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1896 - I Olympiad - Athens
1900 - II Olympiad - Paris
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1964 - IX Winter Games - Innsbruck


Official Poster & Official Emblem for 1964 Winter Games in Innsbruck

The logo represents the coat of arms of the City of Innsbruck, illustrating the bridge over the river Inn to which the city owes its name. The bridge and the five Olympic rings symbolize understanding between peoples and the friendship between the young athletes of the different countries who met there in 1964.

According to Wikipedia:

The games were opened by a concert performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, under the baton of Karl Böhm. Beethoven's 7th Symphony and Mozart's 40th Symphony were performed in the opening concert.

Normally snowy Innsbruck was threatened by a lack of snow. The Austrian army carved out 20,000 ice bricks from a mountain top and transported them to the bobsled and luge runs. They also carried 40,000 cubic meters of snow to the Alpine skiing courses. The army packed down the slopes by hand and foot.

Italian bobsleigh pilot Eugenio Monti distinguished himself by helping Britain's Tony Nash and Robin Dixon to win the gold medals when he loaned them an axle bolt to replace one that was broken. The Italians took bronze, but Monti was honored as the first recipient of the Pierre de Coubertin medal for sportsmanship.

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1964 - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo
1968 - XIX Olympiad - Mexico City
1972 - XX Olympiad - Munich

1924 - I Winter Games - Chamonix
1928 - II Winter Games - St Moritz
1932 - III Winter Games - Lake Placid
1936 - IV Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1940 - V Winter Games - Sapporo
      - V Winter Games - St Moritz
      - V Winter Games - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1944 - V Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1948 - V Winter Games - St Moritz
1952 - VI Winter Games - Oslo
1956 - VII Winter Games - Cortina d'Ampezzo
1960 - VIII Winter Games - Squaw Valley
1964 - IX Winter Games - Innsbruck
1968 - X Winter Games - Grenoble
1972 - XI Winter Games - Sapporo

      - Workers' Olympics

CLICK HERE to view the 1964-INNSBRUCK section of the DuBois catalog as a pdf.

The following poster stamps and labels were issued for the 1964 Winter Games in Innsbruck:

Click on any image below to open an enlarged version in a separate window/tab

DuBois # Dubois images Images of actual label(s) DuBois description
TEXT IN COURIER FONT is from DuBois Catalog.
Text in other fonts is this author's.
The following items on this page relate to both the Tokyo (summer) and Innsbruck (winter) Games, but are shown only on this page:
1964W-7 & 8 - Ukrainians in exile fund-raising souvenir sheets
1964W-09 & 10 - Ukrainians in exile fund-raising souvenir sheets
1964W-16 - Austrian Olympic Committee. Fund-raising Souvenir sheet

The following items on the 1964-Tokyo page relate to both the Tokyo (summer) and Innsbruck (winter) Games, but are shown only on the 1964-Tokyo page:
Unnumbered East German Fund-raising leaflet;
1 to 25 - History of the Summer & Winter Olympics;
28 - NORSK DELTAGELSE (Norwegian Participation) - logos of both Tokyo and Innsbruck;
45-48 - one of the four images depicts a skier;
51 - DDR combo fund label;
76-81 - DDR fund labels depicting both summer and winter sports;
82-85 - DDR fund labels depicting both summer and winter sports;
x05. Set of eight Persian matchbox labels (no mention of either venue)
x07. Label with US Olympic shield (no mention of either venue)
x08. Polish Souvenir Labels (TOKIO on one, INNSBRUCK on the other)
x23 - Soviet matchbox labels - two depict winter sports.




1. INNSBRUCK/ across top, above rings; "19" at lower left and "64" at lower right.

Vignette: a stylized snowflake in white.

29x45mm (40x52mm, overall), text & rings are black, background is pale blue, imperforate ... $2.00

(See No. 1 of "1968 - Grenoble" for same design)


2. NORSK DELTAGELSE (Norwegian Participation)/ at top; INNSBRUCK - TOKIO/1964/ below.

Vignette: a stylized tree, with pale blue branches & white blossoms, on left, and rust-red branches & pink blossoms, on right; Olympic rings, in front of & below tree, in usual multicolors and interlaced like rings of the original Olympic flag.

20.5x27.5mm, perf 11, upper text is yellow, lower text is white, background is dull blue ... $2.00

Combo label - Also listed as 1964-Tokyo number 28


3. INNSBRUCK/ across top; DTSB (German Gymnastic Sports League), with leafy decorations, at lower left; r50/ at lower right.

Vignette: Olympic rings above the "logo" of the Innsbruck Games (a broad, orange shield); mountains behind shield & "1964" below shield; "SPENDENMARKE"/ below, in black.

24x30mm (overall), perf 11.5, most of design is white, on a light blue background ... $2.00



1964W -04a

4. An Advertising Label: LOWENBRAU/in den offiziellen Olympia-Restaurants/UND AUF DEM BIERFEST/IN DER NEUEN MESSEHALLE/ all down center;

Vignette(s): shield-logo, below Olympic rings, on left; INNSBRUCK/1964/ above shield-logo, on right.

83x19.5mm (overall), imperf, red design within two shields, rest of design is white on new-blue background ... $3.00

11/14/18 - NEW FIND:
4a. Same design with red background.

1964W-5 & 6

Images from DuBois catalog

Image from catalog of Ukrainian exile issues.
Its Ukrainian text translates roughly:

1964 The first and second series of propaganda stamps for the occasion of the XVIII Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. Stamps published in twelve colored varieties.
Denomination: 25 shah.
Circulation: I series - A:800, B:200,
II Series - A:500, B:500.
It was also published as a test issue with circulation of A:136, B:36.


1964W-5 & 6

5. Ukraine, Fund Label: WINTER OLYMPIAD above rings which contain: "a 3-candle design" in 1st & 3rd ring, "IX" in middle ring, "19" & "64" in two lower rings above INNSBRUCK-AUSTRIA (all of latter items in upper panel); (5 lines of Ukrainian text) in lower panel.

Vignette, in central panel: a skier in the air, viewed from below; three stylized trees on left. Label has simulated perforations (10.5) inside a border which is of same color as text and design.

24x35mm, perf 11.5 (on outer, white border), colors are now listed with border, design & text first and background last:
a) dull green; light gray-brown
b) deep purple; light gray-blue
c) carmine; light orange-yellow
d) turquoise-blue; yellow
e) deep brown; yellow
f) light green; greenish yellow
g) deep blue; light olive-yellow
(other colors exist but not seen)
... all .. $3.00ea

6. Same design as 5 but imperforate, the following four labels have been seen as a strip of four:

a) 01ive-green border, design & text;lt yellow-green bgrd $5.00
b) Same color as #5b) ................................... $5.00
c) Lake-brown border,design & text;lt turquoise-green bg. $5.00
d) 0hocolate-brown border,design & text;same bgrd as 6c . $5.00

Note: Whether or not all the subtle colors of label nos. 5 & 6 exist interchangeably is not known. All colors apparently exist se-tenant,in a fixed-fashion on the full sheets.

The "three-candle design" is a trident, the national symbol of Ukraine.

DuBois seems not to have seen a full sheet, but to have realized there were many more colors than he had seen.

The upper image at left shows a complete imperf sheet, with all 12 varieties. We assume it exists in this same format perfed. I suspect there is a version with text in the margins. The possibilities abound.

The lower image shows all 12 varieties both perf and imperf, but the white background makes it difficult to see the edges.

1964W-7 & 8

8 & 8x

7. A Souvenir Sheet:

XVIII OLYMPIAD/TOKYO 1964/ at top; UKRAINE/in a very decorative printing,at lower left; Ukrainian text, at lower right; a decorative(11mm wide) border on left edge of sheet, this border and the sheet texts are blue. A seal and two labels proceed across the middle of sheet:

a) A round seal with main border text in Ukrainian(includes "XVIII" & "1964");outer border,in fine print,states "THE WORLD FIGHTS FOR FAME AND GLORY- UKRAINE FIGHTS FOR ITS LIFE AND FREEDOM AND THE FUTURE OF ITS CHILDREN UNDER GOD." Vignette:Olympic rings above "XVIII/OLYMPIAD/TOKYO/1964/, latter text between two laurel branches; a flaming torch extents through the left ring and passes beyond the edge of the seal. 32imm diameter,color:black. **

b) Label in middle has same design as label #5; colors:black border,design & texts; green background.

c)Label on right: a six-pointed shield,near center with design: Olympic rings in front of a flaming torch,upper rings contain "X","V", & "III"; "1964",below rings; the shield is on top of a vertical,decorative strip(lOmm wide); "25" at left & right,lower corners;background is checkered; Ukrainian text line is below design.

24x38mm(overall),colors:black design,text & edge;checkered background and torch are green. Overall sheet size is 120x78mm ... $10.00

** See No. 121 of "1964 - TOKYO" section

8. A Souvenir Sheet:

Same text,design and size as #7 but with different colors: Main sheet text - bright blue; background of two labels - bistre-yellow;other label color,as well as that of the seal, is black ... $10.00

I think the top image at left is 1964-08, and the bottom is a color combination DuBois does not describe. Considering all the colors of the previous set, 1964-05 and 6, there could be many more of these as well.

1964W-09 & 10

9. A Fund-raising Souvenir Sheet:

Contains strip of four labels as described at #7c), but of different colors. Wide outer border of sheet has ornate flowery decorations and texts: XVIII/(Ukrainian text) 1964 OLYMPIAD/ at top;(Ukrainian text)/100/at bottom; "100" to both right & left,

Wide sheet borders have dark brown texts & ornaments; background color is pale yellow. The four labels all have the same checkered background & torch color- orange-yellow; the designs,texts,border-lines,and "25"s" are colored as follows:

a) emerald green, b)black, c)red, d)new blue ... $10.00

10. A Fund-raising Souvenir Sheet:

Same as sheet no.9 but different colors.

Wide sheets borders have black text and ornaments. (Ornaments are white but outlined in black; those of sheet #9 are also white but outlined in brown); background color of wide border is buff. The four labels all have the same colored checkered backgrounds and torch - buff;the designs,texts,border- lines,and "25 "s" are colored as follows:

a)myrtle green, b)carmine, c)red-brown, d)Prussian-blue ... $10.00

Note: Souvenir sheet nos. 7,8,9, & 10 also relate to the "1964-TOKYO" Games. They are listed here due to the their relation to the Innsbruck Winter Games via souvenir sheets 7 & 8.

The two images at left seem to fit the DuBois descriptions of 9 and 10. There could be other colors as well

1964W-11 thru 15
DuBois catalog image

Pages from official catalog of this issue

1964W-11-15 both perf and imperf, with two souvenir sheets

1964W-11-15 imperf, corner singles with selvage


11. Bulgarian Fund Labels:

Olympic rings,in white,at upper left; PAR AVION/at upper right; INNSBRUCK 1964/below rings; "80 ST/ZL/at left; IX 3(Bulgarian text)/at top,on down right side; ZARSKA BULGARSKA POSTA/across bottom; imprint, below design:"HERACLIO FOURNIER-VITORIA"; bottom of sheet selvage states:"IX 3(Bulgarian text)/INNSBRUCK 1964" with Olympic rings,to left,and red shield,to right; vignette: two men in a bob-sled.

46x34mm, perf 14.5, green ... $2.00

12. Same as , #11 but "1.20 LV/ZL" and vignette depicts a cross country skier; bright reddish- violet ... $2.00

13. Similar to #11 but text,except for imprint, is all Bulgarian, "8CT"/at upper right, depicts two hockey players; greenish yellow ... $2.00

14. Same as #13 but "24CT",ski-jumper,and red ... $2.00

15. Same as #13 but "32CT",lady figure-skater & blue ... $2.00

Issued both perf and imperf, in different colors, plus two souvenir sheets not mentioned in DuBois.

Zarska Bulgarska Posta = Royal Bulgarian Post Office
(Bulgarian Govt. in exile)

It's not clear whether these were simply greed-inspired efforts to get money from collectors, or efforts to fund Bulgarian exiles working to regain control of Bulgaria, which was a Soviet Republic at the time. I found only one other issue with the same source, a set of Kennedy labels, so whatever these were, they must not have paid off.

As you can see in the official catalog, the proper sequence of values is as follows: 8, 24, 32, 80, 1.20.

I think CT means Cents, and LV is Lev, while ST could be stotinki. ZL is a mystery - I think it's all nonsense.



1964W-16x and y

16. Austria. Fund-raising Souvenir sheet:

Contains four labels, each with "10 SCHILLING-SPENDE" across bottom. Different label texts, up left side, across top, and down right side, are as follows:


Vignette(same on each label): a gold, Austrian-eagle coat-of arms, above a small, red panel with gold letters Ö O C, above multicolored Olympic rings(interlaced as on original Olympic flag).

26x35mm, perf 14.25x13.5, banner in center of eagle is red & white, texts are black ... $4.00ea

Sheet Format: Ornaments & texts are gray. An eagle, same as vignette on labels, at top; XVIII. OLYMPIADS n. Z. (*) (1964 - 1967), between eagle & labels; Olympic rings to both left & right of labels(interlaced as on original flag), middle ring is solid gray, other four rings are drawn as double lines; texts along side of each label are as follows:

a. IX. Olympische Winterspiele Innsbruck 1964
b. XVIII. Olympische Spiele Tokio 1964
c. 61. Session Internationales Olympisches Comité Innsbruck
d. 62. Session Internationales Olympisches Comité Tokio

Text below labels is as follows: "zugunsten des Österreichischen Olympia-Fonds Herausgegeben vom Österreichischen Olympischen Comité"

Sheets are numbered

(Translation of lower text: For the benefit of the Austrian Olympic funds. Issued by the Austrian Olympic Committee.) ... $22.50/sheet

* n.Z. is the abbreviation for the German, neues Zeit, or "modern era." The XVIIIth Olympiad of the modern era is properly indicated by the years 1964 - 1967.

11/14/18 - NEW FIND:
16x. Overprinted for Aerophilately Day

02/15/2022 - NEW FIND:
16y. Overprinted for MEXICO 68

This could be listed in the 1964-Tokyo section as well. See label 1963-x2, a similar design, on the Tokyo page.


No. 17: "OLYMPIADE INNSBRUCK"/ as white text on upper, red flame background, above the following vignette:

In a shield-shaped outline: Olympic rings above, in their correct multicolors, interlaced in pattern XIII*; a "downhill" skier in foreground; buildings and mountains in background, with a torch through the left ring, providing the bgrnd flame for the upper text; a coat-of-arms at lower left.

"1939" at lower right, outside vignette, is probably a printer's identification number.

The back of this decal label has the following:

1. Four illustrated instructions showing how to apply the decal.

2. An "ELEPHANT" logo on each side of the instructions.

3. Printing establishment, below: Austrian Multicolor-stain Factory/ above next text: "SCHÖNBERG & CERNY"/ in a scroll, above a Vienna address (Wien VI. HORNBOSTELG. 16-18); 57 - 55 - 42 - 44 Serie

Physical Data:

Vignette measures 52 x 61mm, overall: 59 x 68mm (latter may be variable as such decals are often cut from a "sheet of decals.)

* CLICK HERE for catalog of illustrations of ring-interlacings.

I think DuBois was wrong about "1939" - it tells us this is how Innsbruck looked in that calendar year. See next label, and two more below that.


No. 18: Olympiastadt/INNSBRUCK TYROL/ in central part of vignette (Translation: Olympic City, Innsbruck, Tyrol [State])

Vignette: A waving flag of Austria at upper left; pairs of skis to left & right; Olympic rings in their correct multicolors, with interlacing pattern XIII*; buildings and mountains in background, one central building appears to have a torch rising above it (also seen on label No. 17); an Austrian coat-of- arms at lower left; three edelweiss flowers are at lower right.

"1945"/ to right of vignette, is probably a printer's identification number. The back of this decal has the following:

1. Four illustrated instructions showing how to apply the decal

2. An "ELEPHANT" logo above the instructions.

3. Printing establishment, below: Austrian Multicolor-stain Factory/ above next text: "SCHÖNBERG & CERNY"/ in a scroll, above a Vienna address (Wien VI. HORNBOSTELG. 16-18); 57 - 55 - 42 - 44 Serie

4. "Paraflex"/ at lower middle. Physical Data; Multicolored vignette measures 59.5 x 74mm, overall: 68 x 80mm

* CLICK HERE for catalog of illustrations of ring-interlacings.

I think DuBois was wrong about "1945" - it tells us this is how Innsbruck looked in that calendar year. See labels just below.


The following labels were not listed in the DuBois catalog. Further additions are welcomed.

New number Source images & text Images of actual label(s) Description and comments
1964W-x1, x2, x8

x1 & x2. Two more decals from the same series as 1964W-17 and 18.

x1 shows a view of old buildings with mountains in backgtound, "1809" in lower left.

x2 shows skijumper in flight with Olympic rings and mountains, "1940" in upper right.

It seems clear that the numbers on labels 17 and 18, as well as these two, are meant to indicate the dates of the images - Innsbruck as it appeared in those years.

Are there other decals in the set?

x8 - 02/15/2022 - yes, here's one more, view of 1943, from the collection of Peter Walk, who has put his vintage European decals online for all to view - GO HERE

11/18/17 -

x3. A mailing label from the Organizing Committee for the 1964 Winter Olympics.

1964W-x4 1964W-x4

Complete sets.

x4. Russian matchbox label from a set of 9 labels promoting philately.
This label reproduces a 1964 USSR stamp for the Innsbruck Winter Games.

12/12/17 -

size: 43x29mm (vignette)

Dates: 1967 and 1968

Produced in many color combinations, and from many factories.

According to

- Soyuzpechat. Philately
- The number of labels in the series is 9.
- Labels with a similar pattern were also produced in 1968 and without a date.

DO these belong here, or on the (not yet created) 1968 page?

"Soyuzpechat" (Printing Union) was the state governing body in the USSR for the dissemination of periodicals. The main task of "Soyuzpechat" was the sale by subscription and at retail of newspapers and magazines published in the country and abroad. One of its branches ran kiosks that sold newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, matches - and stamps. Another of its parts managed all philatelic activities of the country. The agency still exists.


12/30/17 -

x5. A decal from a Corgi special edition toy car.

This item stretches the bounds of this catalog quite a bit - The toy car was issued in 1964, but I don't think the decal was available separately at that time - it came already affixed to the toy. BUT it can be purchased separately NOW, so ...


04/01/2019 -

x6. Two decorative labels from a postal issue of Burundi (Scott 68-72)

As I say elsewhere, these are borderline entries for this catalog - if you found these labels separated from their postage stamps, you would think they qualified for inclusion here, but since their origin is postal, they do not. It's up to you.

I am seeking an image of a complete sheet - it looks like there are a LOT of those extra labels. The one with the rings borders the entire sheet, and then there are four of the torches, one at each corner.


06/16/2020 -

x7. German label - matchbox label?

SIZE: about 65mm x 40mm

light brown background, Olympic rings,
"INNSBRUCK 1964" in an arc below stylized Innsbruck emblem,

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