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1968 - X Winter Games - Grenoble

Feb 6, 1968 - Feb 18, 1968


Official Poster & Official Emblem for 1968 Winter Games in Grenoble

The emblem represents a snow crystal and three red roses (the symbol of Grenoble), and the Olympic rings.

N.B. - Contributions to these pages are welcomed.
If you can supply images (300dpi scans) of the actual label for any that are missing below,
or better images or information, please send to:





1964 - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo
1968 - XIX Olympiad - Mexico City
1972 - XX Olympiad - Munich

1924 - I Winter Games - Chamonix
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1932 - III Winter Games - Lake Placid
1936 - IV Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1940 - V Winter Games - Sapporo
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      - V Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1944 - V Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1948 - V Winter Games - St Moritz
1952 - VI Winter Games - Oslo
1956 - VII Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1960 - VIII Winter Games - Squaw Valley
1964 - IX Winter Games - Innsbruck
1968 - X Winter Games - Grenoble
1972 - XI Winter Games - Sapporo

      - Workers' Olympics

CLICK HERE to view the 1968-Grenoble section of the DuBois catalog as a pdf.

The following poster stamps and labels were issued for the 1968 Winter Games in Grenoble

Click on any image below to open an enlarged version in a separate window/tab

DuBois # Dubois images Images of actual label(s) DuBois description
TEXT IN COURIER FONT is from DuBois Catalog.
Text in other fonts is this author's.


1. GRENOBLE/ across top; below the latter: Olympic rings and a large, stylized snowflake (29mm) in white; below snowflake; 19 to left & 68 to right.

29x45mm(40x52mm,overall); text & rings are red, background is yellow
imperf ... $2.00

(Same design as that of No.1 of 1964 - INNSBRUCK)


02/15/2022 - IS THIS IT?
Not sure where I found this, nor its size, nor if it's gummed.

Czech pin with same design
Are these the colors of the label too?
All DuBois says is "multicolored."


2. Adhesive Label: ZIMNI OLIMPIJSKE HRY 1968/ across top; a large "GRENOBLE" below(l9mm high); to the right of the latter: a Czechoslovakian flag, Olympic rings and a sprig of laurel (rings are interlaced as on official Olympic flag) 80x26mm, imperf, multicolored ... Rare

(Translation: Olympic winter Games)

See 1968 Mexico City page for a similar Czech label - 1968-44.

1968W-03 and 03a


1968W-03a thru 03h

1968W-03a partial sheet


3. Xth JEUX OLYMPIQUES D'HIVER/ across top; FRANCE 1968/ GRENOBLE/ at left, near bottom;
vignette: three flags, on poles, including French & Olympic Flags.

24x35mm, perf 11, multicolored ... Rare

That third flag is a mystery. There is LOTS of information on the www about flags, and I could find none that matches that one. It is not the flag of Grenoble or its region.

3a. Same as #3 but has following text above vignette:


... Rare

It turns out there are many varieties of 03a, eight of which are shown at left. I suspect there are more.
They differ in the texts at the top, advertisements for products, places, or services, and they do not seem especially rare.

Some have perforations between the upper text and the design.
After that tab has been torn off, one is left with 1968W-03.
So that begs the question, does 1968W-03 exist in sheet format without the tab?

9/14/18 - I found the second image of 1968W-03, with selvage, so we can say now that the stamps exists WITHOUT the tab.

10/10/18 - I found the THIRD image of 1968W-03, with blank tabs! It appears someone was having fun with this stamp.

3/18/19 - BELOW - Full sheets of 03 & 03a


Listing in Ukrainian catalog


1968W-04 - Ukrainian Government in Exile - Pidpilna Poshta - Underground Post

4. Ukrainian Fund Label ("30" in lower right corner):
FREEDOM FOR UKRAINE/ at top border; WINTER OLYMPIAD FEB. 1968/ down right border; Ukrainian text on left border & bottom border; GRENOBLE FRANCE/ in a panel near top;

Vignette: Olympic rings with torch on top; beneath the latter, a down-hill skier.

24x34.5mm, perf 1l.5

Colors as follows:

a) orange-brown vignette, green border & texts
b) black vignette, bright orange border & texts
c) gray vignette, carmine border & texts
d) rose-pink vignette, violet border & texts
e) light blue vignette, olive-brown border & texts
--- (c,d,&e seen as se-tenant strip of three)
f) blue vignette, rose-red border & texts
g) light purple vignette, yellow-olive border & texts
h) olive green vignette, pink border & texts
--- (f,g,&h seen as se-tenant strip of three and also irnperf as a se-tenant strip of three, at bottom of a sheet).
Other bi-colored labels exist ... $1.00 each

Sheet Format (of type 4 labels):

Sheets come with two colors of text below labels, gray and light green, stating "WINTER OLYMPIAD/1968 - (Ukrainian text) - 1968."

Perf & imperf sheets of nine(3x3) exist with diff. color arrangement from that of Nos.4a to 4h,presented above: Color of vignette is simply a darker complementary shade of the border & text color, as follows (border & text color given): Position 1 - turquoise-green, 2 - rose pink, 3 - light blue, 4 - salmon pink, 5 - lavender, 6 - light yellow-brown, 7 - gray, 8 - light rose-pink, 9 - yellow olive

Strip of 3 se-tenant ... $5.00
Block of 6 different ... $10.00




5. French Souvenir Sheet

GRENOBLE/1968/ above center; Xes JEUX OLYMPIQUES D'HIVER/ above a wavy line, across bottom; five snowflakes down both sides;

vignette: two labels, to left & right, with "logo" of Grenoble between, left label is red, right one is green; both labels have text "ILE ROY" & "AU ROI DE L'ILE" (The King of the Island).

122x84mm (overall sheet), imperf, blue design(except for the two labels)

... $5.00

5a. Same as 5, but the two vignettes have swapped sides.

According to the Salm Report #4, a compilation of fantasy stamps from the Collectors Club of Chicago, the ILE ROY fantasies date from 1976-1980, but HERE IS A COVER bearing one, and postmarked 1969, so that report is in error, and 1968W-05 could have been issued in 1968, so it remains here.



6. GRENOBLE 1968 / Xes JEUX OLYMPIQUES D'HIVER (Olympic Winter Games)/ at bottom; "SEITA 201"/ up, at upper left.

Vignette: the logo of the Grenoble Games, which is a stylized "three roses outside rose tree leaves in a snow crystal"/ Olympic rings (interlaced as on official Olympic flag).

65mm square (overall), imperf, the three roses are solid red circles, the rest of design is white on a deep dull blue background ... $3.00

(Without gum, may be a self-adhesive)

SEITA was the French state-owned tobacco monopoly at that time, and other labels I have seen with their name on them were matchbox labels. Is this a matchbox label?



7. A smaller, self-adhesive version of No.6, without text.

28x39mm (overall design), imperf, dull blue color ... $1.00



8. GRENOBLE 1968/ across bottom. Vignette copies the "logo & ring" poster of the Grenoble Games quite accurately, as follows:

I. Three solid-red circles, with five outer-edge segments; a pale blue, five- segmented edging around the red circles (or stylized roses).
II. Six white rose-tree leaves amid a six-pointed snow crystal; edges and interior are pale blue.
III. Five white Olympic rings, below; pale blue inner and outer border on rings, of same width as white portions; upper middle ring partially obscured by lower "red-rose."

80x119mm(overall design portion), 80x124mm( overall, including a 3mm wide pull- off, horizontal tab at top of label), color is a shade of blue intermediate to the blue colors of label Nos. 6 & 7.

An imperf self-adhesive label, 81x125mm (overall, including paper backing that is visible at edges) ... $5.00

Note: See label Nos. 5, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 16 for other logo labels.

1968W-09 a,b,c,etc.

1968W-09 a thru ...

1968W-x18 and x19

1968W-09 a thru infinity - Ads for suppliers to the Games

9. A French Self-adhesive:

Xes JEUX OLYMPIQUES D'HIVER / in upper margin; GRENOBLE 1968/ in lower margin; FOURNISSEUR SELECTIONNE (Tradesman Selection)/ in panel between the two texts, white on blue;

vignette: logo above and rings below panel.

18x23.5 mm, imperf.

Color: margin texts are blue, snowflake & rings are white, three logo circles are red, bgrnd blue ... Rare

A better translation of FOURNISSEUR SÉLECTIONNÉ is "Selected Supplier."

This was an ad for a company chosen to provide goods or services for these Games, of which there were many, as you can see from the lower image at left. The labels differ in size, shape, and arrangement of the elements - logo, rings, etc. - but all are the same concept. I am choosing not to list them individually. Note that the text on the ribbon varies - most say FOURNISSEUR OFFICIEL (Official Supplier), a few say FOURNISSEUR EXCLUSIF, etc. Some are generic, while others name a company or product.

5/13/18 - two more, x18 and x19.

1968W-10 a thru f



1968W-10 a thru f

10. 3.Olympische Spiele 1968 / Nordische Kombination / down right side; ANDREAS KUNZ / across bottom; "1-" at upper left; vignette portrait of Andreas Kunz (an East German who placed third in the Nordic Combined event).

26x26mm, perf 11.5, color: orange bgrnd, white text & portrait ... Rare

(This is probably one of a series of labels)

DuBois deduced correctly that the stamp he listed was part of a series. I found five more from the same source, all shown at left. All were sold to raise funds for the Dynamo sports organization of East Germany. The athletes shown participated in the 1968 Winter Olympics.

BUT WAIT - the third row shows Ralph P÷hland, a Nordic Combined skiier who was supposed to compete for the DDR at Grenoble, but defected to West Germany in January. His stamp had already been issued, but was quickly withdrawn, and replaced with the generic Grenoble stamp next to it.

SO we have -
a. Andreas Kunz - placed third in Nordic Combined skiing
b. Manfred Queck - placed fourth in Normal Hill ski jump
c. Steiner & Walther - Heinz-Ulrich Walther & Heidemarie Steiner placed fourth in Pairs Skating
d. Olympic gold medal on blue background
e. Ralph P÷hland - Nordic Combined skier who defected to the West
f. Olympic torch, rings, text - GRENOBLE 1968

These are all DDR Sportvereinigung Dynamo Donation Stamps

According to Wikipedia:

The Sportvereinigung Dynamo (Dynamo Sports Association) was the sport organization of the security agencies (Volkspolizei, Ministry for State Security and customs) of former East Germany.

East Germany was obsessed with fund-raising stamps and other non-postal labels. Visit for an illustrated catalog of over 13,000 "Contribution, donation and fee stamps of the SBZ and the GDR." All of the East German stamps on this page are listed there. Navigation is a bit tricky, but it's well worth the effort to figure it out. The site's author has done an excellent job.


1967 factories
(Note "1967" in lower tight corner)

1968 factories
(Note "1968" in lower tight corner)


Nos. 11,12&13, below, are matchbox labels (Ukrainian[sic]):

11. Ukrainian text, in red, around logo; two lines of text across bottom, in blue. Vignette: logo in usual colors (see label #6). 29x41mm, imperf ... Rare

12. Ukrainian text, in red, across most of top & bottom; two lines of text down right side. Vignette: five Olympic rings with logo snowflake in central ring (the usual three red circles), a mountainous view in background (colored blue & white with red-brown coloring above mountains). 43.5x29.5mm, imperf ... Rare

13 1968, in red / two lines of Ukrainian text, in blue / across bottom; Vignette: red & pink flames above a panel containing mountain peaks above a line of Ukr. text; logo, in usual colors, below panel. 29.5x43mm, imperf ... Rare

Why did DuBois think these are Ukrainian labels? They are not, they are Russian. The factories where they were produced are in Russia, and the text is all Russian.

They were issued first in 1967 (5 factories), then reissued in 1968 (9 factories). Details here.

Text on matches:
At bottom - factory and city name, series number(1820-56), etc.

Note that each factory (except one for each year - though not the same one!) has its own cute little logo, so you don't need to read Russian to tell them apart!

1967: Factory "Red Star"; Borisov Combine; Gomel Combine; Factory "Victory"; Factory "Revput".

1968: Slobodian Combine; Factory "1 May"; Barnaul factory; Gomel Combine; Factory "Lighthouse"; Pinsk Combine; Factory "Proletarian Banner"; Factory "Siberia"; Turin factory.


Listing in Ukrainian catalog



1968W-14 - Pidpilna Poshta - Ukrainian Underground Post - Government in Exile

14. Ukrainian text across top & bottom; vignette: logo snowflake to both left & right sides of central figure of a female figure skater; "30" at lower right corner.

41x24mm, perf 11.5, colors: carmine-lake & light gray ... Rare

14a. Same design as #14 but imperf & colors are brown-purple & light gray-blue ... Rare

As you can see from the images at left, there are two designs, mirror images of each other, and many colors. There could be more.



15. Finland, "Combo" Label: MEXICO CITY, (Flag of Finland), & GRENOBLE/ below, down left, across bottom, up right. Vignette: a red flame above a gold "flame-holder" with white Olympic rings

22x32mm, 25.5x37.5mm(overall), text is blue ....... Rare



16. Poland, Local Label: GRENOBLE 1969/ above; SZCZECIN / across bottom. Vignette: a snowflake, as on Grenoble logo; "P" / on left; "H" on right; Olympic rings/ below. 33x50mm, imperf, white design on pink background, invisible gum ... Rare

(Szczecin is a city in NW Poland, also known as "Stettin")

See 1964-x08 for a pair of similar labels from the same source.

As Roman Babut explains there, these are "Scout Post" labels (P.H. stands for Poczta Harcerska = Scout Post) and these were printed by local scouts and sold to raise funds for their outings. Sold at stamps shows and other events, they paid to have a scout carry one's mail to the local post office.

Shown at left, an example of a such a cover, with the label tied! Thanks, Roman.



17. Same as sheet No.98 of the "1964 - Tokyo" section except GREN0BLE 1968 is added across top of each label.

Several thousand labels remained in stock after the 1964 Games. The remainders were overprinted "GRENOBLE 1968" or "MEKSYK 1968" and the entire issue was eventually sold out.
... $1/label
... $10/sheet

Note: See No. 97 of "1968 - Mexico City" section for other overprint


The following labels were not listed in the DuBois catalog. Further additions are welcomed.

New number Related images & text Images of actual label(s) Description and comments
1968W-x01 1968W-x01 - Hotel label

Blue background, gold border, three red roses (symbol of Grenoble) top left, "1968 GRENOBLE" is large white type at lower middle, "hotel de SAVOIE - ***a brasserie - tel:44-00-20" in small gold type above, "Xes JEUX OLYMPIQUES D'HIVER" in black type at bottom.

Size: 99x70mm (vignette)

1968W-x02 1968W-x02

This looks like a much-abused copy of 1968W-x06 - see below.

1968W-x03 1968W-x03

Size:4.4" x 2.3"

1968W-x04   1968W-x04

Decal for Corgi Winter Olympic Edition station wagon, 1968

I'm putting this here somewhat jokingly. The decal is available today to hobbyists who want to restore their treasured toy cars, but in 1968 it was available only on the toy.

It's up to you.

1968W-x05 1968W-x05 - "CAR DECALS"

eBay lot dscription:
"2 unused car decals from the 1968 Winter Olympics. The decals measure 4.5 x 5 inches."


Burundi 226-232


Decorative label from Burundi postal issue, Scott Burundi 226-232 (see also 1968W-x20, below)

Since it has a postal origin, I consider this an optional or borderline entry in this catalog, but am including it so that a collector who runs across it will know what it is, and can decide whether or not to collect it.

ADDED 3/27/18
IDENTIFIED 7/12/2018

1968W-x07 1968W-x07 - a decal

Dimensions 8.4 X 9.5 cm overall, and 9.4 x 9.8 cm for the decal

(source unknown)

1968W-x08 a thru i

1968W-x08 a thru i

Nine labels depicting winter sports.

Top Image from a Feldman auction scan - no details provided - the width of the image is about 8 inches, so you can estimate the size of each label - about 2"x3.5", I'd say.

I see transparent backing, so these must be peel-and-stick labels.

2/20/2019 - I added g thru i, from delcampe.

1968W-x09, x10, x11     1968W-x09, x10, x11

Three labels/stickers from a David Feldman auction scan. The area shown in the source image is about 8" wide, so you can deduce the sizes of the individual items.

I see transparent backing, so these muse be peel-and-stick labels.

1968W-x12 1968W-x12 - large sticker
Source = Feldman auction

GRENOBLE 1968 - ...LE PRINCIPAL N'EST PAS DE VAINCRE MAIS DE PARTICIPER... (Pierre de Coubertin) - DON DE liquettes, falzars et galurins... LYON-GRENOBLE

GRENOBLE 1968 - ... THE PRINCIPAL IS NOT TO DEFEAT BUT TO PARTICIPATE ... (Pierre de Coubertin) - DONATION of liquets, falzars and galurins (clothing) ... LYON-GRENOBLE

Size: about 10" x 1"

See top of 1968-Mexico City page for story about selection of Mexico City and this slogan.

1968W-x13 1968W-x13 - SEITA matchbox label

Standard Grenoble Games logo on blue background above, GRENOBLE 1968 beneath (within background), Xes JEUX OLYMPIQUES D'HIVER in blue on white background at bottom. Tiny SEITA symbol at bottom left, "SEITA" at bottom right.


SEITA (SociÚtÚ d'exploitation industrielle des tabacs et des allumettes), was the former French state-owned tobacco monopoly. It merged in 1999 with its Spanish equivalent, Tabacalera, to form Altadis.



1968W-x14 and x15 - Esperanto labels

x14 - "VINTRAJ OLIMPIAJ LUDOJ" at top; "1968" at top right, Sky jumper at center left, against backdrop of moon and mountains, Olympic rings to right of jumper, "Esperanto" above green star in circle below jumper, "GRENOBLE" at bottom, "FRANCUJO" below at left, "alvokas vin" at bottom right.

x15 - "Esperanto" above green star at top left, Olympic rings at top right, "VINTRAJ OLIMPIAJ LUDOJ 1968" in small type below rings; Large image of Olympic torch, flame in bright red in center, "GRENOBLE" across center of torch, "FRANCUJO" on handle, backdrop of mountains at bottom, "alvokas vin" at bottom right.

Aproximate size of each label = 1" x 1.5"

Images from a David Feldman auction.

As you can see, as with most of the Esperanto labels, these were issued in many colors of ink and paper.

1968W-x16 1968W-x16 - large (address?) label


Size: about 3" x 5"

The name implies that this was created for use as part of the campaign to choose Grenoble as host city for these Olympics, a campaign that began in 1960, and ended in January, 1964, when the selection was made. So this label might belong with the 1960 or 1964 material. You decide.

Is it even a label? It might be a card.

1968W-x17 1968W-x17

Size: about 60x40mm - see Feldman auction image in 2nd column.


1968W-x20 (7/12/18)

Republique du Burundi
Decorative label from 1968 postal issue, Scott 226-232, Feb 16, 1968.

in top half of vertical rectangle;
snow-covered mountains in background;
multi-colored Olympic rings in lower half.

Since it has a postal origin, I consider this an optional or borderline entry in this catalog, but am including it so that a collector who runs across it will know what it is, and can decide whether or not to collect it.

7/12/2018 - This showed up on eBay, from seller ucta33, and the partial cancel tipped me off it was of postal origin.

I found the other images on - check out delcampe if you have not before. It is an excellent source of poster stamp - as well as philatelic - material.

See also 1968W-x06, above.


Romania Sc. 1951-7; Mi.2620-26; SG 3495-3501

Issued in sheetlets of 10 stamps and 5 labels.

1968W-x21 a thru g (7 colors of top border)
J.O. GRENOBLE and Olympic rings

Romania 1967 decorative label from postal issue, Sc. 1951-7; Mi. 2620-26; SG 3495-3501

8/30/18 - The single label at the top in the second column at left showed up on Ebay with the description:

France 1968 Grenoble "Olympics" Poster Label
Simple Winter Olympics label with Olympic Rings, approx. 1-1/4" x 1"

It looked familiar to me, but I could not remember where I had seen it - I looked through DuBois - no luck. So I emailed Philippe Pavard, my accomplice in Paris, and he recognized it as the decorative label from a Romanian postage stamp issue of 1967, images at left.

Since it has a postal origin, I consider this a very borderline entry in this catalog, but am including it so that a collector who runs across it will know what it is, and can decide whether or not to collect it.

Knowledge is power!

1968W-x22 10/10/18


Size: about 5" tall - see eBay auction image in 2nd column.

The eBay seller calls this a label, but it is large for that - more postcard size. ???


Clipping from
Bernie brochure



Size: unknown

Publicity label to support the bid of Fernie, BC, Canada, to host the 1968 Winter Games.

Green on white, airborne skier against mountain peaks, "1968" vertically at left, Olympic torch at right, "FERNIE, BC" at top, "PROPOSED SITE, WINTER OLYMPICS" at bottom.

1968W-x24, x25, x26     11/14/18

1968W-x24, x25, x26

Sizes: unknown

More ads - tedious

1968W-x27 a thru e

02/21/2019 & 12/28/2019

1968W-x27 a thru e

Self-adhesives for the various sites of skiing events for these Winter Games

Size: 11 x 6.6 cm overall, and 9.9 x 6.5 for the label.

Olympic rings, (site name) / GRENOBLE 1968
Dark red and silver on tan paper


Source: delcampe




Label with Grenoble Winter Games logo attached to front of New Year's card from French Olympic Committee.

Le ComitÚ d'Organisation des Jeux Olympiques d'hiver de Grenoble vous adresse ses meilleurs voeux pour 1968

The Organizing Committee for the Grenoble Olympic Winter Games wish you all the best for 1968

Size - guessing - 2 or 3 inches high.

1968W-x29 a thru ....








1968W-x29 various labels and decals

I found all of these on delcampe, seller kikila, and if I wait until I am in the mood to catalog each one individually, I will never do it, so I am adding them as a group. I think they speak for themselves. Most are still available as of this date (12/28/19).

Sizes vary, but all are in the 3 to 6 inch range.

The first one is the most interesting to me, since it seems to have some sort of official status. Some have no date, but the delcampe seller claims they belong here. You decide.



The little cartoon dude with a red face is Schuss:
Schuss, named for the sound a downhill skier makes when he speeds past, wasn't an official mascot, but he was branded on enough toys and mementos to be remembered as an essential part of the Games. Not everything is sexual, but you can't blame those who called Schuss the Skiing Sperm. 🙂

1968W-x30a & b   06/16/2020

1968W-x30a & b

Sizes: 11 cm diam

Cheese labels - Le Mondial and Premier d'Isigny




Size: not stated - probably about 12" across.

Bumper sticker for the 1963 bid by Lake Placid to host the 1968 Winter Games. They hosted in 1980 instead.

1968W-x32 thru x34


1968W-x32, x33, x34

Sizes: not stated

Three more labels, one for a wine bottle, one for a coffee jar, and one the "Outfitter" to the Austrian Olympic team.

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