pink triangles at each corner, background within rings - pink, yellow, blue, blue & pink, rest of background is yellow... Rare

(Translation of Italian text- "3rd Europa Philatelic Show, Stresa (Italy), September 12-14, 1964)






multiple of nine

1964-101 thru 117 & 117a: Israeli matchbox labels

Israel, a Series of Matchbox-type Labels:

Nos. 101 to 109 are as three strips of three:

101. Dark blue Olympic rings at upper left; 1964 at lower left.
Vignette: Hebrew text in a panel, above; boxers in a ring. 51x35.5mm, imperf, ungummed, orange & blue on yellow paper

101a. Same as 101 but on gray-blue paper

102. Same as 101 but depicts three runners on a track

102a. Same as 102 but on gray-blue paper

103. Same as 101 but depicts two tennis players

103a. Same as 103 but on gray-blue paper

104. Same as 101 but depicts a high jumper, text is in a panel at bottom & paper is white

105. Same as 104 but depicts volley-ball players & text is in panel at top

106. Same as 105 but depicts 5 basketball players

107. Sane as 101 but depicts two fencers and is on blue-gray paper

108. Same as 107 but depicts a javelin thrower & text is in panel at bottom

109. Same as 107 but depicts a discus thrower

... $1.25 each

Note: Nos. 101-109 & 110-117 are assumed to be matchbox labels as they are ungummed & of matchbox size. They also have non-glossy surfaces and are on a type of paper that is common to many matchbox labels.

Israel. A Series of Matchbox-type Labels:

Unlike series 101 to 109 which depicted Olympic events, this series, Nos. 110 to 117, features symbolic depictions.

Nos. 110 & 111 and 110a & 111a are strips of two:

110. 1964 down left; large Hebrew text across bottom. Vignette: blue Olympic rings on a white flag, on a 35x23mm blue background.
50x35mm(overall), text sections are orange, paper is white

110a. Same as 110 but on pale blue paper

111. 1964, down left, white in blue panel; white Hebrew text in blue panel, down right. Vignette: Olympic flame above Olympic rings; Hebrew text across top. 50x35mm, imperf, ungummed, blue & orange on white paper

111a. Same as 111 but on pale blue paper

Nos. 112, 113 & 114 are in a strip of three:

112. Hebrew text at upper right; TOKIO, down left; Olympic rings across, near top. Vignette: a flaming torch behind a sprig of laurel.
35.5x50mm, imperf, orange, blue & black

113. A large "TOKIO" across bottom, Hebrew text across top. Vignette: Olympic rings above Olympic flsme.
35x49mm, imperf, orange, black & blue

114. TOKIO across bottom; Hebrew text at upper left. Vignette: Olympic rings, on a flag in the background; a hand holding a staff, a hand holding a torch and a sheaf of wheat.
35x50mm, imperf, orange, blue & black

112, 113 & 114, above, are on pale yellow paper.

115 & 116, below, are a strip of two:

115. Hebrew text across bottom, in a panel; Hebrew text down right side. Vignette: flags behind Olympic rings; upper part of large "1964" in foreground.
50x35.5mm, imperf, orange & blue on gray paper.

116. Large Hebrew text below, orange letters; usual small Hebrew text at top.
Vignette: an Olympic flag, on a staff, on left; a court within a track, in background; Olympic torch at lower right; "1964" down upper right. 50x35.5mm, imperf, orange & blue on gray paper.

117. Hebrew text in a panel across bottom; usual small Hebrew text above. Vignette: Olympic rings above a torch, largely within two branches of laurel forming a half-circle. "19" on left & "64" on right. 50x36mm, imperf, orange & blue on pale blue paper

... $1.25 each

Note: Olympic rings on Nos. 110, 111, 112 & 115 are interlaced as on original Olympic flag.

117a. Hebrew text on ribbon diagonal lower left to upper right, torch at right, flag with rings top left, "1964" behind ribbon.

DuBois got these wrong. 101 thru 117 are all part of the same set - he missed one, there are 18 - full set shown at left. There is no question they are matchbox labels, and the multiples are irrelevant. Many sets of matchbox labels of that era were sold to collectors as a set, in uncut sheets. HERE is an example, though not Olympic. Yes, this set occurs with two different paper colors - maybe three.



1964-118 thru 122: Ukraine, Fund Labels

118. At top center: Olympic rings which contain, in each ring "X" "V" "III" "19" & "64" (XVIIIth Olympiad 1964); three lines of Ukrainian text at bottom; a wide, decorative border around rest of edge.

Vignette: a 15x22 mm rectangular center with a running athlete, two flags in background, the Ukrainian territorial flag and the Olympic flag; 3 black stripes across bottom; a "20" at lower right corner. 24x35.5mm, perf 12, deep-magenta border & text, vignette is black on light yellow background... $1.00

118a. Same as 118 but different colors: scarlet-red border & texts, blue vignette with light yellow background ... $1.00

119. Same design as 118 but vignette depicts a feminine running athlete and vignette is red on a white background; a "10" at lower right corner... $1.00

120. Same design as 118 but colors: a gray decorative border and a green vignette on a white bgrnd... $1.00

122. A round seal with main border text in Ukrainian (latter text includes "XVIII" & "1964"); outer border, in fine print, states "THE WORLD FIGHTS FOR FAME AND GLORY - UKRAINE FIGHTS FOR ITS LIFE AND FREEDOM AND THE FUTURE OF ITS CHILDREN UNDER GOD."

Vignette: Olympic rings above "XVIII OLYMPIAD TOKYO 1964" latter text between two laurel branches, a flaming torch extends through the left ring and passes beyond the edge of the seal. 32mm diameter, 36x39.5mm (overall rectangle), perf 12, light brown-yellow... $2.00

122. Same design as 118 but vignette depicts a tennis player and vignette is blue on white, a "30" in upper right corner... $1.00

Note: Decorative border of Nos. 119, 120 & 122 is colored gray. The latter labels & No. 118 are probably from two different sheets, each sheet containing several different labels.

Clearly DuBois had not seen all of these. I think the images represent all color varieties, but there could be more (!) The bottom image confirms there are no additional designs.

Top two images are the complete versions of the bottom strip (119-122) in DuBois, including one design he does not describe, the soccer players.

Third image is a complete sheet of five designs, including another new one, a horse-racer. The female runner (118) is in two color combinations. Available both perfed and imperf.

Bottom image is from a catalog of Ukrainian exile fund labels

Rough translation of text:

1964 propaganda series
Stamps on the occasion of XVIII Summer Olympiad in Tokyo.
Stamp denominations from 10 shah.
Printed in sheets of four and two color varieties.
Denomination: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 shah.
Circulation: A 800, B 200.
I suspect there are other color varieties.

(No images in DuBois)


1964-123 & 124: Local post labels

123. "Local Post" at upper right; "Cape Kennedy" at lower left; "TOKYO - 1964" at upper left. Vignette, from left to right: "10¢," a satellite above word "SYNCOM," the words "OLYMPIC SATELLITE," & an athlete, with Olympic rings on his shirt, running with a torch; a lined-margin around label.

43x29.5mm, perf 12, blue on pink paper... $2.00

124. Similar to 123 but a different satellite & text arrangement: main text, across bottom "-Satellite Beach Local Post-" ... $2.00

These occur both perf and imperf as shown.

1964-123 was issued Feb 14, 1965, to commemorate the launch of Syncom I on Feb 14, 1963.

1964-124 was issued October 10, 1965, to commemorate the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on 10/10/64.

As mentioned at the top of this page, these Games were the first ones broadcast live via satellite.

Syncom 3, the first geostationary communication satellite, was launched on August 19, 1964, and included a wideband channel for television specifically to allow simulcast of the Games to the US and Europe. As it turned out, only the opening ceremonies were broadcast live in the US.



1964-125 thru 130: Italian souvenir labels


(National Collegiate Championships in the Olympic Year 1964)

Six of the labels on this sheet are as follows:

125. CAMPIONATI NAZIONALI above, in red; UNIVERSITARI CATANIA - 1964 across bottom, in red.

Vignette: a running athlete, in black, beneath the flag of Italy in its correct colors (green, white & red vertical stripes). A green-dotted background.

126. Same as 125 but a swimmer is depicted.

127. same as 125 but a basketball player is depicted.

128. Same as 125 but a tennis player is depicted.

129. Same as 125 but a fencer is depicted.

130. Same as 125 but an athlete carrying a ball is depicted.

Label data: 22x27mm, perf 11.5 ....50ea

Note: Catania is an Italian commune in E. Sicily.

Occurs perf and imperf - shown.

Odd that both the DuBois copy and my copy of the perfed sheetlet are missing the bottom selvage - I would like to see the complete sheet.

Note that the size and placement of the marginal text differs on the perf and imperf versions.





1964-131 thru 141: Japanese Lottery Promotion Labels

1964 - TOKYO Japan. Lottery Promotion Labels

Lottery tickets were sold to raise funds for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Labels, as reduced-size copies of those tickets, were issued to advertise the lottery. These labels were not sold, but were handed out, like handbills.

The labels were issued as ungummed souvenir sheets containing blocks of four different lottery tickets. A number 1, 2, 3, 4, of 5 occurs at the upper left corner of each sheet. There are three series of two and one series of five sheets, each series being from a different area of Japan.* Each label has a different "issuance" number; thus, there are eleven sheets consisting of 44 differently-numbered labels. Catalog numbers 131 to 141 are assigned to the sheets, as follows:

West Japan
131. Sheet no. 1, label nos. 57, 58, 59 & 60
132. Sheet no. 2, label nos. 61, 62, 63 & 64
Kanto. Middle Japan & North .East Japan
133. Sheet no. 1, label nos. 135, 136, 137 & 138
134. Sheet no. 2, label nos. 139, 140, 141 & 142
135. Sheet no. 1, label nos. 170, 171, 172 & 173
136. Sheet no. 2, label nos. 174, 175, 176 & 177
137. Sheet no. 1, label nos. 244, 245, 246 & 247
138. Sheet no. 2, label nos. 248, 249, 250 & 251
139. Sheet no. 3, label nos. 252, 253, 254 & 255
140. Sheet no. 4, label nos. 256, 257, 258 & 259
141. Sheet no. 5, label nos. 260, 261, 262 & 263

Descriptive & Physical Data:

Olympic rings, in their usual multicolors, occur on each label (interlaced as on the official Olympic flag) The rings occur three ways, as follows:

a. Label nos. 57 to 64 have rings in upper left corner, in a white panel, with the words "FOR/OLYMPIAD" below panel.

b. Label nos. 135 to 142 & 170 to 177 also have rings in upper left corner (but not in a panel or with "For/Olympiad" text)

c. Label nos. 244 to 263 have rings in both upper left & lower right corners (no panel or text)

Labels: 60x28mm (overall colored portion), 64x32mm (including white border), imperf (simulated perf 24), vignettes are multicolored, with photographic clarity; texts are black and red, backgrounds are various pastel shades (even or mottled, as ofte» occurs on fiscal paper)

Sheets: 150x70mm; black, vertical texts at left & right edges ... Rare

* A.Sekimoto of Kashiwa, Japan, provided area-location and other data; regarding the sheets, he says, "very difficult to get."

I show many of the Japanese lottery labels with Olympic rings on the 1960-Rome page.


The following labels were not listed in the DuBois catalog. Further additions are welcomed.

New number Source images & text Images of actual label(s) Description and comments


x01. Esperanto labels.

Text: 1964 JAPANUJO ALVOKAS VIN - Japan is calling you
Designer's name at bottom left - Blanch (?)
printer's imprint at bottom right - E.MORENO-BARCELONA


01-a) Olympic torch in silhouette against background of Mt Fuji, Olympic rings at top left, green star (symbol of Esperanto) in white circle at top right.

01-b) Female dancer in silhouette against background of Mt Fuji, Olympic rings at top left, green star (symbol of Esperanto) in white circle beneath rings.

Colors: Text and rings in black and reversed-out white, lower part of design in green, sky in a) pale blue, b) yellow, c) pink, d) orange.
Other colors may exist.

Perf and imperf.

7/6/19 - eBay seller polmar48 offered a bunch of these with various "errors" = missing colors, shifts, etc. at somewhat reasonable prices, I thought, but they did not sell, reflecting, I think, the fact that such oddities are usually intentional with material like this, and have value only to the extreme specialist. Images below:



1963 & 1964
1965 & 1966
1967 & 1968

Dansk Radio Hjælpefond was a Danish charitable organization that operated from 1929 to 96. Its purpose was to lend radios, and later color TVs to the sick, disabled, and needy. Initially, the Fund received its money from radio license fees, but in the 1990s it had to convert to dependence on donations, and was unable to continue.

From 1963 to 1968 the organization issued these stamp sheetlets at Christmas to raise supplemental funds. Only the one for 1964 had an Olympic connection.

x02. Danish charity stamp



Sheetlet of ten Danish fund-raising stamps
Vignettes: Various world landmarks and historic images, all with "1964"
Top center stamp has Olympic rings atop a Japanese Torii, with Mt Fuji in background.
Colors - dark grey background; light grey, black, brown, and red images and text.

Margin text (translation from Google, a bit crude, but you get the idea):




x03. Russian labels

Vignette: silhouettes of Soviet and Olympic flags over Kremlin, box with Hammer & Sickle.





ПАКЕТ No. 542 - Package No. 542
(also 543)

ЦЕНА 14K - PRICE 14 Kopeks

Colors - a) Violet, b) Blue-green
02/15/2022 - c) red

These appear to be the size and shape of matchbox labels, but nothing in the text on them supports that, rather it suggests they were labels on packets of stamps. The eBay seller of the first (rare.revenues) says its size is 3.3 x 2.2 inches, which is larger than a standard matchbox label. The only (non-eBay) web pages I can find that include them are displaying book plates.

x04. Fantasy stamp - Gold foil die-cut self-adhesive label, Esperanto text



size: 32x42mm

This is a fantasy stamp for the imaginary DOUGHERTY ISLANDS - in the mid-1960's someone decided to declare them a country and print stamps, in Esperanto. Total nonsense.

Ask Google, if you want to know more.

x05. Set of eight Persian matchbox labels

IRAN 1964 - SAFETY MATCH & Arabic text

Vignette: Olympic torch and rings


x06. Italian poster stamp



Silhouette of outstretched horse's head in brown on yellow background, narrow blue borders, cream-colored paper.

51x35mm (vignette)

Perf and imperf

x07. Label with US Olympic shield


Vignette: US Olympic shield

Colors - red and blue on white paper.

Size: Height about the same as a matchbox label - see source image (Feldman) at far left

x08. Polish Souvenir Labels (Scout Post):

a) INNSBRUCK 64 PH. SZCZECIN (in green)
b) TOKIO 1964 PH. SZCZECIN (in red)

Setenant pair, imperf

Vignette: Olympic torch against fleur-de-lis .

Szczecin is a city in northwest Poland.

According to Roman Babut, Polish Olympic philately expert, PH = Poczta Harcerska = Scout Post.

He explains: At that time it was common that "harcerze" = "scouts" carried out various actions and fundraising to support trips to summer camps in the mountains, forest or seaside.

In this case, by simple methods they produced vignettes, which were distributed/sold for small sums, for example, during philatelic exhibitions. Scouts gathered postal items properly franked from the visitors, pasted the vignettes and delivered them to the real post office or stand in the exhibition area.

x09. Self-adhesive foil stickers.

7/6/19 - I found several of these on eBay (second column), and had listed them here as 1964-x09, 1964-x22, and 1964-x52, but now my new Japanese source Akihiko Kanda of Tokyo has sent the images in the third column, and tells me they were created and issued by Tenshodo, a famous jewelry and watch shop in Tokyo, AND were officially authorized by the Japanese Olympic Committee. All are self-adhesive, Imperf (diecut), on metal/foil. The circular ones come in two sizes: 31 mm diameter and 70 mm diameter. The shield, also by Tenshodo, is 26 x 32 mm.

As Akihiko shows, they were issued as a set, with the paper wrapper shown. It appears they were available also individually, in cellophane wrappers, also shown.

I have deleted the old listings for 1964-x22 and 1964-x52, and will not re-use those numbers.

x10. Japanese matchbox labels

The eBay seller said these were Japanese matchbox labels from the 1964 Games.

Could be, they look more modern than the ones from the 1940 Games.


x11. MATCHBOX SKILLETS - History of the Summer Olympics to 1964

These look like "skillets" to me - the design is printed directly onto the box, rather than onto a label that is then stuck onto the box, so they stretch the topic of this site, but...

Missing images for 1896, 1900, 1904, 1908. There were no Games in 1916, 1940, and 1944, but the Summer Olympiad count was incremented.

The second label, HAMA SHIN, looks like it is not a part of the set, but it does refer to the 1964 Tokyo Games.

8/1/8/19 - Akihiko Kanda sent the following information about these:


Center:Official Olympic Posters
Left:Logo of DAIWA BANK
Right:Explanation of 18th Tokyo Olymic Posters
Center:Competition schedule of 18th Tokyo Olymic
Left:Olympic posters of each country / Explanation of Olymic Posters of 17th Rome
Upper:Explanation of Olymic Posters of 5th Stockholm / 7th Antwerp / 8th Paris
Right:Explanation of Olymic Posters of 9th Amsterdam / 10th Los Angeles / 11th Berlin
Left:Explanation of Olymic Posters of 16th Melbourne / 15th Helsinki / 14th London
Size: Box :143x115x12mm, Each Matchbox :47x56x9mm

Thanks, Akihiko!




x12. Labels with Olympic medals, "Tokyo 1964"

The labels in those 2 source images looked promising, but when I looked for more examples, I found the other images. The 16 labels are used as decorative elements on sheets of Polish postage stamps issued in 1965 to honor Polish medal winners (Scott 1355-62), so they're in a very grey area as poster stamps. You decide.

x13. Metallic label, Runners, Tokyo 1964

I think I found this on eBay, but can't find the auction now - looks like embossing and printing on gold foil. Could be part of a set covering multiple Olympics. Or?


x15. Russia - USSR - Lottery ticket - 1964

I've said elsewhere that I do NOT consider lottery tickets valid entries in this catalog, but if you choose to include them in your collection as collateral items, that's up to you. I liked this one enough that I bought it.

Original Source image, Feldman auction

Additional images,


Additional images,

x16. Latvian matchbox labels - Student Sports Games 1964

Sport figures in beige against black background, red or blue box at top left with Olympic rings and Cyrillic text, blue or red bar at bottom. Small text at bottom says Latvian PSR (Latvian SSR) Comet Factory and 50 matches.

Cyrillic text in shield - СТУДЕНТЕСКН Е ИГРЫ 1964 (Student Games 1964)
Text at top - STUDENTU (Student)
Text in bar - SPORTA SPELES 1964 (Sports Games in 1964)

Probably part of a set of 16 or 20, one per sport event.

a. Table tennis
b. Weightlifting
c. Volley ball

3/6/19 - As improbable as it seems to me, there may be only the three labels shown. Today a long search on the www for more turned up the three group images, but all the labels shown are the same three designs!

x18. Ile Roy fantasy stamp on card



According to Report #4 of the Salm Foundation, Ile Roy stamps are "1976-1980 French restaurant advertising publicity labels resembling stamps. Created by Auguste Bourdi for the dining establishment in Lyon."

1/8/17 - Philippe Pavard supplied the following information:

ILE ROY is not a country, not a town but just an island on the French river Saône, near the french town Lyon, with no house, no resident, no post office, no mayor, etc. ... All are forbidden by law. In winter the island is flooded. Only a restaurant "The Crusoe Guinguette" is permitted from May to October. It's a strict nature reserve for animals, flowers, plants named, in French, "Zone Naturelle d'Intérêt Écologique, Faunistique et Floristique"(ZNIEFF) The island is divided between 2 neighbouring towns: Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or and Fontaines-sur-Saône. The restaurant of the great french star chef Paul Bocuse is in Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or.

Thanks, Phil.

If the Salm report quoted above is correct, this does not belong on this page, it should be listed with the 1976 or 1980 material. HOWEVER, HERE IS AN IMAGE of one of the ILE ROY stamps on a cover postmarked 1969, so that report is in error, and I think this could have been issued in 1964. It remeains here.


x20. Small stamp with pink background, multi-colored Olympic rings at center, one line of Japanese text in blue above, two lines in black below.

These were in a large lot in a Feldman auction, with the 1964 items (image at far left), but no description. The size is a bit smaller than 58 & 59 (the two stamps at top middle), say 20x25mm (vignette). What are they?

7/5/19 - Akihiko Kanda, our new accomplice in Tokyo, supplied the image of a complete sheet of these labels, and tells us "This is a sheetlet of 20 promotion stamps from Bank of Tokyo. The Japanese text of top line reads 'Five rings connecting the people,' and the bottom two lines 'Connecting the world, Bank of Tokyo".'


x21. Japan Air Lines mailing label


I love this item. The Air Japan mailing label is great, it's on a great envelope from the JOC, with a great meter stamp. And then there's the letter - you have to read it!

x23. Set of 16 Soviet matchbox labels

Athletes pictured all won medals in Tokyo or Innsbruck

1964-x24 thru x34
1964-x24 thru x35
x24 thru 34. Sportvereinigung Dynamo Donation Stamps

Fund-raising stamps for East German sports organization

1/20/17 - I found the TOKIO stamp on a recent eBay auction, and a lot of poking around on the www led me to, where I found the complete set. The stamps are numbered, 1 thru 11, though the numbers can be hard to see - they are always somewhere near the "D."

Note that the CORTINA stamp is listed in the DuBois catalog and on the 1956-Cortina page of this site as 1956-W-12. DuBois suggested it might be part of a set - he was correct.

According to Wikipedia:

The Sportvereinigung Dynamo (Dynamo Sports Association) was the sport organization of the security agencies (Volkspolizei, Ministry for State Security and customs) of former East Germany.

East Germany was obsessed with fund-raising stamps and other non-postal labels. Visit for an illustrated catalog of over 13,000 "Contribution, donation and fee stamps of the SBZ and the GDR." All of the East German stamps on this page are listed there. Navigation is a bit tricky, but it's well worth the effort to figure it out. The site's author has done an excellent job.


x36. Large rectangular label - Germany
Olympic rings and Japanese flag at top, "XVIII. OLYMPISCHE SPIELE - TOKIO 1964" ("18th Olympic Games" in German) beneath, Color photo image of two Judo wrestlers.

The perfs look like they are die-cuts, rather than actual perforations.

6/12/17 - eBay item - description = "Worldwide - Olympics cinderella labels"

Size approx. 51x82mm

This looks to me like part of a sheet of multiple designs, one per Olympiad, but I can find no other examples, so for now I am placing it here, and on the UNSOLVED MYSTERIES page.

8/11/17 - I found the First Day Cover at left on eBay! The image is exactly the same, and the cover is postmarked October 10, 1964, the Opening Day of these Games. So the stamp belongs here, and only here.

1964-x37 thru x48
1964-x37 thru x48

1964-x48a through e

x37 thru 48. Armeesportvereinigung Vorwärts(ASV) Donation Stamps
(Army Sports Club Forward)

Fund-raising stamps for East German sports organization showing 1964 DDR Olympic medal-winners - Each of the twelve stamps at left was issued in five colors and denominations - black, brown, red, blue, green/violet and .20, .50, 1-, 2-, 3-. The last image shows a skier, so belongs on the 1964 Innsbruck page, but I am showing it only here, since it is part of the set.

There were many more designs for athletes in non-Olympic events. Full details HERE.

According to Wikipedia:

The Armeesportvereinigung Vorwärts (Army Sports Club Forward), was the sport organization of the German Democratic Republic's National People's Army (NVA) and its predecessor, the Barracked People's Police (Kasernierte Volkspolizei).

Together with the sport clubs and the Sportvereinigung Dynamo, the ASV was one of the most important supports of the GDR's achievement sport system. From their clubs in Potsdam, Frankfurt (Oder), Neubrandenburg, Stralsund or Rostock emerged well-known sportsmen like the boxer Henry Maske or the canoeist Birgit Fischer.

In almost every city with barracks or other army installations the ASV kept a training center. Apart from providing the training equipment, the most important task of the local sections was the promotion of youth sports.

The uniform ASV tracksuit, brown polyamide with yellow and red stripes on the arms and the oval ASV emblem on the left chest, attained very popular cult status amongst youth after the German reunification.

East Germany was obsessed with fund-raising stamps and other non-postal labels. Visit for an illustrated catalog of over 13,000 "Contribution, donation and fee stamps of the SBZ and the GDR." All of the East German stamps on this page are listed there. Navigation is a bit tricky, but it's well worth the effort to figure it out. The site's author has done an excellent job.

x49. Italian label for philatelic exhibition in Rimini

9/26/17 - At top: Olympic rings; in center: circle with "VERSO TOKYO 1964" across it; at bottom: RIMINI, ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE DI FILATELIA SPORTOLIMPICA - 23 GIUGNO - 8 lUGLIO 1964


Blue on white

size: 32x45mm (vignette)

x50. Tokyo Games emblem on package label (?)

1/5/18 -

The eBay seller of this item had no information about it, but the label is stuck to cellophane, which suggests to me it was a label on the packaging of some souvenir item from these Games. Further information is welcome.

Red & gold on white

size: 50x88mm = 2" x 3.5" (overall, approx.)
(That's a one Euro coin next to the label, diameter 23.25mm, about an inch)




x51. TOPO Sport Belgian matchbox labels, jumbo size, Belgian professional cyclists, Olympic rings

2/3/18: - White paper with thin black border enclosing red Olympic rings; each circle holds a head shot of a Belgian cyclist of the period 1950 to 1964, their names next to the circles; at bottom left, "TOPO Sport" above tiny Olympic rings; at bottom right, name of profesional cycling team, such as "Wiel's Groene Leeuw" (Wiel's Green Lion), Flandria, Romeo - these are all the names of the sponsor companies or products. These cyclists could have competed in the Olympics at some time between 1952 to 1964. All turned pro. Images and most text in black.

Size: 80x64mm

51a - St. De Smet, Walter Godefroot, Benoni Beheyt, De Smet II, R. Van Meenen; team/sponsor = "Wiel's Groene Leeuw"
51b - De Smet I, Benoni Beheyt, Eddy Pauwels, De Smet II, R. Van Meenen; team/sponsor = "Wiel's Groene Leeuw"
51c - G. De Smet I, Benoni Beheyt, G. De Smet II, St. De Smet, J. B. Claes; team/sponsor = "Wiel's Groene Leeuw"

According to Wikipedia:
Groene Leeuw (English: Green Lion) was a Belgian professional cycling team that existed from 1945 to 1969. Its main sponsor was Belgian bicycle manufacturer Groene Leeuw. Among the various co-sponsors was the Belgian beer Wiel's.

The eBay seller listing 51a said they dated to 1964, so I am listing them here. Godefroot medaled in the 1964 Games, so that fits, but all of the others turned pro before 1962.

2/6/18 - Philippe Pavard points out that only three of the cyclists on these labels actually competed in the Olympics -

- Gustaaf de Smet, 1956 Olympics(24th)
- Benoni Beheyt, 1960 Olympics (7th)
- Walter Godefroot, 1964 Olympics (bronze medal)
So these are optional items for this collection. The Olympic rings are there, but the athletes were not all Olympians. It's up to you.

3/3/2018 - Philippe sent me links to many more of these on (check it out), so I am displaying those immediately below, sorted by team/sponsor. Some differ in very minor ways, but I have tried to show as many different ones as I could identify. As you will note, labels were issued not just for Groene Leeuw, but also for others of the cycling teams of that era, and there are labels with a newer format, so presumably those were issued later. There were at least ten Belgian cycling teams during that era (1950 to 1964), and at least 100 riders, so there could be many more labels.

As I stated above, these are peripheral or optional items for this collection, I do not plan to add to this display.

TOPO Sport matchbox labels with Olympic rings

*** I have been unable to learn anything about TOPO Sport - was it just a matchbox brand? Anyone? ***
As for the use of the Olympic rings, it appears these labels were produced before the IOC got serious about protecting its symbols, and these have no official connection with the Olympics.
BTW - Cycling is HUGE in Belgium, as in most of Europe, so there are many internet sites devoted to various aspects of the sport, including detailed history of all the cyclists and teams. Check it out.

FAEMINO - Squadra MAGEC flandria


Wiel's - Groene Leeuw



2/28/18 -

x53. Decal

Round red, white, and blue decal with US Olympic shield and crossed oars.

Size: 4" diameter

1964-x54 a & b
3/16/18 -

x54. Matchbox label

1964 г.

Factory "Baltic" at Liepaja (Latvia), 60 pieces, 1 kopec

Sea-blue background, map of Japan in yellow, text in black:
"1964" at top, Olympic rings below, "TOKYO" in Russian,
black circle to mark Tokyo on map, large script "B" lower center,
name of factory and "60 pieces, 1 Kopec" in Russian at bottom.

3/5/2019 - I found the second version, on the right, with no yellow - Japan is the white of the paper.
BUT WAIT! Japan is upside-down! So the paper was rotated 180 degrees when they printed the black text.

10/17/18 -

x55. Small rectangular seal, red ink on gold foil

Silhouette of Mt. Fuji at left, Olympic rings at right.
"For 1964 Tokyo Olympics" at bottom left"
"Olympic Youth Conference" at right.

Size: 42mm x 22mm

I found a few references to the Olympic Youth Conference in documents of the Tokyo Olympics, but no details about what it was.


Scott 1585 with tabs

Scott 1585 imperf, with tabs

02/22/2019 -

x56. Decorative label/tab at bottom of sheet of Hungarian stamps for 1st European Bowling Champoinship

red on white

I think the reference to Rimini is for a philatelic exhibition there - see other Rimini labels above. So someone in that stamp club must have had CLOSE ties with Italian Post.

This stamp is part of a large set of commemorative stamps issued that year, all with the text "ÉVFORDULÓK ESEMÉNYEK" = "ANNIVERSARY EVENTS." But this is the only one with a marginal inscription like this. I guess it was chosen because it has a sports theme - though there were three others, one for basketball, one for fencing, and one for running. It must have been the date of issue that decided which - this one was issued June 15, 1964, right before the exhibition dates on the label.

This is one of the earliest examples of what has since become a common practice, adding decorative labels to sheets of stamps. Detached from the stamps, they can look like ordinary Cinderellas. A fun specialty, if you know what they are.

The imperf version is scarce, and attractive, but of course the tab is no longer separable, so it's not a Cinderealla any more, and has even less place in this listing.


As for the elephant, The statue and obelisk are in Catania, Sicily.
"The Elephant fountain, assembled in 1736 by Giovanni Battista Vaccarini, a black volcanic stone elephant statue topped by an ancient Egyptian obelisk from Aswan."

04/01/19 -

x57. Vertical poster stamp:


Images of planes flying above elephant statue (!?), Olympic rings.

SIZE not stated.

Italian air show - SPECIAL FLIGHT

As for the Olympic rings:
CAMPIONATI NAZ. UNIVERSITARI = The National University Championships are an event organized annually by the Italian University Sports Center (CUSI) and organized by the various University Sports Centers (CUS).

All students enrolled in any degree program of a University recognized by the Ministry of Education can participate, within a certain age limit. Participants also enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Conservatory

They take place every year in two different sessions, the winter one in January for the winter games and the spring one in May for the other disciplines. They are like an olympiad of all the various sports, including tennis, 5-a-side football, rugby, basketball, athletics, beach tennis, beach volley, etc. and are hosted each year by a different city. Each university can participate with a number of students that varies according to the discipline. The week of games is not only an opportunity to see the best athletes of each university but also an opportunity to meet and play. Everything starts with an opening ceremony the night before the start of the races and ends the following weekend with the awards. Not only sport but also a lot of fun and goliardic spirit.

7/7/19 - Akihiko Kanda pointed out that this is the 12th stamp on the sheet 1964-88, above!

04/01/19 -

x58. At right, Olympic torch; in center, a circle with Olympic rings and "1964 Tokyo"

Size not stated.

This looks to me like another decorative label from a postal issue, but so far I cannot find another example.
Stay tuned.



04/01/19 -

x59. Decorative labels on postage stamps of Israel (Scott 269-262)

It is EXTREMELY unlikely that you will find these separated from their stamps, as these "tabs" are always present at the bottom of sheets of Israeli stamps, and stamps with the tab still attached sell for a sizeable premium.

But, just in case. And do they belong here at all? Their origin is postal, so maybe not. It's up to you.

04/01/19 -

x60. Summer Olympics JAPAN Olympic flag - 1964 ISRAEL TEL AVIV Internationa Trade Fair label with Winged Camel

This looks like a matchbox label, but the size was not stated.

7/6/19 - self-adhesive sticker

New contribution from Akihiko Kanda.

Created by Kinokuniya, a famous book store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Circle-shaped,Self-adhesive, Imperf, Size 70 mm diameter

Olympic torch in center

On the back is a description of the torch and torch relay
It says "Please affix this label in your album" - what album was that?



7/6/19 - gummed stickers

New contribution from Akihiko Kanda.

These were included in chocolates of the Meiji Confectionery.
The Meiji Confectionary is one of Japan's most famous makers.
These include the text "1964 Tokyo" and the popular Japanese cartoon character "Tetsuwan Atom" (Astro Boy) with a torch.

Left: 34x44 mm
Right: 34x48 mm
Other variations exist.

7/6/19 - self-adhesive stickers

New contribution from Akihiko Kanda.

Source unknown.
Could be prizes in candy packages, or lottery prizes from a candy story.

Only one sticker in a sheet is Olympic-related, with the letters "1964 Tokyo", laurel leaves, Japanese national flag, and sports designs.

The other stickers are about Japanese professional baseball teams, Airlines, National flags,Cartoon characters,etc.

All are non-official.

Size of Sheet: 80 x 150 mm
Each sticker: 35 x 43 mm
At least two more variations exists.
Akihiko says he has a sheet missing two stickers including Olympic related shown here, and Sports design of weight-lifting .

1964-x64 a thru d
08/18/19 -

x64. Four private matchbox labels from Akihiko Kanda.

These are matchbox labels made by Japanese collectors.
Collector's names are "Teiichi Yoshizawa","Hiroshi Higashizuka","Hisashi Taihata."
I do not know that matchboxes with these labels were made.
84x55mm, 84x56mm, 73x110mm, 55x83mm



08/18/19 -

X65. Plastic "Piggy Bank"

Also from Akihiko Kanda. Not a label or sticker or stamp, but so cute I just had to show it here.

It was created by Tokai Bank (now MUFG) - On the three sides the labels with miniatures of the official Olympic posters are attached.

Overall: The long side of the triangle is 60mm, the short side is 47mm, and the height is 90mm.
(Swiming,Runner): 57x78mm
(Olympic Logo): 45x78mm


8/18/19 - Akihiko provided the following translation of the text:

Left, vertical text:

一、この領収証は募金 の正確を期するための ものでありますからな くしたりよごしたりし ないよう取扱いにご注 意願います。
二、領収証は募金額に 応じ必ずその都度切取 って応募者にお渡し下 さい。

Handling precautions
1. This receipt is for the purpose of ensuring the accuracy of the fundraising, so please be careful not to lose it or stain it.
2. Make sure to cut out the receipt according to the amount raised and give it to the donor.
Each receipt:
第一回オリンピック募 金
 東京オリンピック資 ;金財団
 全国郵便切手売捌組 ;合連合会

1st Donation for Olympics
The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association
Sponsorship:Federation of national postage stamp sales association
08/18/19 -

x66. Donation receipts.

Also from Akihiko Kanda. This is a sheet of 10 donation receipts for 1964- 26, 88, 89, 90, and 91. So if you purchased any of those fund-raising labels, you got one of these receipts!

Size: Sheet 162x59mm, Each receipt 25x30mm

Akihiko comments that these are not labels, in that they are not gummed, and were not distributed as souvenirs, but I think their provenance gives them a definite place here.

Akihiko added:
The 10 yen donation for Tokyo Olympics was done four times.
Those memorabilia are 1964-26(2nd), 88, 89, 90,91(2nd).
So 1st -4th receipts exist.

1964-x67 a thru d    

UNOFFICIAL Luggage label:

08/18/19 -

x67. Official Luggage labels, issued by the Organizing Committee.

According to the Official report: "The Organizing Committee ... had prepared tags or labels to be put on the hand-baggages and separate parcels, as well as on materials needed for the Games to distinctly indicate that they belonged to the athletes."

These are not gummed, so I would consider them peripheral entries in this catalog, but their size and direct connection with these Games make them attractive additions to a collection.

02/15/2022 - I found the one at the bottom at left, for "GREAT BRITAINS'S TEAM" - apparently they didn't get the official ones, or didn't like them or whatever.

06/16/2020 -

x68. Czech decal (water slide/transfer)

Czech flag, Olympic rings, grape leaf (?).

SIZE: 85 x 60 mm

06/16/2020 -

x69. Square self-adhesive label for NIPPON EXPRESS

SIZE: 90x90mm

At left, the Olympic logo for 1964,

Routing label for luggage, etc. transported to the Games via NIPPON EXPRESS, the Japanese shipping company. There should be similar labels for WOMEN, right?

1964-x70 & x71  
1964-x70 & 71
06/16/2020 -

x70 & x71: Japanese matchbox labels

SIZE: each about 2" square

1964昭和39年 東京
オリンピック記念預金 ;募集中

1964 Showa 39 Tokyo (Showa 39 is year 1964 in Japanese calendar)
Looking for Olympic Commemorative Deposit
Kakegawa Shinkin Bank (Shinkin = Shinyo Kinko)

Images and translation courtesy of our Tokyo correspondent, Akihiko Kanda.

06/16/2020 -

x72. tall vertical Hungarian Matchbox label,
image of Japanese woman in traditional dress,
"OLIMPIAI" at top, "JATEKOK" at bottom, "TOKIO 1964" at center.
red & brown on cream-colored paper.

SIZE: 29x68mm

06/16/2020 -

x73. square label (?) with reproduction of runner from one of the 1964 Tokyo posters.

SIZE: about 2.5" square

This one puzzled me for a long time - it is an obvious cutout, but from what?
My Paris correspondent Philippe Pavard figured it out - it's from the package label at center, from a set of the notorious Italian Panini stickers! Shame on me!

02/15/2022 -

x74. Parking stickers for 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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